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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 196

After obtaining the results for the pregnancy test, Mo Xinru immediately received the approval of Madam Lin without a hitch.

In order to marry into the Lin Family as soon as possible, Mo Xinru completely restrained her initial bad temper of a young miss and treated Madam Lin in an amicable manner, which pleased the older lady greatly.

Especially adapting to Madam Lin’s taste, Mo Xinru would often speak badly of Chu Xiang in front of her, which further improved her impression of Mo Xinru.

Thus, Madam Lin wanted the two of them to get married as soon as possible.

No matter what, they must turn the wedding into a greater success than the one with Chu Xiang in the past.

There wasn’t much one could not do with money.

In order to avoid Mo Xinru’s abdomen from protruding too much out of the wedding dress, they ultimately decided to set the wedding a month after and spent a large sum of money on their purchases and preparations for the event.

Furthermore, they had even announced their marriage and begun sending out invitations to their wedding.

Passing on this news to Chu Xiang, Zhou Ye simply could not hold back his laughter.

“What kind of expression do you think Lin Jiawei will make after he finds out the truth To think he actually fell for the trap.

It seems that our efforts will not be in vain after all.”

Laying down on Zhou Ye’s lap, Chu Xiang started singing with her eyes closed.

“Why do you insist on allowing their marriage to happen”

“Of course, it’s to help you vent your anger! At that time, Lin Jiawei treated Mo Xinru as some sort of treasure while he bullied you.

In that case, I’ll just have to allow his dreams to come true.

When he becomes one with Mo Xinru as a family, he’ll also be responsible for the company of the Mo Group that’s on the verge of bankruptcy.

Lin Jiawei’s grandmother must definitely be eyeing the Mo Group and wants it as Mo Xinru’s dowry.

She would definitely not allow the Mo Group to set up some sort of property notarization.

Otherwise, if the time comes when the Lin Family wants to call for a divorce, they would have to split both the assets and debts accumulated by both families,” Zhou Ye explained as he peeled a tangerine and fed it to Chu Xiang.

Eating a portion of it himself, he revealed a cunning smile on his face.

Prior to this, Chu Xiang had never asked what he was planning to do.

She never would have expected him to wait patiently for such a long time before making a move in order to help her vent.

After finishing her tangerine, she opened her eyes and sat back up.

In the next instant, she pressed Zhou Ye down on the sofa and said with a smile, “Not bad, I’m absolutely delighted.”

His eyes sparkled.

“Is there some sort of reward”

“Of course, there is.” Chu Xiang slowly leaned in towards his face and kissed him with citrusy lips.

Though the new song produced for her by the company was still playing, no one was listening to its melody any longer.

As the two shifted from the sofa over to the bed in the bedroom, they had seemingly disconnected themselves from the outside world and indulged in the wonderful pleasures of their passionate night.

They set the matters regarding the Lin Family and Mo Family aside and enjoyed each moment.”

Zhou Ye had officially gotten into a relationship with Chu Xiang.

Since Chu Xiang took a few days off of work, he could thoroughly enjoy a sweet romance.

However, on the next day, upon waking up, he immediately noticed that Chu Xiang was already fully dressed and prepared to go out.

Puzzled, he could not help but say, “Did you receive some sort of notice today”

Tidying up her outfit in front of the mirror, Chu Xiang replied, “I will be extremely busy from today onwards.”

Upon hearing the word, “busy,” Zhou Ye immediately sobered up from his daze.

The fear of “not having the time for romance” was still deeply imprinted into his mind.

He dressed in his bathrobe and went over to look at Chu Xiang’s schedule.

“Partake in a publicity event, dance practice, song recording, dress rehearsal for a birthday party, shooting a film overseas Why is your schedule so packed”

She smiled.

“It’s not that tight.

Besides, I’ve already taken a few days off.”

“Won’t you get too exhausted Singing and dancing day after day… Why don’t you take out one or two activities You can just sing some calming songs during your birthday.

You also don’t have to practice dancing for that long.” Feeling a sense of pity for her, Zhou Ye hugged her tightly, not understanding why she wanted to busy herself with so many things.

Since Chu Xiang would already take some time to nourish her body with spiritual energy every day, she would naturally not feel tired at all.

Pushing Zhou Ye away, she said, “It’s fine, don’t worry.

I find all these things fun and have recently become even more interested in them.

It doesn’t matter if I add more activities into my schedule.”


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