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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 193

Drenched in red wine, Mo Xinru walked out of the restaurant without daring to explain what happened.

With a single glance, Lin Jiawei could instantly tell that it must have been either Zhou Ye or Chu Xiang’s doing.

At that moment, a conflict sparked between the two of them.

Why Lin Jiawei could not bear recalling the thought of how Mo Xinru had once pursued Zhou Ye.

Remembering how she had once flirted openly with Zhou Ye and now seeing her, as his girlfriend, keep him in her mind constantly, Lin Jiawei’s face twisted with an ugly expression.

Even after arriving home, this matter escalated even further before it even had the chance to settle, for they suddenly received a call from Mr.


Panic-stricken, Mr.

Mo informed them of a rumor: Zhou Ye had called his men in for a meeting this late into the night in order to destroy their Mo Family once and for all.

Lin Jiawei suddenly recalled the ridicule Zhou Ye shot towards him earlier.

What kind of position did he think he had in the Mo Family Why did he need to care about the affairs of the Mo Family

Through the call, Mr.

Mo directed his torrent of abuse at Mo Xinru and went as far as to tell her how he wished she was never born as his daughter.

In a moment of pure disbelief, Mo Xinru immediately hung up his father’s call and headed furiously into the bedroom.

Throughout her entire life so far, other than being repeatedly rejected by Zhou Ye, she had never felt wronged by anyone else.

But this single Chu Xiang, a mere orphan she had kicked out of the Lin Family, had actually caused her to suffer so much embarrassment.

How could she possibly bear this She had already lost all reason out of spite.

However, her family would only ever scold her, never once taking her feelings into consideration.

Not long after, Mrs.

Mo came to visit in person.

Seeing her, Lin Jiawei comforted her without thinking too much, “Mother, don’t worry.

This matter will definitely be resolved.”

Upon hearing his words, Mrs.

Mo could not help but shed a single tear.

“Jiawei, you’re such a good kid.

I… I never expected that Chu Xiang, a single person, could cause so much harm to our family.

With Zhou Ye looming over our Mo Group over the past few days, we could never sleep and eat very well.

I simply can’t understand why things have turned out this way.

How could our normal days have turned into this mess”

Pursing his lips, Lin Jiawei started pondering about this matter.

Didn’t Chu Xiang only end up getting involved with Mo Xinru because of him At that time, Mo Xinru only sought to teach Chu Xiang a lesson out of jealousy.

Who knew that Zhou Ye would get himself involved in this situation for Chu Xiang and set the Mo Group as his target In conclusion, Lin Jiawei was part of the reason why the Mo Group had gotten themselves stuck in this dangerous predicament.

“I’m very sorry, Mother.

If only I hadn’t married Chu Xiang…”

Holding back her tears, Mrs.

Mo patted him on his arms and squeezed out a smile.

“It’s fine.

You aren’t responsible for this.

Everything will eventually settle down.

You shouldn’t get yourself involved in this situation.

I doubt Zhou Ye will go as far as to take any serious actions just because of the small scuffle between Xiao Ru and Chu Xiang.

He may very well be targeting you behind the scenes.

Thus, you shouldn’t worry about this matter any longer.

I’ll go take a look at Xiao Ru.

That child’s temper is rather wild as she had been spoiled by me.

I hope you won’t pay much mind to that side of her.”

Seeing Mrs.

Mo walking into the room, Lin Jiawei sat down on the sofa and began contemplating on this matter.

He kept wondering just why Zhou Ye would target the Mo Group for such a small matter It simply didn’t make any sense.

How could he be willing to go so far all for a single woman, let alone in their circle


Mo’s previous words resonated deeply within his heart, which, at the same time, raised his doubts by several folds.

Besides, the Mo Group — second only to the Lin Group — was certainly not an easy target to reckon with.

For the Zhou Group to step forth and take action with such great fanfare, could it be possible that they were actually targeting him

On the exact same night, Lin Jiawei too convened a videoconference and ordered his men to keep an eye on the Zhou Group’s movements and the Mo Group’s latest circumstances.

Unfortunately for him, Zhou Ye had long since discovered the problems within the Mo Group.

On the other hand, while Lin Jiawei did muster his greatest effort to keep things under control, he failed to investigate the situation in the Mo Group thoroughly as he truly believed that the Mo Group was still inferior to his Lin Group.

At that time, Lin Jiawei even found out about the needle aimed towards the Lin Group by the Zhou Group.

The Zhou Group was getting ready to fight against the Lin Group for a project.

With that, he determined that Zhou Ye was indeed targeting him.

Perhaps it might even be due to the fact that Chu Xiang was his ex-wife.

He truly believed that Zhou Ye felt slightly embarrassed from taking an abandoned woman as his girlfriend and intended to fight against him to get her back completely.


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