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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 195

As Mo Xinru traced anxiously around the room, the sudden ring of her phone gave her a fright!

The incoming call was from Zhu Yujia.

She snapped, “What”

Zhu Yujia replied in a hoarse tone, “Sister, you can’t just cast me aside like this.

You were the one who wanted me to slander Chu Xiang in the first place.

Now that Zhou Ye has already blocked me from the entertainment industry, I have nowhere else to go.

You can’t just forget about me like this.”

Mo Xinru sneered, “I haven’t even complained about your ways of doing things, yet you want to place all the blame on me”

“Sister, you were the mastermind behind everything.

Even so, all the consequences were directed towards me instead of you.

Isn’t it because I have no influence or power I’m suffering all the consequences in your place, so shouldn’t you be held responsible for taking care of me for the latter half of my life” Zhu Yujia gnashed her teeth.

Had she been in Mo Xinru’s presence at that moment, she would have thrown several slaps at her face.

Mo Xinru was unyielding.

“You have both hands and feet, yet you want me to take care of you Dream on.

I don’t care whether you need food or money in the future.

Don’t bother coming to find me any longer.

If you dare provoke or irritate me any further, I have many ways to turn your life into a living hell.

“Please wait a minute, I’ve gotten pregnant,” Zhu Yujia cried out right before Mo Xinru was about to hang up the call.

“Sister, I’m begging you.

Please help me out.”

At that moment, Mo Xinru came up with a brilliant idea — getting pregnant! By getting pregnant, there was no way Lin Jiawei would abandon her.

Both Mr.

and Mrs.

Lin were also waiting for the next generation of the Lin Family to be born.

They would never think of forcing her to get an abortion.

Mo Xinru was completely aware that Zhu Yujia had just come up with that excuse in a moment of desperation and simply wanted her money.

Otherwise, wouldn’t her problem be solved if she were to get an abortion In any case, what would such a small sum of money matter to her Mo Group Having come up with the optimal solution to her problem, Mo Xinru decided to not pay any mind to Zhu Yujia treating her as some sort of fool, and was willing to give her some money.

With that, Mo Xinru promised to give Zhu Yujia a large sum of money, but only if she accompanied her in a dramatic act.

After filling her in with the plan, Mo Xinru headed over to the kitchen to prepare a midnight snack before knocking on Lin Jiawei’s door.

But since Lin Jiawei was in the middle of a meeting, he waved his hand to indicate his refusal.

Seeing that, Mo Xinru sat down on the sofa in the study room calmly.

After taking two bites of her snack, she suddenly started retching and immediately darted over to the bathroom.

Lin Jiawei looked at her actions with knitted brows.

But after everything turned silent, he turned his attention back to his meeting.

On the next morning, right after getting up from bed, Mo Xinru once again retched but never vomited.

Even when Lin Jiawei asked her what was wrong, she simply said how she wasn’t feeling well and that everything was fine.

However, that night, when Mo Xinru arrived back home, she handed a pregnancy test kit over to Lin Jiawei.

“Jiawei! I’m pregnant! I’m going to become a mother now!”

Staring blankly at her, Lin Jiawei felt a sense of joy surge from the bottom of his heart and smiled.

“You’re pregnant Are such tests accurate Let’s go to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow.”

Mo Xinru nodded her head repeatedly, “That’s exactly what I was thinking.

I’ve already asked Jia Jia to accompany me tomorrow since she has nothing better to do anyway.”

“I can set aside some time to accompany you.”

She leaned towards his embrace and chuckled, “It’s fine.

Besides, you know basically nothing when it comes to these types of examinations.

A man like you would have to wait outside, so it’ll be rather boring.

Since I’ll also be quite nervous going alone, I asked Jia Jia to accompany me instead.

You’ll be the first person whom I’ll inform after the test results come out.”

On this exact day, Lin Jiawei’s mood brightened like never before.

Even his attitude towards Mo Xinru had taken a turn for the better.

Although he had been stressed out because of the situation with Zhou Ye, his expression radiated with bright smiles after imagining how life would be after Mo Xinru gave birth to his child.

At that moment, he completely ignored all unpleasant thoughts.

Perhaps he was still subconsciously hoping that Mo Xinru loved him.

During the pregnancy examination, Mo Xinru submitted her own ID as the identity of the person being tested wouldn’t be checked.

On the other hand, she immediately told Zhu Yujia to go in for the examination in her stead.

Thus, the testing results showed that she had been pregnant for around eight weeks now.

She laughed upon receiving this test result, as Zhu Yujia had apparently been telling the truth.

When she finally married into the Lin Family, wouldn’t she just have to trudge her path carefully


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