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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 218

While Chu Xiang was receiving all these resources, she was also slowly showing the entertainment circle her full capabilities.

With her network in the entertainment industry constantly expanding, she naturally received even more opportunities for shooting movies and other TV series, in addition to having more leeway in choosing which to partake in.

Chu Xiang did not choose to continue acting for the sole reason of becoming more popular but instead to act in more types of roles that she found interesting at the time.

Though many people wanted her to act the role of a beautiful, evil witch once again, ever since she initially got past the period when she didn’t have any roles to act, she had already lost her interest in being typecast.

Her upcoming roles included the role of a blind person getting kidnapped, a person suffering from schizophrenia, and a naive yet inspirational young girl.

At first, many people were disappointed with her decision.

However, they quickly realized that Chu Xiang was born to slap others in the face.

Anyone who questioned her would inevitably be slapped into a pulp.

Besides, her acting skills were matchless.

When she acted the role of a blind person, the viewers genuinely felt heartbroken for what happened in the film, so much so that they had to repeatedly confirm that Chu Xiang really was doing fine in real life.

When she acted the role of a person suffering from schizophrenia, the viewers started doubting their own lives.

Finally, when acting the role of a naive young girl, the viewers initially thought that such a character was completely insuited for Chu Xiang.

But what happened after they watched the film They were immediately brimming with energy and motivation, feeling like Chu Xiang was truly a pure, adorable young girl who inspired them in many ways!

Chu Xiang was essentially some sort of poison.

Over the past year of acting these roles, in addition to her part in the movie “Mermaid”, the films she partook in had soared up the rankings of the box office, rewarding her with her well-deserved recognition.

This was especially the case for the “Mermaid”, for it was released internationally.

As such, it broke all kinds of records and shot straight up to the number one spot, letting her receive all kinds of awards until her arms went numb.

Even though Chu Xiang was clearly relatively new to the world of films and movies, she had nonetheless already received all kinds of awards related to the field in a short span of two years.

And since she was still constantly improving, one could tell with each film she partook in that her acting skills were getting better each time.

It was so much so that after many years, people no longer saw her performances as mere acts of her role any longer, but rather the incarnation of the characters she played themselves.

It had gotten to the point where no one could describe her acting skills with mere words as each time she appeared in a film, it would serve as a feast for one’s eyes.

As Chu Xiang continued to walk towards the peak of the entertainment circle, she eventually received an Oscar Award, becoming Uncle Dong’s greatest success and the pride of the country.

At the same time, she had become an extraordinary figure within the business world and was given the title, “Queen of Investments”.

Meanwhile, the Queen would always be accompanied by her “butler”.

In fact, that butler was the CEO of the Zhou Group who had greatly expanded his company.

He had long since lost the naughty and mischievous side to him.

Only in front of Chu Xiang would he ever show the gentle and considerate side of him.

As such, Chu Xiang’s fans would address him as the “King”, which would last for the rest of his lifetime.

When Chu Xiang reached the age of 80, she organized a concert at a venue that could fit a hundred thousand people and broadcasted it live internationally.

At this point, she could not dance as vigorously as before.

Similarly, many of the fans sitting below the stage were also of old age now and could not listen to any intense music.

Thus, Chu Xiang simply sat on stage and performed an emotional song.

Despite her old age, her seasoned voice was still just as good as before.

Dressed in white traditional clothing and wearing a crown on her head, she truly appeared just like a queen who stood at the peak of the world.

Yet, she nevertheless showed her gentle side to her fans.

Dressed in an exquisite butler outfit, Zhou Ye sat next to her while holding her hand, accompanying her just like how he did dozens of years ago.

When Chu Xiang finished singing her last song, Zhou Ye tightened his grasp on her hand and smiled at the camera with her.

Not much was needed to say then, for their feelings for one another were clearly apparent.

Looking at Zhou Ye for a moment before sweeping her gaze to the one hundred thousand fans below the stage, she said with a smile, “I’ve kept my promise.

Standing by your side for my entire lifetime.”

This interaction between the idol and her fans touched the hearts of many.

Seeing the gentle smile of their queen who was standing on stage, her fans felt as if their entire life was worth it.

Fortunately, both sides lived up to their promises.

As Chu Xiang accompanied them through her entire life, they had also done the same for her.

This was certainly the most beautiful encounter of their lives, serving as the most precious memories for each one of them.


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