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Ye Chen didn’t understand what he was thinking, instead, his thoughts were a tangled mess.

He wasn’t in the mood to do anything.

He finally turned to Bai Xuewei and said, “Chu Xiang and I have annulled our engagement.

The two of us will no longer have anything to do with each other.

A radian ray of light flashed by Bai Xuewei’s eyes, but when she raised her head, her eyes were brimming with tears, “If it weren’t for me…then the relationship between the two of you wouldn’t have turned out like this.

Perhaps, I should’ve left this city.

If I had left, then you and Xiang Xiang would’ve married each other and become a happy couple.

My mother wouldn’t have been kicked out from the Chu Family and she wouldn’t be crying every night because of that.”

Ye Chen hugged her and comforted her gently, “It’s not your fault.

The problem lies between Chu Xiang and me.

Even if you left the city, I still wouldn’t have ended up with her.”

Bai Xuewei leaned on his shoulder as tears spilled out from her eyes, soaking his shirt.

She began to sob, “Xiang Xiang must be feeling very sad right now, after all, she liked you a lot…”

Ye Chen would’ve been annoyed in the past when he heard those words because he felt that Chu Xiang had tied him down to her.

But now, he couldn’t help but recall the time when Chu Xiang begged him not to break up with her while being on the verge of tears.

Chu Xiang liked him so much, so she must’ve felt extremely sad after annulling their engagement, right Did she hit him very hard in the classroom because she hated him Will Chu Xiang hide in her bedroom and cry when she returns home from school

They were childhood sweethearts that had watched each other mature and grow into adults.

He couldn’t help but remember each and every time that Chu Xiang had cried in front of him.

His heart suddenly began to ache.

He merely believed that they were unsuitable for each other as marriage partners; he didn’t want to bully her or make her cry.

When did they suddenly start to fight like enemies

Ye Chen released Bai Xuewei and called a driver for her.

“You should head back first.

My dad ordered me to return home immediately.

I may have to stay at home for a while, otherwise, my dad will freeze my credit cards.

He and my mother are currently very angry right now; I have to return home and comfort them.”

Bai Xuewei was able to sense the change in his attitude.

Men were all the same.

They liked new things, but they still don’t want to throw out their old things.

Even if Ye Chen was annoyed with Chu Xiang, he’ll still feel empty and annoyed once he loses her.

Bai Xuewei was not worried, instead, she empathetically said, “You’re doing well in school, so it should be fine even if you missed a few days of class.

You can just make up the homework you missed.

When you’re at home, remember to drink some nutritious soup to nourish your body.”

“I know, so don’t worry.” Ye Chen felt a little guilty because he was thinking about Chu Xiang while he was with Bai Xuewei.

He didn’t want her to notice, so he quickly left after saying a few more comforting words to her.

When he got in the car, he borrowed the driver’s phone and called Chu Xiang.

He didn’t know why he called her, but the call quickly connected.


Chu Xiang didn’t respond.

He suddenly realized that it had been a long time since he had talked with Chu Xiang on the phone.

Chu Xiang glanced at her phone suspiciously and said, “Hello May I ask who this is”

Ye Chen cleared his throat and said, “My father told me that we have annulled our engagement.

A-are you okay”

Chu Xiang immediately realized who the caller was when he mentioned the word, ‘engagement’.

She was quite baffled by his question and said, “Did you think that I won’t be doing well Why Is it because I threw out a piece of garbage that was used by someone else”

The expression on Ye Chen’s face darkened instantly.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Chu Xiang! Are you calling me a piece of garbage What do you mean by the phrase ‘used by someone else’ Do you think we live in a feudal society”

Chu Xiang seriously thought about it and said, “Ah, you’re right.

Women in feudal society don’t think of it this way.

After all, they have normal relationships between men and women that don’t cheat.

But didn’t you used to be my fiance And didn’t you fool around with another woman when we were still engaged So how is it wrong to call you ‘trash’ when you rolled in the bedsheets with someone else Tsk, I feel dirty just thinking about it.

You called because you wanted to know if I’m doing well, right I’m doing very well, so don’t call me anymore.

I’m hanging up.”


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