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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 183

[Does Chu Xiang think she’s some sort of big shot at investing after having once been married to a rich family Even after getting a divorce, she still hasn’t given up her habit of investing Has she already invested Has she made any profits Surely, she hasn’t suffered a financial loss, right]

[Well, I’ll be damned.

Has Chu Xiang turned into some kind of omnipotent goddess Not only is she beautiful, talented, courageous, and quick-witted, but now she even knows how to invest She’s practically an omnipotent goddess at this point!]

[We should still refrain from talking about Chu Xiang.

After all, our comments might just get deleted.

How mighty of her! Could it be that she made it big through investments and obtained great authority and influence Hahahaha!]

From the perspective of the people who disliked Chu Xiang, they could turn any little bits of information against her by twisting words.

Since they weren’t technically starting any kinds of rumors by discussing Chu Xiang’s capabilities to invest, her haters found yet another way to start even more drama.

Soon enough, “Chu Xiang’s investment” shot up the trend list.

While the previous photos used to falsely accuse Chu Xiang were proven to be fake, the same could not be said for these ones.

After all, these were high-definition photos that clearly captured Chu Xiang’s face!

The onlookers who didn’t have enough information to join the discussion merely observed the situation throughout the entire day.

Even with such information present, no one actually believed that Chu Xiang understood how to invest.

After all, they were all familiar with how Chu Xiang grew up.

Where did she even learn how to invest Perhaps she was self-taught Then, wouldn’t she be some sort of genius

Lin Jiawei sneered after first seeing the news.

But after thinking about it, could this be considered her way of longing after him At that moment, he noticed that he was on the cover of one of the magazines.

Whenever he recalled the scene where Chu Xiang told him to look at himself in the mirror, undying rage surged within him.

He then called his subordinate over and asked about the progress regarding stealing away the business of the Zhou Group, engrossing his mind with things related to work.

All in all, only by doing so would he actually achieve victory over Zhou Ye.

What would a mere woman matter to him

Returning home from work and seeing how his front door was wide open, Lin Jiawei knitted his brows and walked in, only to see Mr.

and Mrs.

Mo waiting inside.

Standing opposite Mo Xinru, he calmed himself down.

Just as he was about to step forward to greet them, Mr.

Mo suddenly slapped Mo Xinru on her face!

“You fool! Do you know who Chu Xiang is She’s one of Zhou Ye’s people.

Despite knowing that, you still dared to lay your hands on her!”

Hearing what he said, Lin Jiawei stepped back for a moment, not letting them notice his presence.

Mo Xinru pointed towards her face and shouted, “You hit me Ever since I was a child, you’ve never hit me before.

But now, you’d actually hit me because of a lowly woman How can she even be considered as one of Zhou Ye’s people She’s but a small celebrity signed under his company!”

“You don’t have what it takes to lay your hands on any one of Zhou Ye’s people, let alone the woman he cares about! You’ve really angered me.

Don’t you understand the consequences of offending Zhou Ye He called me in the middle of the night and gave me a warning.

What kind of position do you think Chu Xiang has You’re going to destroy the entire Mo Family!”

Just as Mr.

Mo was about to slap her again, Mrs.

Mo held him back from the side.

“That’s enough, stop hitting her.

It’s all that Chu Xiang’s fault for speaking all kinds of nonsense in public.

Is it wrong for Xiao Ru to get back at her after all she had done Jia Jia is also at fault here.

She doesn’t have the slightest sense of propriety, nor does she know how to comfort Xiao Ru.

I’ll teach her a lesson when I get back.

Don’t be mad anymore.

Besides, you didn’t bring about any serious consequences.

Everything will be fine after we apologize to Zhou Ye.”

Sitting Mo Xinru down on the sofa, Mrs.

Mo finally noticed Lin Jiawei standing by the door.

Shock jolted past her heart.

Only after confirming that she didn’t say anything she shouldn’t have said did she squeeze out a smile.

“Jiawei, you’re back Uncle Mo lost his temper and control of himself.

You must have seen an embarrassing scene.”

Lin Jiawei walked in, looking at Mo Xinru.

“You were the one responsible for all the slander online about Chu Xiang”

With tears in her eyes, Mo Xinru exclaimed in anger, “So what if I was If you’re not willing to help me vent my anger, can’t I do so myself”

Hearing that, Mr.

Mo pointed at her.

“You’re still not regretting your actions You…”

“Alright, don’t be mad at her anymore.

Let’s take our leave first.” Holding him back from saying anything else, Mrs.

Mo immediately dragged him away after bidding Lin Jiawei farewell.


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