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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 202

Having practiced her heart out for such a long time, Chu Xiang’s singing and dancing skills had reached the peak level of those of the original host.

As she performed one song after another during her birthday party, her fans stirred excitedly, shouting at the top of their lungs during the intervals between each song!

After singing a few songs, Chu Xiang took a slight breather.

Taking a drink of mineral water on the side of the stage, she smiled.

“These should be all songs that you’re familiar with.

Did everyone enjoy it”

“We loved it——” Her fans' voices reverberated through the area.

Hearing that, Chu Xiang’s smiling expression became even brighter.

“Next up, I will be performing a soothing, emotional song.

Yes, it’s a new song that I worked on with the help of my songwriting coach.

This will be a gift for the ones… who became my fans between my initial retirement.”

“Chu Xiang—— Chu Xiang——” All her OG fans waved their blue glow sticks side to side with all their might.

Waving back at them, Chu Xiang sat down on the flight of steps on stage.

Photos of her fans showing support for the original host appeared one after another on the large screen.

Furthermore, there were photos taken of the sweet smile directed towards the fans by the original host and even ones where she interacted with her fans.

Following this, Chu Xiang’s melodious voice resounded through the venue.

“Back then, I was an ignorant fool who left even after feeling great remorse.

Convincing myself with ridiculous lies, I dashed away without saying goodbye… without comforting you.

All in all, I owe you an apology…”

Upon hearing the word, “apology,” the fans suddenly started tearing up.

They weren’t thinking about the sense of betrayal they felt after Chu Xiang initially retired.

Instead, they replaced their former feelings of distress with the truth uttered by Chu Xiang herself.

Who knew just how much suffering Chu Xiang, whom they had once protected at all times, had experienced unbeknownst to them At that time, they were blinded by rage, throwing away their identities as her fans.

As they waited helplessly for her return, they at some point stopped caring about the hate comments, so much so that everyone forgot about their once formidable fighting strength.

During that year, their Chu Xiang had endured a type of suffering unimaginable for common folks like them.

Constantly being oppressed by her husband’s family, Chu Xiang eventually collapsed and tried committing suicide.

Ever since then, she relied on her own capabilities to stand back up.

Once again shining brightly, she faced her fans as she sang the song representing her apology to them.

The slight hint of genuine regret in her voice quickly engulfed the hearts of everyone present.

Even though they did not protect Chu Xiang at that time, she nevertheless treated them as her dear fans.

Realizing this, they felt extremely ashamed.

Truly ashamed.

By the time the song came to an end, all the fans below the stage had tears streaming down their cheeks.

After the final notes, they stood up simultaneously and shouted aloud, “We will love you for the rest of our lives.

We will never leave you behind nor abandon you! We, as your fans, will follow your glow forever!!!”

“Alright.” Chu Xiang chuckled and stood up.

“Let’s take a group picture as a memento for this very moment.”

“Chu Xiang! I love you——”

Xiao Tao bolted up the stage and took countless photos from various angles.

The sea of blue appeared incomparably dazzling to her teary eyes.

Even if she had already heard Chu Xiang sing that song countless times, she still could not help but feel extremely touched upon seeing the fan response.

As one of Chu Xiang’s fans, she thought to herself that she would also follow her to the end.

Overwhelmed, Chu Xiang laughed, saying, “Originally, I was going to hand out the gifts that I prepared only at the end of the event.

But seeing how much everyone is crying, I suppose it’s right to give them out now.

Please stop crying~!”

“Alright—— We’ll go with whatever you say——” At this point, some of the fans had already turned from tears to joyous laughter.

Everyone else was hurriedly wiping their faces.

With that, Xiao Tao and several other staff members began pushing their carts along and handed out the gifts to the fans.

Everyone received a red paper bag carrying Chu Xiang’s new album and a photobook of her dressed in the New Year’s festive clothing.

Of course, each of them had personally been signed by her.

Aside from those, each person would also receive a Chu Xiang body pillow.

Her fans were beyond elated, for they were even more valuable than the ones handed out in “Merry Camp.” It was especially so for the body pillow with a cute image of 2D Chu Xiang.

It was certainly far too adorable and sweet.


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