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The female student didn’t expect Chu Xiang to ask her this question, so she quickly responded in humiliation, “Chu Xiang! Stop pretending.

You and I live in the same dormitory, so how can you say that you don’t recognize me!”

“I have never lived in the dormitory, so why would I know who you are” Chu Xiang glanced at her and searched through the memories.

“I remember now.

You are one of many girls who are pursuing Ye Chen, right I remember that you sent him six love letters.

Every time he threw the letters into the trash can, you would cry and swear that you will not give up on him even if you die.

But now…”

She glanced at Bai Xuewei who was standing next to the female student and immediately understood.

She said, “It seems like you learned the method to seducing Ye Chen.

You’re planning on following the path that Bai Xuewei took.”

The female student panicked for a moment.

No one had seen her send love letters to Ye Chen, so how did Chu Xiang know Did Ye Chen tell Chu Xiang about that

Bai Xuewei looked at the female student incredulously.

The expression on her face changed slightly.

The female student took Bai Xuewei’s hand and explained, “She’s lying.

Weiwei, don’t believe her!” After she finished speaking, she glared at Chu Xiang and said, “Stop trying to sow discord between Weiwei and I.

What evidence do you have”

Chu Xiang looked at her and folded her arm across her chest, “Why should I look for evidence You’re strange.

Your crush has cheated, so shouldn’t you break out of your delusions of him and call him a scumbag for cheating Why are you running to me and trying to take joy in my misfortune By the way, if you want to learn from Bai Xuewei, then you should pay close attention to how she pretends to be innocent and withdraw when the situation becomes unfavorable to her.

Reminding everyone that Bai Xuewei was a mistress in my previous relationship with Ye Chen, will only make Ye Chen dislike you.

Also, it wasn’t Ye Chen who dumped me.

I’m the one who dumped him because he’s dirty.

Although trash like him is not suitable for me, he’s quite the perfect match for Bai Xuewei.

I’m in a hurry, so I don’t have time to idly chat with you.”

Chu Xiang walked a few steps forward before she stopped and turned around, “What did you say before Breakup fee You should ask Ye Chen if he can afford my breakup fee.

He’s only able to provide a small apartment under his name for Bai Xuewei to live in.

Oh, Bai Xuewei, you should remember to work hard to change the apartment building’s ownership to your name.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with nothing if he gets tired of you.”

Chu Xiang recalled the original owner of the body’s grievance and pain.

She looked at Bai Xuewei and chuckled, “Speaking of which, I originally planned on giving you a house located in the Royal View Park once you graduated from university.

But now that your mother is no longer my family’s housekeeper and you are no longer my sister, we can just forget about it.

I feel disgusted whenever I think about how I was going to give you the house.

I’m going to sell the house and donate the money to charity.

You have delayed me for too long, so you should wait for the school to punish you.

In the future, remember not to block my path.

As soon as Chu Xiang finished talking, her phone rang.

She picked up her phone and heard Special Assistant Liang asking her where she currently was.

She looked at her watch and said, “I will be there in 20 minutes.

I won’t let President Xiao wait long.

Special Assistant Liang, be careful with my mom and tell the driver not to drive too fast.”

Chu Xiang confidently strode out for the classroom, leaving the students in the classroom in silence.

A male student was the first to speak up, “The day before yesterday, I was bored and had nothing to do, so I looked at the listing of the houses located in Royal View Park in a real estate agency.

A second-hand house costs 80,000 yuan per square meter and in that area, there are no houses that are smaller than 100 square meters.

Does that mean Chu Xiang was planning on giving Bai Xuwei a house that’s worth 8 million yuan Now she’s going to sell the house and donate eight million yuan”

T/N: The house is worth over 1.2 million USD.

“T-that seems to be what she’s saying…but maybe the house is over 100 square meters.

Then it might cost over 10 million yuan…is Chu Xiang that rich”

The female student who was schooled by Chu Xiang couldn’t help but said, “Why would you believe everything she says We don’t even know if she has a house or if she’s actually going to donate it.

Isn’t she just merely making things up”

“Even if that’s true, she’s still better than you.

If you like Ye Chen, then you should persuade him without resorting to any tricks.

Instead, you lurk beside Bai Xuewei, waiting for an opportunity to snatch your friend’s man by trying to become his mistress.

Why are you using such underhanded methods Oh right! Didn’t you send Ye Chen six love letters when Ye Chen and Chu Xiang were still together It seems like you really want to be a mistress, no wonder you’re willing to stoop so low.”


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