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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 189

The director of the “Palace of Abyss” was extremely competent, giving Chu Xiang many insights.

At this point, she could no longer rely solely on her understanding of villains.

Instead, she gradually began to assimilate more aspects of “acting.”

Although the director of “Target” wasn’t as good, the script was extremely well-made to compliment Liao Ze’s role as the main protagonist.

The majority of Chu Xiang’s scenes were battle scenes shot with Liao Ze.

During those battle scenes, she would pay close attention to Liao Ze’s movements and learn from him.

Thus, she was able to learn even more than she did during the shoots for the “Palace of Abyss.” Her acting abilities had truly improved tremendously.

On the contrary, her understanding of justice was still lacking in certain aspects.

Even then, this shortcoming of hers was not that obvious since her role as the female lead was not given many scenes.

When the shoots for both the “Palace of Abyss” and “Target” came to an end, the two directors were extremely satisfied with her performance.

She had also gotten familiar with quite a few decent actors and actresses.

Exchanging contact information with them, she was slowly expanding her social circle.

As soon as the finalized photos of both films were released onto the online forums, Chu Xiang’s fans began cheering excitedly, urging the production team to release the shows quickly.

Having already finished watching “Heaven Realm Sect,” they could only rely on the live broadcasts to see more of Chu Xiang and look forward to her new works.

Even the fans of the original works of both “Palace of Abyss” and “Target” could no longer hold back their anticipation as they had high expectations for Chu Xiang’s role in both shows.

After all, “Heaven Realm Sect” allowed everyone to witness and experience Chu Xiang’s acting skills for the first time.

When Chu Xiang headed over to the company to meet Uncle Dong, he laughed.

“Xiao Chu, you’re absolutely incredible! You’ve truly breathed life into the character of Xuan Ruo.

When Xuan Ruo fell down the cliff at the end of the show, Xuan Ruo’s fans refused to accept her death — each of them claiming that she dropped down the cliff to live a free and easy life.

Don’t you think it was a complete success Such things have certainly never occurred in recent years.

This proves that your character had left a lasting impression in the viewers’ minds.

I reckon you’ll always be mentioned during the discussions of fictional characters that left behind a great impression over the next twenty years.

Leaning down on the sofa, Chu Xiang flipped through the entertainment magazine in her hands.

“You seem to be quite satisfied with my performance.

I’ll have you know that, while my performance in the two upcoming shows wasn’t half bad, my performance as Xuan Ruo still required some polishing.”

Taking a step out of her comfort zone by acting in a role other than a witch, she could not solely rely on her inherent qualities.

Instead, she had to learn completely new acting skills.

Thus, she still had much to improve on.

Not paying her words any mind, Uncle Dong waved his hand and said, “I asked two different directors to watch the trailer of your shows.

Both of them claimed that you performed quite well.

It’s impossible for any actor or actress to stay completely true to the scripture.

After all, there are too many elements to take into account when it comes to acting.

One cannot rely solely on their acting skills to fill in those gaps.

According to the standard of your acting in these two shows, everyone will think that you did a good job.”

Chu Xiang could tell that Uncle Dong was trying to appease her and found it rather amusing.

“Uncle Dong, you’re underestimating me far too much.

I’m fully aware of my own limits and what I’m capable of achieving.

It doesn’t matter if it can’t compare to Xuan Ruo.

I will nevertheless make improvements.”

“It’s fine as long as your heart is settled.

Since you’re already here, let’s have a discussion about your plans for the next year.

Compared to the time you initially came out of retirement, your standing and reputation in the entertainment industry have increased tremendously.

The viewership for your works is also extremely high.

There are indications hinting how the majority of your former fans whom you had once lost are coming back to you, so we’ll have to make careful arrangements for your plans next year.”

“Alright, no problem.

Uncle Dong, since you have more experience when it comes to these matters, I’ll leave them for you to decide.”

Compared to their previous meeting, this one was settled very quickly.

The reason was that Chu Xiang was already well-versed in the fundamentals and no longer needed the guidance of her teachers or coaches.

Moreover, she did not need to move as carefully as the time when she first came out of retirement.

As for her opportunities, that was most likely the last thing she had to worry about, for she had long since picked out the ones she deemed suitable from Uncle Dong’s hands.



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