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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 216

[World 2] Transmigrating into an Abandoned Woman Mocked By the Entire Internet (FIN)

Foreign news media reported a world-renowned company hiring an elegant Chinese individual as their consultant.

The said company’s boss attended a large auction with that consultant and even bought an extremely expensive crown as a gift for her.

That particular person was precisely Chu Xiang!

Afterward, the boss of the company mentioned in an interview how Chu Xiang had taken the initiative to step forward and give them a proposal when they were engaging in a trade war with another company.

Initially, they hadn’t thought much of it.

Even when they found out about her impressive achievements back in her home country, they had only attached a slightest bit of value to her.

But the more they got to understand her, the more shocked they became.

Chu Xiang was truly a genius.

In the end, they adopted Chu Xiang’s proposal, which ultimately allowed them to seize total victory in the trade war.

Naturally, she was a precious friend in his eyes.

Hiring her as the company’s business consultant would not in the least cause any doubts.

As for his gift to Chu Xiang, he simply wanted to express his gratitude with a suitable gift.

After all, she exuded the aura of a wise, far-sighted queen.

When such news spread back to China, it caused a stir throughout the entire country.

This matter was certainly something in which her fellow countrymen could feel proud about.

Very quickly, there were already people from the government contacting Chu Xiang, asking her when she would be returning to the country, concerned about losing such a talented person to another country.

Another matter that drew attention was the bankruptcy of the Lin Family, which was ultimately planned by Chu Xiang.

It had been an intense battle, but looking at things from another perspective, it could also be considered as a slap in the face and the greatest counterattack to the Lin Family.

Countless people were now comparing the initial photos of Chu Xiang in a withered state to the photos taken of Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru during their marriage.

Furthermore, they even compared the magnificent pictures taken of Chu Xiang’s grand success to them.

The moment this comparison was posted online, everyone could not help but feel great satisfaction, even more so than their counterattacks against their own enemies! After all, they had witnessed the entire situation take place with their very own eyes throughout the whole year.

At this time, Madam Lin had suffered a paralyzing stroke upon the collapse of the Lin Group.

Lying on the bed for the rest of her days, listening to others showering Chu Xiang with constant praises, she couldn’t do or say anything as saliva drooled down her mouth.

At this point, she was filled with a tremendous amount of regret.

Had she known just how outstanding of a woman Chu Xiang was, how could she possibly have forced Lin Jiawei to divorce her

The same could pretty much be said for Lin Jiawei as he had already become a puppet controlled behind the scenes after reaching his limit from the constant barrage of attacks sent by Zhou Ye.

He simply couldn’t bear being demoted to such a lowly position, nor bear seeing Chu Xiang become so successful as time passed.

In his eyes, Chu Xiang’s existence served as solid proof for his foolishness and failure, constantly reminding him that the downfall of the Lin Group was entirely his sin to bear for the rest of his life.

As for the Mo Family, they had certainly suffered quite a lot themselves, for even meddlesome bypassers would often take photos of them in their dire straits and compare them to the photos of the time when they were living a lavish lifestyle.

Compared to those luxurious times, they were practically living as beggars on the street.

During that time, Mo Xinru kept contemplating Chu Xiang’s words of warning countless times.

Now, she really was on the verge of needing to beg for food and money on the streets.

This was all Chu Xiang’s fault.

She was the one who did this to her.

In spite of her undying rage, Mo Xinru could never hope to lay her hands on Chu Xiang.

After all, Zhou Ye was constantly protecting Chu Xiang from the side as he loved her dearly.

At this point, she could no longer afford to show any sort of envy or jealousy towards Chu Xiang.

In fact, she could not even muster the energy to hate her anymore.

Their lives were now as different as night and day.

However, the one person she absolutely despised right now was Lin Jiawei! Just how much had she suffered in the Lin Family Who was the cause of her clinical depression Lin Jiawei had even turned his private assets into hard cash, forcing her to leave their marriage with nothing in hand and causing her to wander around the streets destitute.

Everything was all because of Lin Jiawei!

One should know that clinical depression ought to never be taken lightly.

In the case of Mo Xinru, the instant she dug herself into the pit of despair, she could never find the chance to get back out.

At this point, she could only deem Lin Jiawei as her greatest enemy and curse him for the rest of her life.

With that, she set out to find his whereabouts and follow him constantly like a vengeful spirit.

By doing so, she would eventually find a chance to exact her revenge.

On a particular day, when Lin Jiawei got out of his car to pump some gas, Mo Xinru stepped on the gas with all her might and charged fiercely towards his driver’s seat.

In an instant, she crashed into Lin Jiawei!


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