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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 187

[Oh my god, I had just realized today that I know nothing about Chu Xiang.

Just what kind of treasure is she Does she have anything she’s not capable of doing]

[Sister Xiang is so amazing! Where did those people who ridiculed her and pretended to know everything about her head off to Could they be playing dead Why don’t you all come out now Who knows just how expensive the cosmeceutical series will be Though Chu Xiang may own 30% of the revenue made, this is but a mere portion of her investments.

Do you understand how much money she invested Even then, you still claim there’s a loose screw in Sister Xiang’s head]

[Congratulations to Chu Xiang for becoming an investor, a business consultant, and the permanent endorser of S Company’s cosmeceutical products.

It’s a time for celebration~]

As Chu Xiang’s haters disliked her, they could not bear to see nor accept any of her achievements.

Even up till this point, they still did not give up as they claimed how Chu Xiang only managed to obtain her position by fawning over Johnson.

How could she possibly know anything about investing Surely, she was simply spouting utter nonsense from that mouth of hers, right

This time, though, even bystanders weren’t foolish enough to believe in such ridiculous accusations.

Upon seeing this, Chu Xiang’s fans immediately threw those haters back to where they came from.

Furthermore, they turned their preposterous remarks into memes and spread them for everyone to see.

With all the facts addressed during the conference, all the false rumors were immediately cleared up.

All the misled passersby had now seen the truth about Chu Xiang with their own eyes.

The haters suffered a huge blow!

Soon, one of the top 500 companies in the country commented in the online forums.

[@Chu Xiang Remember to contact us if you have any other good news in the future.

After all, you are also one of our investors.]

Following that, another one did the same thing.

[@Chu Xiang Our project with Chu Xiang has just arrived at its final stages.

May I ask when Miss Chu will finish her shoots and find time to have a meeting with us]

Another company that had recently skyrocketed up the rankings posted.

[@Chu Xiang Boss, our company has developed extremely well over these past few months.

We are awaiting your further guidance in our next step.]

The three companies that revealed their cooperation with Chu Xiang were all well-known throughout the country.

In fact, they were all being transparent and open about their affairs.

The netizens could not believe their eyes.

Were these really the same companies that usually acted cold and reserved Did they seriously just joke around online

After confirming that these accounts actually belonged to those companies, both Chu Xiang’s fans and haters were utterly stunned.

S Company really was only one of the companies she invested in.

It truly was shocking to learn how she had invested in all three of these companies.

Just how exactly did she pull this off Was she truly a genius

With all the facts set on the table, one would have to accept this truth even if they did not want to.

After all, not a single person here would suspect that Chu Xiang had actually transmigrated into this world.

Naturally, they would rather believe that she had received some sort of enlightenment from the heavens at some point in her life.

Now, more and more people had begun to set their eyes on Chu Xiang.

She was young and beautiful, excellent at singing and dancing, adept in various fields, courageous and attentive, and even successful at investing.

Furthermore, she managed to bring about all these changes after being forced to leave her marriage with nothing.

How could anyone possibly dislike her after taking all these elements into account

As the number of fans skyrocketed, the leading actress who attempted to make things difficult for her was entirely stunned.

Chu Xiang would always be reading handbooks to further improve her acting skills during the breaks at her shoots.

They had nothing to do with business whatsoever, so just how did she become so adept at investing

She had certainly won her initial gamble against Chu Xiang behind the scenes, yet she ended up suffering a huge loss when it came to Chu Xiang’s investing capabilities.

Originally, she intended to tarnish the bystanders’ impression of Chu Xiang; instead, she ended up giving her a huge boost in popularity.

On the verge of spitting out blood due to her frustration, the leading actress had no choice but to hold herself back.

Thinking how she still had to put on a fake act and congratulate Chu Xiang later on, she had nearly choked herself to death.

On the other hand, Chu Xiang simply smiled at her as if she knew nothing about what the leading actress had plotted behind the scenes.

In any case, the leading actress would certainly not become famous any time in the future.


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