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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 201

As for the situations where one failed to understand their partner or somehow found their attitude distressing, Chu Xiang believed that one should instead prioritize their own happiness.

Since your partner’s attitude was stressful, wouldn’t it be better to find someone else

Associating those thoughts to Chu Xiang’s previous marriage, they began speaking highly of her approach.

She wasn’t just speaking mindlessly with no experience.

Be straightforward with love, and if it doesn’t turn out well, cleanly cut off all ties.

Even if they want to get back together, make sure to reject them thoroughly.

No matter what, do not have any lingering feelings after parting ways.

At that time, some people suspected that Chu Xiang’s rejection of Lin Jiawei was her attempt to tighten her old on him.

Others believed that she had found another lover, seeing how she was brought home in an expensive car.

Some even speculated that she had some sort of relationship with Johnson from S Company.

In any case, everyone had many kinds of guesses regarding her private life.

There were even a few who bet that she would give up her career once again after falling in love with someone.

All in all, she had already made her views on romance clear during her time in “Sweet Love Poem.” While many of the things she suffered were unbearable, she had long since deadpanned that it was a mere foolish decision she had made once in the past.

But now, the current Chu Xiang’s views of romance quickly shot up the top search queries to be discussed by many individuals.

Some said how she was being carefree.

Some said that her views were unrealistic.

Some said that it was irresponsible of a person to not get married.

There were even some who said a woman would be letting down their partner if they were to refuse to get married…

No matter the extent of the dispute, everyone would nevertheless look forward to the broadcast of “Sweet Love Poem” in the following week.

Chu Xiang would not change her views about the topic anyways.

The ones who could not accept her views would naturally not be interested in becoming her boyfriend.

If her boyfriend wouldn’t mind her decision, what would the opinions of the onlookers matter to her

Chu Xiang had even revealed her ideal type of men in one of the broadcasts of “Sweet Love Poem.” When the host initially asked her that question, she expected Chu Xiang to mention that her ideal type needed to be filial, handsome, devoted, and so on.

No one had expected her to say the following: “Someone who can make me happy every day.”

The host or the other esteemed guests mentioned the importance of other traits within an ideal man such as taking responsibility for their actions, being successful in their profession, being open-minded, and the like in an attempt to get Chu Xiang to ponder deeper on the matter.

Even then, she said that nothing else mattered to her.

Thinking for a moment, Chu Xiang had said, “It’s fine as long as it doesn’t break the law.

It isn’t really necessary to nitpick on someone’s peculiar traits.

Only someone with a mix of characteristics will be capable of making me happy or perhaps even make me unhappy.

It’s not as if people are just plain good or bad.”

Her words rendered everyone present speechless.

In order to get along well with someone, one would have to accept each of their characteristics.

However, some people might regard certain qualities to be more important than others.

For example, the ones who valued filial piety might be willing to pardon the rest of their partner’s traits.

Perhaps the ones who regarded their partner’s success in their profession would be willing to turn a blind eye to their chauvinism.

Chu Xiang would decide whether or not she would end up being happy with a person after getting to know them better, regardless of any specific qualities.

Wasn’t this simply her way of not wanting to deal with the ones with terrible habits No matter how handsome one grew up to become or how successful one might be in their profession, Chu Xiang would not be willing to date them if they were a chauvinist.

As time passed, more and more people began warming up to Chu Xiang’s views of love and “Sweet Love Poem.” Once again, her popularity skyrocketed.

At this point, she had already occupied the number spot in everyone’s list of celebrities.

When these two broadcasts came to an end, the day of Chu Xiang’s birthday had finally arrived.

On that day, she released two new songs, which caused her fans to go wild.

The lucky ones who managed to win a spot to attend the birthday party were beyond exhilarated.

This time, her fans brought along blue light sticks, dazzling brightly.

The sea of blue during Chu Xiang’s initial peak as an idol had actually returned!

Meanwhile, Zhou Ye had also dressed up in the attire of a butler, waiting to give his girlfriend a nice surprise.


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