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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 217

While Lin Jiawei died on the spot, Mo Xinru received the death penalty after being arrested for her crimes.

The moment the news reported about this incident, everyone who knew about the love triangle between the three finally understood how virtue had its rewards while evil,  its retribution.

Moreover, persisting in evil would only bring about one’s self-destruction.

These two individuals were the best example for such sayings as they had truly brought about their own disasters.

E/N: Wow, this took a violent turn 0_0

It was around this time when Chu Xiang finally returned from overseas and received a warm welcome from a large number of fans who were waiting at the airport.

As such, both Chu Xiang and Zhou Ye walked out of the airport surrounded.

Chu Xiang revealed a smiling expression and even greeted them back.

At the same time, Zhou Ye did his best to make space for her, constantly worried that she might feel cramped.

Even though the news about the two deceased personages was extremely big, one ought to avoid talking about such downers.

Seeing the photos taken of Chu Xiang’s return at the airport, one could not help but sigh.

The difference in the outcome of their lives was truly like the disparity between heaven and earth.

Chu Xiang had come out as the true victor!

After learning that Mo Xinru was diagnosed with clinical depression, everyone unanimously agreed that Chu Xiang was entirely justified when she previously called Madam Lin an evil witch.

After all, she had even tormented the arrogant daughter of the Mo Family into a state of depression.

The Lin Family was essentially a living hell!

Thinking about how Mo Xinru and Lin Jiawei passed away in such a tragic manner and recalling back to Chu Xiang’s previous failed attempt at committing suicide, they realized that had Chu Xiang not been rescued in time, then they would never have gotten the chance to get to know such an amazing person.

This incident set off a warning alarm in the minds of many, saying that marriage would not instantly result in one’s happiness.

Before getting married, one would first have to earnestly get to know the other party’s family well.

Otherwise, even if the couple did indeed get along well, their relationship would definitely result in a bad kind of crash landing.

Consequently, this incident taught everyone to act more cautiously when it came to their life after marriage.

After Chu Xiang returned back to the country, the production team spent another two months shooting other scenes, taking a total of seven months before finalizing the movie.

When the first trailer of the movie was released, everyone was immediately stunned by Chu Xiang’s acting! With an aesthetic scenery in the back, a delicate, fine complexion, and her absolutely perfect figure as a mermaid, Chu Xiang’s grace immediately caught the heart of countless individuals across the world!

Moreover, during the clips of the battle scenes within the trailer, which included the intense battles amongst the demons and the deep-rooted enmity between the mermaid and her rival in love, Chu Xiang had, in those two short minutes, shot out a total of seven meaningful glances.

Looking at the action scenes, her breathtaking figure, and the spectacular storyline, there was absolutely nothing that failed to catch the eye of the viewers.

Though everyone urged the production team to hurry up with finalizing the movie, it truly was unfortunate that the production had many 3D aspects within and thus could only be sped up so much.

While everyone was waiting for the new movie to be released, Chu Xiang announced that she would be doing a domestic tour over the latter half of the year and visiting a total of six cities, meaning that there would be one performance each month.

To many other performers, this meant that they would have to put a ton of effort into practicing for the tour.

However, Chu Xiang was able to learn all the motions after going through everything once.

After all, she would never feel tired whatsoever as long as she kept nourishing her spiritual energy.

As a matter of fact, Chu Xiang had already requested Uncle Dong to prepare for the occasion during her time overseas, which meant that the only thing left to prepare for was her performance.

But that naturally did not pose any problems to her.

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang had even found the time to take part in an idol talent show as one of the founding members and a coach.

As someone standing on the peak of the idol industry, she naturally had more than what it took to become a coach.

Moreover, in her past variety programs and six performances, her fans had lost their minds in excitement.

With her great sense and charisma, by taking her skills to the next level yet again, she had already amassed an unparalleled fanbase.

What was even more ridiculous was how certain business magazines would all be sold out during occasions when Chu Xiang appeared on those magazines once every two or three months, all of which were about the companies whom she had invested in or the shocking plans she had proposed for the companies engaging in trade wars.

Everyone could see just how amazing of an individual she was! All the magazines would inevitably sell out no matter how many copies they printed out.

At this time, Chu Xiang’s resources related to the fashion industry were also gradually increasing by the day as various fashion magazines invited her to star on the cover page of their magazines.

Some luxurious brand names for clothing and apparel had even invited her over as their endorser.

With her number of resources skyrocketing, the only thing she lacked now was some sort of award.

Even so, no one would use this one point to mock her, for she had already become a big shot in the business world.

Furthermore, the reason she still remained in the entertainment circle was completely out of her own interest!


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