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She waved at them with a bright smile and promised, “As long as you’re willing to stay here, I too will do the same.

Even after reaching the age of 80, I will still perform on stage for all of you.

However, when the time comes when I might not be able to dance anymore, you guys better not abandon me~”

“We will never abandon you! We love you!” The fans waved their banners excitedly.

Although there weren’t any lightsticks, it was nevertheless a spectacular sight to behold.

The host was extremely touched by their exchanges.

The original Chu Xiang of this world had come onto “Merry Camp” many times in the past.

Naturally, he had become acquainted with her.

During that time, the original host would act quite reserved and shy in front of her fans.

At most, she would only let out a dazzling smile to greet them, not knowing what else to say.

After Chu Xiang publicly announced her retirement as an idol, the host of this program witnessed a large majority of her fans lose interest in her under the circumstances at the time.

But today, the host could clearly see the sea of blue below the stage, in addition to the change in Chu Xiang’s personality.

Unexpectedly, he even began tearing up.

Wiping off the tears from the corner of his eyes, he walked up the stage with a smile, “This old man can’t help but feel touched by such a magnificent sight.

This scene is such a moving sight to behold, truly.”

Chu Xiang hugged him.

“Teacher Qiao, you certainly aren’t an old man.

In fact, you’re still quite young.

Everyone ought to stop tearing up.

I will definitely stay here for the years to come.

I can assure you that there’ll be many such performances in the future during birthday parties, concerts, and other types of events.

I promise.”

Looking down at the emotional fans below the stage, Teacher Qiao said with a smile, “What kind of goddess are you guys idolizing The promise she made today was witnessed by me and the other viewers of this program on TV.

This time, let’s support her fans by holding Chu Xiang accountable for her promise.

Let’s urge her to hold a concert and release a new song every single year, alright”

“Yeah! Thank you, Teacher Qiao!”

He laughingly added, “However, you will not only have to support her songs but also her work on TV.

She has recently partaken in a series that will be released near the end of the year.

Does anyone know what it is”

“The Palace of Abyss!!”

“That’s right! Speaking of which, let’s invite the rest of the cast and production crew working on ‘The Palace of Abyss’ to come up on stage! Everyone, give them a round of applause!”

The entire area resounded with cheers and applause.

Teacher Qiao had successfully stirred up the ideal mood, smoothly switching the previous topic over to the main subject of today’s show.

In order to raise publicity for the upcoming film, the host arranged an ancient game related to the setting of the film instead of following the usual course of events.

With that, everyone participated in the game while answering spoiler-free questions regarding the show.

Furthermore, they even mentioned interesting stories that happened during the shoot of the film.

The enthusiasm of Chu Xiang’s fans for the show continued to surge.

At some point, they had completely influenced the other fans and onlookers.

Everyone was now paying close attention to the matters related to Chu Xiang, the rest of the cast, and the production crew.

Before long, the viewership of the program reached its peak as the live came to an end without a hitch.

Not only did this program give much publicity to “The Palace of Abyss,” but it also allowed Chu Xiang to perform her debut as an idol ever since coming out of retirement.

As the broadcast neared its end, Chu Xiang handed out exclusive winter photo books, which had yet to be released, to the fans as gifts.

Each one of those photos was taken in a snowy land, and each photobook was personally signed by her.

All her fans began screeching out of excitement.

This event was far too good to be true! Not only did they get to witness Chu Xiang’s debut as an idol after coming out of retirement, but they even received such a precious gift from her.

Even the ones who flew over from a faraway land felt that everything was worth it.

After her fans got back from the event, they uploaded the photos of their experiences onto the web and let everyone know that they’d received a gift from Chu Xiang.

The other fans who could not attend the event were incessantly annoyed.

However, the one thing that had the most effect on Chu Xiang’s fans was the message that she sent out on the same day as the live broadcast.

[My dear fans, I have returned.

From this point onwards, I will stand by you with steadfast loyalty for the rest of my life.]


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