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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 191

The instant Zhou Ye noticed Chu Xiang enter his office, a bright smile erupted from his face.

Standing up, he asked, “Why are you here I even considered going to look for you after your meeting ended.”

Fixing his tie, Chu Xiang seized the opportunity to pull him in before saying with a smile, “I came here to ask you out on a date.

I will be quite free after finishing my shoots, so why don’t we go check the night market that you mentioned last time”

He stared blankly at her for a few seconds, unable to believe his ears.

Pleasantly surprised, he hugged Chu Xiang.

“Is that a promise! Alright, let’s head over right now.

The night market will open by the time we arrive there by car.”

Despite saying that, Zhou Ye did not move a single inch as he looked down towards Chu Xiang, who then pulled his head down and gave him a kiss as light as a dragonfly landing gently on the surface of water.

Before she even had the chance to move back, Zhou Ye pulled her in by the back of her head and returned the favor with an intimate kiss.

He had waited far too long for this moment.

He had never felt such an intense feeling of success ever before up till this day.

Having finally fulfilled his wish, he felt as if his heart was going to shoot out of his chest!

In the end, they never did go to the night market.

By the time they came out from the office, it was already quite late.

Zhou Ye instead brought Chu Xiang over to a restaurant located on the top of a building to enjoy the nightscape.

Zhou Ye ordered a whole table of dishes that Chu Xiang loved.

His smile never once faded as he watched her from across the table.

Faintly swaying the glass of wine in her grasp, Chu Xiang lifted her gaze and noticed the hysterical expression on his face.

She teased, “Has your soul left your body”

Zhou Ye grasped onto one of her hands and whispered, “That’s right.

It had long since been stolen by you.”

“How tragic of you to have fallen into the hands of a witch.

Don’t even think about getting your soul back.

Don’t blame me if others fail to live up to your standard in the future.”

Looking deep into her eyes, Zhou Ye could clearly see his own reflection within and said subconsciously, “Had I not met you, I would have been fine with anyone else.

Now that I’ve met you, I won’t be satisfied with anyone else.”

“Well, of course.

After all, there’s no one else who’s as good as me.” Chu Xiang smiled, propping up her chin after taking a few sips of her wine.

The intimate scene between the two of them was witnessed by Mo Xinru, who was sitting nearby.

Having been around Zhou Ye for so many years, she had never seen him treat a girl so gently.

Losing control of her own emotions, she knocked over her glass of wine without thinking.

Lin Jiawei knitted his brows.

“What’s wrong Are you not feeling well”

Following her line of sight, he turned his head around, only to see his ex-wife and sworn enemy gazing affectionately at each other.

His mood plummeted, lips thinning into a straight line.

Having keen perception, Chu Xiang immediately noticed the incoming glares and looked towards them.

With a twitch of her brows, she returned back to her initial line of sight and continued enjoying the steak before her as if nothing had happened.

Her nonchalant attitude and disregard for them further provoked Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru.

Even so, they could not go over and say anything to her.

Helpless, the two of them continued dining in utter silence — their food tasting like wax.

From time to time, they could not help but shoot dirty looks at Chu Xiang’s table.

When they saw Zhou Ye feeding Chu Xiang, wiping off the fruit juice from her lips, taking a picture of her with his phone…

Zhou Ye was essentially acting like the perfect boyfriend.

Why did he treat her so well Witnessing this scene, an inferno combusted within Mo Xinru’s heart.

She was so jealous to the point that she began trembling with rage, wanting to curse Chu Xiang.

No matter what she did in the past, she could never get Zhou Ye’s attention.

On the other hand, he was actually acting in this way before Chu Xiang What Just why!

Her dining knife scraped against her plate, emitting an ear-piercing screech across the restaurant.

Everyone in the restaurant looked in their direction simultaneously.

The instant Zhou Ye swept his gaze towards them, Mo Xinru immediately tensed up and let go of her knife as she looked back at him.

Slightly irritated, Zhou Ye said to Chu Xiang, “How unlucky… How did we run into them”

Not paying them any mind, Chu Xiang replied, “Just focus on our own meal.

Why should we care what they’re up to Let’s quickly finish our food.

I’m going to head back home right after.

I would like to hear my old songs.”

“Would you mind if I tag along” Zhou Ye asked as he leaned forward and stared at her, anticipating her answer.

Since her choreographer had yet to be determined, meaning that there wasn't much to do on the second day, Chu Xiang nodded.


Immediately forgetting about the two side characters, Zhou Ye’s mind surged with anticipation for what might happen tonight back at the apartment.

On the other hand, the individuals neglected by them did not feel any better.

In fact, Mo Xinru was practically suffocating on the spot from embarrassment.

While she may have stolen her husband, Chu Xiang had instead obtained the man whom she yearned for day and night.

From the looks of things, Zhou Ye also seemed to be the one who took the initiative.

She simply could not endure this suffering.


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