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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 219

[World 3] The Imperial Concubine Cast Aside to the Doghouse (1)

Having lived her second life to its fullest, Chu Xiang transmigrated into another world in the blink of an eye.

Parched for water… Starving for food… Feeling as if her entire body was boiling from head to toe… Chu Xiang felt extremely unwell.

Hearing the sound of sobbing from the side, she opened her eyes slightly, turned her head, and looked over with blurry eyes.

She could make out the figure of a ragged palace maid who exclaimed in surprise, “Your Highness! Your Highness, you’ve woken up Do you feel any better now”

Chu Xiang opened her mouth and attempted to speak but to no avail.

With such parched lips, she could not utter a single word.

The little palace maid hurriedly said, “Your Highness, please wait a moment, this servant shall go and bring back some water.”

With that, she stood up and ran outside before bringing back a half-broken gourd filled with water the next moment.

Carefully lifting Chu Xiang’s head, she gently fed her the water from the side of her mouth.

Seeing the bits of dirt laying at the bottom of the gourd, Chu Xiang subconsciously knitted her brows.

The little palace maid choked with sobs, “Your Highness, this is… the rainwater that I’ve caught.

P-Please endure for a bit longer.

Since those shameless bastards weren’t willing to send water over, I truly couldn’t find water anywhere else.”

Hearing that, Chu Xiang leaned her head over and drank the rainwater.

So what if it was rainwater It’s not like she hadn’t experienced such things before.

As the rainwater alleviated the pain in her throat and reinvigorated her voice, the little palace maid brought over a folded handkerchief drenched in rainwater and gently placed it on Chu Xiang’s forehead.

“Your Highness, do you feel better You’ve nearly scared me to death just now.

Since they didn’t allow me to call over a doctor, I could only watch over you from the side helplessly as you continued suffering in pain.

Your Highness…”

Chu Xiang lifted her hands and said in a weak voice, “It doesn’t bother me as I feel much better now.

I think I’ll keep sleeping for a while longer, so why don’t you get some rest yourself”

As the little palace maid looked at Chu Xiang’s haggard and pale appearance, tears streamed down her face incessantly.

Carefully supporting Chu Xiang, she nodded.

“Your Highness, get some rest, I’ll stay by your side to look after you.

If you ever feel unwell, please do call for me.

Don’t try to endure everything by yourself.”

Closing her eyes, Chu Xiang sniffed out the musty smell of mold from her torn quilt as it congested her nose.

She focused on absorbing the spiritual energy in the vicinity.

In about half an hour, she had drawn in enough spiritual energy to soothe her aches.

Just like the past two worlds, Chu Xiang could not actually cultivate in this world.

Though there was more spiritual energy here than in her previous two worlds, it wasn’t that much of an increase either.

At best, she could only use it to nourish her body and improve her appearance—nothing more.

All in all, it was fortunate for Chu Xiang that spiritual energy existed in this world, allowing her to resolve her desperate situation.

Otherwise, with her status as an abandoned imperial concubine and many people deliberately making things difficult for her, preventing her from calling a doctor over, she might very well not have been able to last through the night.

Having absorbed a sufficient amount of spiritual energy, Chu Xiang circulated it throughout her meridians, nourishing each part of her body.

Seeing her fever gradually going down, the little palace maid burst with joy upon finding out as she carefully lifted the wet handkerchief from Chu Xiang’s forehead.

Only then did Chu Xiang take off her drenched clothes and place them on the damaged table to dry.

Of course, her other set of clothes that she changed into was also tattered.

After all, the two of them only possessed two sets of clothes each.

After finishing these tasks, the maid discreetly sat down on the small wooden stool next to the bed and leaned over the bed to take a look at Chu Xiang’s current condition.

Only after her fatigue got the best of her did she finally rest her head.

Seeing that the other girl was finally asleep, Chu Xiang slowly looked through the memories of the original host and fused them with her own.

With that, she realized that she had transmigrated into a period that she had never heard of before, the Great Xia Dynasty.

The Great Xia Dynasty managed to unify the seven kingdoms after three hundred years and now attained absolute power.

However, with each passing generation, the imperial household gradually became more corrupt to the extent where uprisings had already become a norm during this particular emperor’s rule.

With multiple rebel groups erupting from the masses, the commoners were forced to live in harsh conditions, not knowing where life would bring them the next day.

The current emperor, Lee Xiao, was undoubtedly an incapable ruler who had no interest in governing the kingdom, only knowing how to squander the wealth he inherited from his ancestors.

Sitting high and mighty on the imperial throne, he treated everything in life as if it was some sort of game for his own amusement.

In his eyes, even the hostility of the rebels was one such form of entertainment.

Lee Xiao had already cleaned up all the capable subjects who kept admonishing him.

The only individuals left behind were either the ones who remained silent or the ones who had already submitted to him completely.

Naturally, the state of the imperial court was absolutely preposterous as corruption lingered in every corner.


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