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After pondering for a moment, Zhou Ye concluded that Chu Xiang would most likely not turn into someone who assumed the traditional roles of a good wife even if they did get married.

If she were to become such a person, he would probably not like it either.

Wasn’t he precisely attracted to the charm emitted by Chu Xiang’s current self anyways

Besides, it wasn’t as if he insisted on getting married.

Even if he did marry Chu Xiang, she wouldn’t be tied down by the marriage certificate.

So what exactly was the point of getting married in the first place

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Ye had come to a clear realization.

Holding onto Chu Xiang’s hand, he laughed.

“In that case, let’s just keep on dating each other… loving passionately.

That’s right, when are we able to call each other by our full names in public When do you plan on making our relationship public”

Grasping onto his hand in response, Chu Xiang shrugged., “Anytime you want.

It’s not as if I’m going to retire.

Could it be that you’re worried that I would lose some of my fans If some of my fans end up leaving me because of that reason, just let them be.

I only care about my fans who enjoy my work.

I have a rather great time performing for them.

The feeling I get when they look at me below the stage fills me with a strange feeling of delight.” Her lips curled up into a smile.

She never expected after transmigrating that a beautiful witch like her would attain the admiration of so many people.

It was certainly not a bad feeling.

Thinking for another moment, Zhou Ye said, “Let’s just set it aside for the time being.

We’ll wait for your work to become even more popular before making our relationship public.”

When Zhou Ye initially brought up the topic, he thought that Chu Xiang might ask him to keep their relationship a secret.

He never expected her to not mind at all.

This was certainly the best-case scenario for him.


For the following period of time, aside from investing, Chu Xiang focused the rest of her time on practicing.

Zhou Ye had already gotten used to her rhythm.

Whenever she was busy, he would also spend his time working.

After all, he was the heir of the Zhou Group and the boss of Glorious Star Entertainment.

Taking over the duties within the Zhou Group was certainly not an easy task.

As Zhou Ye held back his attacks, it allowed Lin Jiawei to confirm that he wasn’t targeting the Mo Group, falling straight into the trap.

One step after another, Lin Jiawei kept walking down the wrong path.

No matter where he looked, he simply could not understand Zhou Ye’s true motives and was entirely unaware of the looming danger that would soon befall him.

The live broadcast of “Ultra Rising Star” and “Sweet Love Poem” had attracted a large number of fans — national fans in particular.

In addition to the fans who discovered and came to love those two variety programs after watching “Heaven Realm Sect,” Chu Xiang’s popularity increased drastically.

Only then did everyone realize just how intelligent of a person she was.

Despite coming across some rather troublesome tasks in “Ultra Rising Star,” she would analyze the problems with ease and complete them efficiently.

She was unusually agile and quick-witted, and in the face of physical challenges, she would often accomplish them even better than her male rivals.

With such excellent skills, many of her fans began urging her to shoot an action film, so much so that Uncle Dong actually received an offer from a producer for exactly that.

One of the assigned tasks included writing calligraphy with an ink brush.

Lifting up the brush, Chu Xiang followed through with a decisive, majestic stroke.

The viewers felt as if they were looking at the incarnation of Xuan Ruo.

Only a charming witch like her would be capable of such calligraphy!

With that, Chu Xiang’s reputation as a treasured woman had once again increased by several points.

Furthermore, she was especially good at lightening the atmosphere, a trait of extreme importance for variety programs.

Naturally, the viewership of the programs remained high and stable.

Every week during the airing of the live broadcasts, Chu Xiang’s upward trajectory was consistent.

In “Sweet Love Poem,” on the other hand, she always made everyone laugh.

The reason was that she would always make the wrong guesses on the people who would get together.

Never once had she ever made the correct guess.

Even so, everyone would slowly understand her train of thinking from her words alone.

She believed that people should be straightforward with their feelings and not make things too complicated.

Whether you like someone or not, one should just make things clear by saying so.

If there was any sort of hesitation, it simply meant that the feelings were insufficient.

If so, then why choose them as a partner


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