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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 186

The reporters had long since lost their patience.

As soon as the Q&A segment of the conference started, they asked eagerly, “May I ask why Chu Xiang is working as the business consultant for S Company Is she involved in the company direction”

“Of course, it isn’t as if anyone could become our company’s business consultant.

In fact, Xiang possesses great insight when it comes to business, and her analyzing abilities are top-notch.

Furthermore, all her solutions are so efficient.

When our S Company first established its presence in China, we came across quite a large number of inconveniences.

At that time, Chu Xiang appeared before us and helped us resolve many of those problems with the most simple methods.

She had worked as our S Company’s business consultant ever since then.

All of us treat her with great respect.”

Both the reporters at the scene and the viewers watching the live broadcast were utterly stunned.

After all, Johnson was openly praising Chu Xiang’s business acumen.

Just what exactly was happening here! Wasn’t Chu Xiang simply a celebrity who had just come out of retirement

Once again, the reporters asked, “May I ask what her title as an investor means Did she invest in S Company As far as I know, Chu Xiang does not have a large capital in her possession.

What’s the reason for this”

Astonished, Johnson answered, “Isn’t Chu Xiang’s secret formula and business capabilities exactly the best capital we could have asked for  Her secret formula is invaluable.

30% of the revenue earned by our cosmeceutical series belongs to her.” He smiled.

“She’s an extremely important investor of ours.”

“If I may ask, does Chu Xiang’s secret formula really have some sort of mystifying effect By using S Company’s cosmeceutical product, can a person’s skin really become like hers”

Johnson burst out laughing.

“No matter how expensive the cosmeceutical product, it’s only a worldly possession.

On the other hand, Chu Xiang’s looks are the result of her natural beauty.

Besides, the effects of using the cosmeceutical product will differ depending on the person.

One will have to depend on their genes if they want to be just like her.

However, I can assure you that this cosmeceutical series will bring about the best results compared to other similar products.”

“Chu Xiang, may I ask where you came across this secret formula You were born as an orphan.

Even before getting married, there wasn't any news about you in this respect.

Could we assume that this secret formula is related to the Lin Family”

This question had stepped over the boundary.

Hearing that, Chu Xiang chuckled faintly.

“What do you think I had undoubtedly left the marriage with nothing.”

If such an invaluable secret formula was indeed related to the Lin Family, would they have simply turned a blind eye and allowed Chu Xiang to leave the family with it Even if she did steal the formula, they would certainly have hunted her down for it.

How would they have allowed her to successfully launch the cosmeceutical series Besides, would the Lin Family have kept such a valuable formula hidden for all these years without doing something with it

The reporters asked another question, “Chu Xiang, could you tell us the story with regard to your secret formula and investments How did you learn so much about business analysis Is it related to your previous marriage”

She smirked.

“Of course, it has nothing to do with it.

Throughout that entire marriage, I might have only learned how to accept compromises and curry favor.

However, that’s all in the past, and I would like to start anew and enrich myself with more knowledge.

Since there were so many people bashing me after coming out of retirement, I wasn’t sure whether or not I could make a living in this career.

Thus, I could only look for other opportunities available to me.” Chu Xiang opened her arms and said, “It was during that time when I discovered I had a knack for business.

The heavens opened a window for me during the period of my life when I hit rock bottom.

Following that, I started investing in all the companies that I had my eyes on.

S Company was one of those companies.”

Chu Xiang paused for dramatic effect.

“I have even learned many other things that I plan to show everyone when the time comes.

But since this conference is mainly about the new product of S Company, I would be grateful if everyone could ask more questions related to S Company.

Thank you.”

Taking the face of S Company into account, everyone began asking Johnson questions related to the cosmeceutical series.

Of course, there were still a few reporters who asked Chu Xiang incisive questions to attract attention.

However, their attempts were all deflected.

During this time, not a single comment shot past the bullet screen.

Only after the conference reached its end did the viewers seemingly come back to life.


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