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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 185

Zhou Ye did not pay any attention to those discussions related to Chu Xiang’s investments.

With how many people were talking, it would be impossible for him to control the situation anyways.

He had only asserted dominance through connections that time because the matter was starting to get out of hand.

Moreover, he did not want Chu Xiang’s reputation to be the slightest bit stained by false allegations.

After all, some of the bypassers would not have bothered with the details and believed in everything they first saw.

Thus, it would definitely have had a large impact on their impressions of Chu Xiang.

On the other hand, the discussions regarding her investments were trivial matters.

If everyone was prohibited from criticizing her — only allowed to shower her with praises — it would only worsen their impression of her.

She would not receive any benefits if that were the case.

Only after fully understanding these circumstances within the entertainment circle did the leading actress dare to make such explosive allegations.

Sure enough, she made the correct gamble.

Quite a number of people began ridiculing Chu Xiang, claiming that she must have suffered financial losses.

Even the bystanders started urging her to take things more seriously and to not squander any more money.

However, she never would have expected that Zhou Ye would end up hiring a hacker to investigate the source of these allegations and ultimately pinpoint the culprit’s identity.

As the shoot for the “Palace of Abyss” was still undergoing, Zhou Ye decided against taking any action.

Instead, he filled Chu Xiang up with the gist of things and warned her to be careful of the leading actress.

During that time, Xiao Tao was also around, smirking.

“Sister Xiang had long since seen through her intentions and purposely let her know about the investments.

To think she would actually end up rallying so many people into this mess and even dig out so many photos.

Furthermore, she made the situation seem as if the details within those photos had been initially discovered by the haters.”

Still reading the book in her hands, Chu Xiang said without paying much mind, “Don’t worry, I’ve already made arrangements for the matters regarding my investments.”

Zhou Ye stared deeply at Chu Xiang’s prideful smile.

“I knew you wouldn’t get bullied by anyone.

You never fail to amaze me.”

Just like how Zhou Ye possessed many tricks up his sleeves to amuse Chu Xiang, she never failed to surprise him with her abilities.

Never a dry moment with him, she decided to remain by his side.

Similarly, each time Chu Xiang surprised him, he would be even more attracted to her.

Though there were certainly billions of other women around the world, there was nevertheless only one Chu Xiang.

She was also the only woman capable of humbling him and making him happy.

Noticing the mood of the atmosphere, Xiao Tao tactfully took her leave, giving the two of them space.

Within two days, S Company held a conference related to their newest product and invited Chu Xiang over to attend the event as their associate.

Dressed in a scarlet gown, Chu Xiang revealed a bright smile and went up on stage to shake hands with Johnson — showing off her dazzling figure and snow-white skin.

Only when the two of them took their seat in the middle did the reporters finally realize that the seat without a nameplate was actually reserved for Chu Xiang.

What could it possibly mean for her, an endorser,  to hold such an important position in this conference for the new product

A staff member then placed a nameplate in front of Chu Xiang for everyone to see clearly.

“Investor, Business Consultant, and Endorser — Chu Xiang.”

As the conference started, Johnson introduced the new cosmeceutical series with a bright smile.

With the assistance of PowerPoint slides, he went into detail regarding each of their lab test results and further explained the advantages of their product.

While neither the reporters nor viewers watching the live broadcast could understand his explanations, the few experts in the field asserted just how amazing the products were based on the data revealed.

If the statistics were 100% true, the product would definitely have great effects on a person’s skin.

At this time, some of the viewers were discussing the products on the bullet screen.

On the other hand, the large majority were all questioning the meaning behind Chu Xiang’s nameplate.

Just how did she manage to land herself such a position

Having finished the introduction of the product, Johnson swept his gaze towards Chu Xiang with a smile.

“Our S Company only managed to release this cosmeceutical series all thanks to Ms.

Chu Xiang.

As the former business consultant of our S Company, she made many considerations and ultimately decided to hand the secret formula over to us instead of some other company.

For that, we’re extremely grateful to her.”

Chu Xiang chuckled.

“Johnson, you’re being far too courteous.

I decided on your S Company because I am confident in its capabilities.

It will definitely grow into a large enterprise in the future.”

“Of course, we also hope for that to be the case.

Xiang, since you have so much confidence in us, we’ll definitely cooperate very well in the future and continue producing great results.

We’re extremely happy to have met you in China.” Reaching his hand out, Johnson once again shook hands with Chu Xiang and nodded with a smile.


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