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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 190

Ever since the end of her initial conference, Chu Xiang had been shooting movies for two entire months.

Soon enough, the end of the year was nigh.

The various products within S Company’s cosmeceutical series ended up being suitable for various skin types.

As soon as it launched, it immediately received a lot of good feedback.

Within the span of half a year, its customers could see the result for themselves.

The demand for these products quickly overwhelmed the supply.

Soon, the series actually sold out.

A few days after running out of stock, they finally replenished the supply and slowly formed a stable sales figure.

Chu Xiang’s secret formula produced great results within less than half a year.

Since the project ended up being a great success, they reduced the cost and time required to produce the product.

Of course, Chu Xiang received a portion of those benefits.

Chu Xiang no longer only had a little money at her disposal.

However, she did not intend to make any changes for the time being as invested most of her money into two other companies that were on good terms with the Lin Family.

The success of the cosmeceutical series had a large impact on Chu Xiang’s popularity.

The commercial for the dairy product she previously took part in also produced the same results.

In addition to “Heaven Realm Sect,” “Ultra Rising Star,” and “Sweet Love Poem,” all of which were still airing, Chu Xiang’s popularity skyrocketed to the number one spot in various charts.

With that, everyone in the entertainment circle was aware that the former number one celebrity who stood at the peak of the industry was finally back.

Furthermore, she had even become unparalleled in various fields.

As a former hated celebrity, she had turned into a capable actress and a variety performer well-received by everyone.

At this point, all her former fans started returning to her and started begging her to release a new song.

When they had initially become her fans, Chu Xiang rose up to the top of the industry through her singing and dancing.

Although more and more idols began to emerge during this time, they naturally wanted to see the idol who was incomparably dazzling on stage.

No matter how well Chu Xiang performed in films, she was no longer the same person with whom they initially fell in love.

Having realized this, Uncle Dong mentioned the importance of this matter during their meeting.

When those fans gave up on Chu Xiang at that time, a portion of them simply wasn’t interested in becoming a fan of a married individual, let alone someone who retired.

However, there was also another portion who felt as if Chu Xiang had abandoned them.

That particular portion of fans awaited and looked forward to her dazzling performance on the stage, yet she ended up getting married.

Thus, they deemed her actions as some sort of betrayal.

The manager of the PR Department said after further analysis, “These fans certainly aren’t mere fanboys or fangirls.

It would be best if we could get them back as fans.

In a sense, Chu Xiang actually does owe them a performance on stage and an apology.

It doesn’t have to be anything too serious as long as she gives off a genuine impression.

From their perspective, it would be more than enough for them to know that you care about them.”

With that, Chu Xiang asked Uncle Dong to open up all the messages left behind by the returning fans on the large screen.

Propping her chin up, she said, “I won’t be taking part in any more variety programs.

Pick out a few movies.

I’ll come back to partake in them after I finish the shoot for “The Legend of the Mermaid.” During these two months, when I’m preoccupied with the shoots for “The Legend of the Mermaid,” add some singing and dancing programs into my schedule.

Make sure to arrange a small-scale birthday concert too.

As for the remaining free time, I’ll leave it to you, Uncle Dong.”

Fully understanding how she wanted her schedule arranged, Uncle Dong nodded in approval.

“It just so happens that ‘Palace of Abyss’ will be announced on ‘Merry Camp.’ I’ll discuss with them and arrange for you to perform a song there.

They should approve of this.

After all, you were the number one idol before your initial retirement.

The viewership will definitely be high.

Following that, we’ll make a stand at the New Year’s banquet in the evening, so make sure to be prepared.

Adding another training session for singing and dancing in addition to a birthday party should be enough.

You should also leave a few days for some rest.

Your acting skills don’t solely improve by participating in more productions.

You’ll be able to improve even further by experiencing various activities throughout your life.”

Chu Xiang nodded.

“Alright, Uncle Dong, help me get in touch with a choreographer.

I’ll come in for practice whenever I’m free.

It would be best if I could learn two songs before my birthday party.

If that does happen, I will give my fans a pleasant surprise on my birthday.”

“Sure, we’ll go with that.

As for the endorsement, I’ll discuss them with you later after I filter them out.”

After thanking everyone for their hard work, Chu Xiang headed over to Zhou Ye’s office.

After Uncle Dong finished discussing certain matters with the manager of the Operations Department and the PR Department, everyone else took their leave.

Taking a moment to think back on their meeting, Uncle Dong wondered just how Chu Xiang managed to arrange everything so well.

With a clear train of thought and a calm mind, he felt like he, as a first-rate manager, was no longer needed by her.

Rather, he felt more like an assistant who merely helped her with analyzing the circumstances.

Suddenly, Uncle Dong recalled the time when Zhou Ye grumbled to him about how he felt as if he had lost all importance.

Now, Uncle Dong too began feeling the same way himself…


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