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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 225

However, it wasn’t impossible either.

As such, Lee Bohan did not refuse her offer and instead seriously pondered on the possibilities.

It wasn’t as if he’d never thought to recruit and cooperate with Chu Yiru.

It’s just that Chu Yuri was extremely loyal, which would make him difficult to persuade.

However, with Chu Xiang promising to act as the mediator in their negotiation, he was now more confident in giving it a try.

Looking at his wavering conviction, Chu Xiang added, “Your Highness, why don’t you let Zi Yu patch up your wound Since they’ve already searched through the place, no one will come back anytime soon.

His Highness can now rest at ease.”

Hearing her words, Zi Yu looked for a dry handkerchief, moved Lee Bohan to the side of the bed, and took off the top half of his clothes.

The injury on his shoulder seemed to be a sword wound.

Fortunately, it was only a shallow cut and did not dig deep into his flesh, not anything serious.

After realizing that this person was the Prince of Qin, Zu Yi now acted much more carefully around him, especially since he could be able to rescue them from this place.

Furthermore, she was also treating him with more respect.

Lee Bohan shot a few glances at her and said to Chu Xiang, “Your palace maid is certainly loyal and devoted to you.

Just now, her performance before those guards wasn’t half bad either.”

Zi Yu swept her gaze towards Chu Xiang with a hint of lingering fear from before and said, “Master’s acting was even more impressive.

Your close-to-death appearance had nearly scared me to death.

Since you had only just recovered from your illness, do you still feel unwell anywhere”

Chu Xiang took a seat on the small wooden stool and shook her head.

“I’m fine.

I was only putting on an act.”

Even with her reassurance, Zi Yu could not help but still be worried about her.

While patching up Lee Bohan’s wound, she would occasionally sneak a few glances at Chu Xiang.

Meanwhile, Lee Bohan looked at Chu Xiang with an astonished expression and smirked.

“So it turns out that Concubine Xiang is actually such a skilled actress.

I certainly never expected Chancellor Chu to have such a daughter.”

“His Highness is flattering me.

My act certainly can’t compare to how His Highness fooled the entire kingdom.” At this moment, Chu Xiang felt somewhat hungry.

Seeing how there were still a few fruits remaining on the table, she walked over and picked one up to eat.

Somewhat confused, Lee Bohan asked, “With your talent and skills, you should have been able to easily coax my nephew.

How did you find yourself in the doghouse and even get your entire family involved”

Without thinking too much regarding the matter, Chu Xiang replied, “Why would I bother wasting my time on such things Should I have competed with Hui Yun all day long simply to give that incompetent ruler a short laugh instead”

Lee Bohan was rendered speechless for a moment.

Why bother wasting time to coax the emperor Shouldn’t someone from the chambers of imperial concubines be striving for favor Could it be that she’d rather have her whole family die than get off her high horse Thinking back to his initial encounter with Chu Xiang, Lee Bohan recalled her conduct of not bothering about trifles and immediately negated his previous thoughts.

He then asked, “If you had not come across me today, would you have looked for another way to save Chu Yiru”

“Of course,” Chu Xiang replied bluntly.

Seeing how Zi Yu had finished patching up Lee Bohan’s wound, she passed the remaining three fruits to her.

“Here, eat some to fill up your stomach.

We’ll roast the doves to eat tomorrow.”

Seeing her actions up till this point, Lee Bohan felt as if she wasn’t taking him very seriously.

She simply was not showing any reservations before him.

Wasn’t she depending on him to escape But why did it feel as if she didn’t actually care whether he helped her or not Could it be possible that she was that confident in her abilities to find another way out

Tidying up his clothes, Lee Bohan laid down on the bed for some rest but was immediately caught off guard by the repugnant smell of mold from the quilt beside him.

He instantly jolted back up.

He hadn’t smelled anything like that when he was hiding.

At that moment, he swept his gaze towards Chu Xiang and thought back to how he was so close to her.

Thus, he was only ever able to smell the fragrance on Chu Xiang’s body back then.

In that instant, an inexplicable sense of discomfort surged up his mind.

After all, he had never gotten that close to a woman before.

Chu Xiang, on the other hand, didn’t show even the slightest hint of unease.

Even when Zi Yu was patching him up, Chu Xiang didn’t turn away.

She was truly not an ordinary woman.


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