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The two of them could be regarded as enemies and it was inevitable for enemies to clash.

One walked up the staircase from the east while the other from the west, yet they managed to still meet.

When the students nearby noticed the two beauties facing each other, they subconsciously slowed down.

They were afraid of the scene that the two beauties would cause once they started fighting.

The female student standing next to Bai Xuewei pulled Bai Xuewei gently and said in a low voice, “Weiwei, you should be careful.”

Bai Xuewei pursed her lips and stopped walking.

Then, she walked towards Chu Xiang, as if she had something to say.

Chu Xiang didn’t even spare her a glance.

She took out the textbook from her bag.

She read the textbook as she walked to the classroom.

Chu Xiang found a seat in the middle of the first row and sat down.

She continued to read the textbook with great interest.

The words that Bai Xuewei had prepared in advance to say to Chu Xiang were now stuck in her throat.

However, she forced a smile on her face.

Many people could tell that she wanted to talk to Chu Xiang, but Chu Xiang walked past her and acted like she hadn’t even seen her.

She was so embarrassed by the situation that she wished she could turn back time.

If she knew that Chu Xiang would have ignored her, then she would definitely have ignored Chu Xiang as well!

Bai Xuewei walked into the classroom with her head lowered.

The female student that is walking with Bai Xuwei exchanged a few words with her before the female student pulled Bai Xuewei to sit in the last row of the classroom.

After Chu Xiang finished reading two pages of the textbook, she took out her phone and sent a message to Liang Tezhu, confirming the meeting.

After she received confirmation of the appointment scheduled for two hours later, she put her phone in vibration mode and waited for the teacher to come.

This is an accounting class.

When Chu Xiang realized that this class had something to do with the company’s account books, she listened very carefully to the teacher.

The teacher recognized Chu Xiang from the school forums.

And prompted by a sudden impulse, the teacher called on Chu Xiang to answer several questions.

The teacher never expected Chu Xiang to answer all the questions correctly.

It was obvious that she had studied the material in advance.

The teacher smiled with satisfaction.

Before the class ended, the teacher said, “You should study as hard as Chu Xiang.

You need to work hard in order to truly understand the topic.

In our text class, when I ask questions, I hope everyone can all answer correctly like Chu Xiang did today.

Class is dismissed.”

Chu Xiang glanced at the time before she quickly packed up her textbook and other items.

The girl who was sitting next to her gathered up the courage and said, “Chu Xiang, you’re amazing!”

This was the first time that someone had praised her in this world, so Chu Xiang smiled sincerely at her and said, “Thank you.”

The students nearby were stunned.

They admit that Bai Xuewei’s smile was beautiful.

Her smile was friendly and pleasant, so it made people unconsciously smile back at her.

However, when Chu Xiang smiled, it was like the whole room lit up.

Her smile was like the bright sun, full of warmth and incomparable self-confidence, making it impossible for people to look away.

Before seeing Chu Xiang’s smile, the students had never thought that a person’s smile could be that contagious.

Chu Xiang usually didn’t care much about other people, so this was the first time the students had seen her sincerely smile at someone.

One of the students boldly said, “Chu Xiang, you should smile more.

Your smile is very beautiful.”

“That’s right, Chu Xiang.

You look better than celebrities.

I have a premonition that you will be crowned the campus queen soon!”

“Thank you.” Chu Xiang smiled at them again.

She picked up her bag and said, “I’m in a hurry, so I’ll be leaving first.


“Goodbye.” The students standing nearby smiled back and waved at her.

They suddenly realized that Chu Xiang wasn’t someone who was difficult to approach, instead, she seemed to be quite nice.

At this moment, the female student standing next to Bai Xuewei suddenly dragged Bai Xuewei along with her as she ran and blocked Chu Xiang’s path.

She shouted, “Chu Xiang, what do you mean by this When you saw Weiwei earlier, you pretended to be blind and walked past her.

But now that someone else talked to you, you suddenly acknowledged them You should know why you got dumped by Ye Chen.

Besides, didn’t you receive a breakup fee So why are you blaming Weiwei”

Bai Xuewei hurriedly pulled her back and said, “No, there’s no breakup fee.

Don’t talk nonsense.”

Chu Xiang paused for a moment and asked, “Who are you”


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