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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 215

Moreover, Zhu Yujia had even kept the history of the funds transferred to her by Mo Xinru.

If not to pull off some sort of shenanigans, why else would Mo Xinru send money over to her Seeing all this evidence presented to him, Lin Jiawei felt as if he was struck by a bolt of lightning as he found it difficult to accept the truth.

The woman whom he treated like his entire world for such a long time had actually been deceiving him ever since the beginning.

She even went as far as to frame him, tricking him into thinking that he had killed his own kin.

Investigating deeper into the situation, Lin Jiawei dug out everything from his family doctor and Mo Xinru’s obstetrician.

When Madam Lin found out about everything, her blood pressure skyrocketed, causing her to be bedridden with an IV drip.

Moreover, she even busted into the Mo Family and created a ruckus within the house, demanding Mo Xinru to get a divorce with Lin Jiawei at once.

This kind of marriage held up by nothing but lies symbolized a sort of great humiliation in the eyes of the Lin Family.

With all their secrets exposed yet with nothing to gain, the Mo Family brazenly grasped onto the Lin Family.

If the Lin Family wanted a divorce, Lin Jiawei would first have to hand over half of his assets.

In the dusk of the night, Lin Jiawei sat in his room alone, indulging in his wine, as he recalled the sheer irony of his marriage.

Previously, he had deceived Chu Xiang by pretending to love her, which nearly caused her death.

But now… his marriage too was filled with nothing but complete lies, leading him down the path of pure insanity!

Meanwhile, Zhou Ye had taken advantage of this opportunity to snatch away all the resources of the Lin Group, which inflicted heavy losses.

At this point, even if the Lin Family put in their greatest effort, they would no longer be able to do anything about it, let alone worry about the pile of mess built up within the Mo Group.

As a matter of fact, Zhou Ye had never given Lin Jiawei any chance to properly take over the Mo Group.

However, Lin Jiawei, as an inherently selfish individual, would naturally not sit still as the Mo Family clung onto him like a parasite.

At this time, the shares held by Madam Lin had suddenly become the Lin Family’s trump card.

With that, Lin Jiawei turned all his private assets into hard cash and invested everything into the Mo Group’s projects.

Furthermore, he even created several shell companies and cleverly made them the collaborators of those projects, which allowed him to transfer all the money away.

Since this wasn’t a transfer of properties, this method was completely legal.

Without any private assets in his possession, Lin Jiawei immediately filed for a divorce.

Although it could not be judged immediately, Lin Jiawei sped up the collapse of the Mo Group by directing Zhou Ye’s attacks onto the Mo Group.

Upon seeing this opportunity, all the companies that Chu Xiang had invested in concentrated their fire on the Mo Group viciously and turned them into swiss cheese.

Within the span of two months, the Mo Group had no choice but to go bankrupt!

After all the Mo Family’s assets and properties were liquidated, not a single penny was left in their pockets.

In an instant, they had become poverty-stricken.

Having filed for a divorce, Lin Jiawei had long since separated from Mo Xinru.

Thus, they could no longer rely on him.

Even so, things did not simply end there as Lin Jiawei had even hired some men to constantly harass them.

With Mo Xinru having already been diagnosed with clinical depression and both Mr.

and Mrs.

Mo having no experience with such hardships, the household naturally collapsed.


Lin appeared before them and handed 100 thousand yuan over to them so that they would finally go through with the divorce.

Unable to even feed themselves, the Mo Family had no choice but to reluctantly accept the condition.

At this point, they were filled with regret.

If they had known that the war between Lin Jiawei and Chu Xiang would escalate to such a degree, they never would have allowed their daughter to return back home and trample upon such muddy waters.

Perhaps things would not have turned out this way if she had married into another family.

While Lin Jiawei had successfully cast the Mo Group aside, he too was on the verge of collapsing himself.

After all, who knew just how many holes Zhou Ye had drilled into the Lin Group by now Even the Mo Group had already been distributed amongst the companies that Chu Xiang had invested in.

On the other hand, Lin Jiawei had not gained a single thing from this struggle.

As such, he began choking with great stress and anxiety.

Without giving him even a second to relax or breathe, Zhou Ye suddenly advanced with another fierce attack.

But this time, he was going all-out on the Lin Group! Within a total of three months, the Lin Group followed the path set by the Mo Group as they too applied for bankruptcy.

Chu Xiang’s fans were all elated as she would soon return back from her work overseas! At this time, Director Zhou had joined forces with the companies Chu Xiang had invested in to topple over the Lin Group.

Could Zhou Ye have planned this as some sort of gift to Chu Xiang

Although Zhou Ye received many benefits from causing the bankruptcy of the Lin Group, he didn’t do this simply to help Chu Xiang vent her anger.

Rather, he did all these things to give Chu Xiang a pleasant surprise.

And it just so happened that at this time, Chu Xiang would appear in the news related to the business world overseas!


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