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Chu Xiang’s response was to glance at him disdainfully.

Her gaze was full of disgust and dislike as if she were looking at something filthy.

Ye Chen couldn’t stand staying in the room for a second longer, so he turned around and left the room in large strides.

He felt more irritable and suffocated right now than when he had first stepped foot inside the hospital.

Chu Xiang was finally alone.

After everyone left, Chu Xiang had a curious expression on her face once she was left alone.

This world was completely different from the world she originally lived in.

The beautiful wallpapers, exquisite chandeliers, clean and transparent windows, and the tall skyscrapers outside the windows were all foreign to her, something she had never seen before.

If she did not receive the original owner’s memory, then she wouldn’t have known what these things were.

She pulled the blankets away and sat up.

Chu Xiang gently rubbed her uncomfortable stomach until the pain gradually faded.

Then, she stood up and walked towards the window slowly.

The hospital room she resided in was located in a very quiet location.

She could see the lush green garden and the small sparkling lake outside her window.

The scenery was beautiful, but it was nothing unusual.

What was unusual for her, was the small cars driving on the road in the distance.

In the cultivation realm she previously resided in, one had to cultivate a certain level of cultivation before they could utilize a magical item similar to the car.

However, in this world, everyone can drive if they have a license.

Learning how to drive was much easier than cultivating.

This was also true for the Thousand Miles Voice Transmission.

In her previous world, one had to cultivate to be able to transmit voice messages from one person to another.

Chu Xiang picked up the phone inside the drawer and unlocked it.

She listened to the voice messages on her WeChat app one by one.

Here, people can just use a simple electronic device to talk to people.

The corners of Chu Xiang’s mouth curved into a delighted smile.

This world was fun.

It seemed like she had chosen correctly.

Chu Xiang raised her hand and waved it in the air.

Suddenly, an octagon-shaped mirror appeared in front of her like magic.

The mirror was simple and unadorned, but it was still elegant; it was only as large as a regular-sized bowl.

However, there was a mysterious and ancient aura surrounding the mirror.

This was Chu Xiang’s magical item, the Heaven and Earth Mirror.

She could command the mirror with her mind, making the Heaven and Earth Mirror expand into the same height with her current body.

The mirror was suspended in the air in front of her, allowing her to view her current appearance clearly.

Chu Xiang tidied her long seaweed-like hair, and then touched her pale face.

She frowned in displeasure and said, “This young lady didn’t cherish herself at all.

Isn’t it better to love yourself than loving other people”

But if the original owner of the body knew how to cherish herself, then she wouldn’t have the chance to be here anymore.

She originally came from a cultivation realm.

In the cultivation realm, she had accidentally become a demon cultivator due to some mistake.

Even so, she cultivated wholeheartedly because she only sought to ascend to the higher realm.

But who would’ve thought that the heavenly law was extremely harsh against demonic cultivators When she was facing heavenly tribulation, the powerful bolts of lightning raining down from the Heavens nearly killed her.

Fortunately for her, she had completed refining the immortal-level Heaven and Earth Mirror.

She was able to use the Heaven and Earth Mirror to protect her soul and escape the heavenly tribulation.

While she was nursing her injury, she suddenly started to question everything.

Why was she trying so hard to ascend to the heavenly realm The people in the cultivation realm fight back and forth ceaselessly, but will they be able to regain their moral integrity after they ascend to the higher realm Wasn’t life on earth and life on the heavenly realm the same If the immortals in the heavenly realm have no desire or ambition, then wouldn’t she be living with a bunch of wooden sticks Wouldn’t that be boring

After she figured out her thoughts, Chu Xiang realized that she no longer wanted to stay in the cultivation world.

She had lived and cultivated in this world for many years, so she was familiar with everything.

There was nothing else for her to learn or play.

Since she had the Heaven and Earth Mirror, she could travel through the three thousand realms freely.

So of course, she decided to enter other worlds to have a look.

As a result, she came into this world and took over this young lady’s body.

She was only able to live in this world if she possessed one of the bodies that were born into this world.

As soon as the original owner of the body died, Chu Xiang entered this body.

In exchange for the body, she made a promise with the original owner of the body.

She promised her that she will be reborn into a good family in her next life.

From now on, she will be Chu Xiang and she can enjoy her new life as much as possible.

Chu Xiang stayed in the hospital for three consecutive days and nursed her body back to health.

The original owner’s body suffered from alcohol intoxication because she drank too excessively.

During the three days in the hospital, she became familiar with all kinds of modern technology and she even managed to merge her memory and the body’s original memory together perfectly.

Now, it was impossible for anyone to discover that she was not the original Chu Xiang.

On the day she was discharged from the hospital, Chu Xiang’s parents pushed the company’s meeting behind so they could come and pick her up.


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