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Ye Chen flung the phone at the ground when he heard the beeping sound, indicating that the other person had hung up.

His sudden action alarmed the driver, causing the car to drive in a snake pattern!

The driver immediately pulled the car over and parked.

He picked up the phone that Ye Chen had flung onto the ground and checked the condition of his phone.

He said angrily, “Are you sick I have kindly lent you my phone, but you…”

“I’ll compensate you!” Ye Chen transferred five thousand yuan to the drive.

Then, he impatiently pushed the car door open and got out of the car.

The driver muttered unhappily behind him, “Do you think you’re better than me just because you’re wealthy You have no manners.

What a crazy person!”

Ye Chen walked along the side of the road with a cold expression on his face.

His mind was filled with all the words of dislike that Chu Xiang had hurled at him.

His sweet memories with Bai Xuewei were all labeled as ‘dirty’ by Chu Xiang.

Whenever he recalls Chu Xiang, the word ‘trash’ echoes in his mind like a curse!

If Chu Xiang had been angry while she hurled those insults at him, then he wouldn’t have been so angry.

That was because it was only natural for people to hurl insults at each other when they quarrel and he knew that he would do the same.

However, Chu Xiang called him ‘trash’ in such a confident and calm manner, as if she was merely stating a fact.

This meant that Chu Xiang really thought of him as ‘trash’.

Did Chu Xiang suddenly agree to annul the marriage, threw out all their pictures and the gifts he gave her, and even stopped seeing him and stopped answering his call because she thought he was dirty!

His hands that were in his pockets clenched into tight fists.

Ye Chen’s chest rose and fell quickly due to anger.

He dialed his home phone number and asked the chauffeur to pick him up in a vile tone.

He sneered and thought, so what if Chu Xiang dislikes him He dislikes her because she isn’t good at anything! He wanted to see if Chu Xiang could actually find a better man than himself.

After Chu Xiang hung up, she called customer service and changed her phone number.

The original owner of the body was inseparable from Bai Xuewei in the past and she didn’t have any other close friends.

Although she does have a few friends, the original owner of the body didn’t have an intimate relationship with them.

Besides, the current Chu Xiang didn’t choose them as friends.

As a result, she gave her new number to her parents, teachers, and the people in the company.

As for other people, if she’s fated to be friends with them, then she’ll give them her phone number in the future.

This way, she won’t receive another phone call from that slag man again.

Chu Xiang finished arranging Fang Qing’s itinerary at home and then sent it to Special Assistant Liang for approval. Special Assistant Liang quickly replied by sending a smiley emoji, indicating that she did a good job.

After Chu Xiang was finished with work, she took out an English business book to read.

Fang Qing brought a glass of milk for her and said, “Don’t stay up too late.

You still have class tomorrow morning.”

Chu Xiang glanced at the time and smiled, “It’s ten o’clock right now, I’ll head to bed at eleven.

Don’t worry, mom, I’ll rest once I’m tired.”

“Okay, take care of yourself.” Fang Qing was very happy to see how much energy that her daughter was spending on her career.

She smiled and gently stroked her hair before leaving.

Love is imaginary and difficult to grasp, but a good career is much more reliable than love.

It would be best if Chu Xiang can grow up and learn how to manage the Dongfang Group.

Even if love doesn’t work out for her in the future, she will still have a large company to rely on.

Fang Qing stood by Chu Xiang’s door for a few more seconds before she left.

In Fang Qing’s room, she started to work on a plan.

She listed everything she could teach Chu Xiang as well as the projects that Chu Xiang could participate in.

She plans on nurturing Chu Xiang according to her plan.

As Chu Xiang grows, it’s her job as a mother to show her daughter the real world.

The next day, Chu Xiang wore a beautiful red V-neck dress to class.

Her hair was tied neatly into a high ponytail behind her head.

She was brimming with energy.

Although she was as beautiful as yesterday, there was a seductive charm to her beauty today.

Bai Xuewei has a completely different temperament compared to hers.

She was dressed in a pure white frock, which enhanced her gentle and beautiful appearance.

A slight smile from her would feel like a person is bathing in the spring wind.


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