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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 188

As news of Chu Xiang’s successful investments in multiple companies spread through the web, no one could rival the Lin Family’s astonishment.

Lin Jiawei, his parents, and his grandmother were all greatly shocked.

Madam Lin especially did not dare to believe the news.

That girl whom she had ordered around every single day for an entire year without complaining back actually had such abilities As for Lin Jiawei, he started doubting himself for not having taken the time to genuinely get to know Chu Xiang.

Why could he no longer relate to his initial impressions of Chu Xiang before getting a divorce with her

When Chu Xiang was no longer just a pretty face in the past, all the online users accepted her while the rich families saw her as a mere actress.

However, Chu Xiang was no longer just that, for she had accomplished great feats within a short period of time with her great eye for investing.

At that point, she was simply a genius.

Having abandoned Chu Xiang for Mo Xinru, aside from matters related to his family background, Lin Jiawei felt as if he had cast a melon to the side for a sesame seed.

With Chu Xiang’s rise in fame and popularity, the Lin Family had once again turned into the laughingstock of the country.

Although Lin Jiawei wanted to understand the reason for Chu Xiang’s transformation, a problem had suddenly arisen from his attempt to steal the business opportunities away from the Zhou Family.

Facing serious consequences, Lin Jiawei had no choice but to focus all his efforts on responding to Zhou Ye’s counterattacks.

He couldn’t afford to spare the slightest bit of his energy for anything else.

Meanwhile, a shocked Zhou Ye handed a few business magazines reporting news of Chu Xiang over to her., “I was still trying to guess just how you were going to deal with the matters regarding your investments.

It turns out that you ended up giving me such a huge surprise.

Just what kind of treasure are you How did you manage to accomplish all these things in such a short period of time Even I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

In her previous lifetime, Chu Xiang was considered as a big shot who stood at the peak of the business industry.

No matter how much one begged, they would not be able to obtain Chu Xiang’s eye and talent for business.

But now, not only was she an investor for multiple companies ranked within the top 500 across the country, but she was also busy shooting films and broadcasts.

If she couldn’t even accomplish such things now, wouldn’t all her efforts in her previous life be all for naught

But, of course, she couldn’t simply tell any of these things to Zhou Ye.

Laughing, she said, “Perhaps I really am a genius”

“Miss Genius, do you happen to be interested in working for my company You can choose to work whenever you feel like it.

But if you’re not in the mood to do so, you can simply laze around.

In that case, you won’t have to work so hard anymore.

Isn’t that great” Zhou Ye stared at her without making a single blink, tempting her with his offer.

But as expected, Chu Xiang immediately rejected him, “I’m currently not interested working full-time in business.

On the other hand, I enjoy shooting films and am aiming for an Oscar award.”

Puzzled, Zhou Ye asked, “If you aren’t interested in business affairs, then why did you invest in so many companies Surely, you should have more than enough money, right”

Chu Xiang raised her head and smiled at him.

“The Lin Family isn’t pleasing to the eye.

I intend to crush them with money.

Besides, I’ve only invested in a few companies.

When I finish shooting the films I’m currently working on, I will continue investing in more until I have invested in all parts of the country.

No matter what, the Lin Group will have to pay for their actions in blood.

It won’t take much of my effort to do so anyway, so why not do it

Zhou Ye said hurriedly, “I can assist you with that.

The Lin Group certainly isn’t a small force, so you might find it rather difficult to deal with them.

However, it’s not an impossible task either.

You want to make the Lin Group go bankrupt Allow me to help you.”

“I like handling my own matters by myself.

But, of course, we can do it together if you’re interested.” Chu Xiang accepted his “help” without making any unreasonable remarks.

By doing so, she would be able to deal with the trouble immediately.

Besides, by getting involved, Zhou Ye would share the benefits with her, not suffering any losses at all.

With that, Zhou Ye informed Chu Xiang everything about his recent matters with the Mo Group, saying how they still needed to wait for a while before directing the needle at the Lin Group.

Chu Xiang did not mind.

In any case, dealing with the Lin Group was in the final stages of her plan.

With extra time laying about, she might as well invest in more companies.

It didn’t matter when she could cast the net as she was more interested in shooting films right now.



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