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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 194

Another possibility was that Zhou Ye had discovered the Lin Group’s attempt to snatch away some of the Zhou Group’s projects and wanted to get back at him.

However, he had to say that Zhou Ye’s action against the Mo Group had allowed him to relax his guard.

Consequently, he nearly failed to detect Zhou Ye’s intention to fight against him for a project.

Looking at things from this perspective, Zhou Ye’s threats against the Mo Group were but a mere smokescreen used to cover up his line of sight of the storm raging behind.

With that, Lin Jiawei and his men proposed several plans to fight back against the Zhou Group.

One of the plans was for the Lin Group and Mo Group to establish a connection through marriage.

With that combined strength of two families, they might not only be able to fight back against the Zhou Group, but they might even be able to land a lethal strike on them!

In the room next door, Mrs.

Mo’s tears had long since dried up as she pulled onto Mo Xinru and urged repeatedly, “Having just tested out the waters, I pushed everything onto Lin Jiawei and even pulled you out of your predicament.

I believe he can be trusted.

You, on the other hand, have truly been spoiled by me.

You aren’t at all concerned about the situation within the family.

Instead, you only know how to throw tantrums.

How many times have we told you There’s currently an underlying issue within our Mo Group that can’t simply be ignored.

Having lost her patience, Mo Xinru exclaimed, “How big of a problem can it be Will a company as large as our Mo Group be destroyed just because of a single issue Sure, the Zhou Group is much stronger than ours, but it isn’t capable of making our family go bankrupt, right What exactly is .going on with you and Dad”


Mo stared at her daughter.

“Xiao Ru, you don’t need to worry about those things that happened in the past within our family.

We’ve never actually told you anything about it.

If Lin Jiawei doesn’t end up sharing the Lin Group’s project with us this time, our Mo Group will definitely go bankrupt.

Your father won’t be able to hold things up for much longer.

That’s why he's been so hot-tempered these days.

Before I came over, the family doctor even had to hook your father up to an IV.

Xiao Ru, as you’re already all grown up, please be more sensible.”

Shocked, Mo Xinru stared blankly at her mother.

After confirming that she wasn’t lying, she suddenly collapsed.

“Why did you not inform me about such serious matters earlier If you had told me earlier, how could I have started up any trouble with Chu Xiang How could I have provoked Zhou Ye How could I have gotten into a fight with Lin Jiawei”

At that moment, Mrs.

Mo immediately pointed at Mo Xinru’s mouth and looked towards the door nervously.

“Keep your voice down.

Don’t let Lin Jiawei hear us.

Originally, I thought that you would have married into the Lin Family without a hitch.

We were hoping that, by falling deeply in love with you, Lin Jiawei would at most give you the cold shoulder for a period of time after discovering the major problem within our family.

Sooner or later, you would be able to drag him back to your side and continue living a happy life.

How could we have expected you to end up creating such a mess

Holding tightly onto Mo Xinru’s hand, Mrs.

Mo said seriously, “The fate of our Mo Family lies in your hands.

You must hurry up and think of a way to marry into the Lin Family.

It’s already starting to get late, so I’ll be taking my leave now.

Make sure not to let Lin Jiawei raise any suspicions.”

For a long period of time, after Mrs.

Mo left the place, Mo Xinru was frazzled from all her thoughts.

Fortunately, Lin Jiawei was having a videoconference in his study room and never once came out to see her.

Even at such an age, Mo Xinru had never once gotten in touch with matters related to her family business.

Even when she found out that there was some sort of problem within her family that required her to marry into the Lin Family, she never thought that it was anything too serious.

Besides, such things were normal in their social circle.

If their company was going downhill, wasn’t it normal for their counterpart to help them back up Similarly, she only thought that her family was starting to decline, never once considering that her family might go bankrupt!

At that moment, Mo Xinru felt as if she had moved from a place filled with warmth to the North Pole.

She felt completely helpless in the face of such drastic changes and did not know what to do.

Furthermore, she was actually starting to fear offending Zhou Ye — worried that the Mo Family might not be able to hold back Zhou Ye’s attacks.

At the same time, Lin Jiawei was no longer as infatuated with her as before.

Was she really going to cause her family to go bankrupt


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