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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 226

Noticing how Lee Bohan was sizing her up and hesitating to lay down on the bed, Chu Xiang stepped forward and said, “This is a simple and crude place.

If His Highness isn’t accustomed to such an environment, why don’t you go over to the window and breathe in some fresh air”

Lee Bohan did not give much of a response as the rancid smell of the mold was far too overbearing for him.

Instead, he stood up and walked to the side of the window.

Zi Yu even moved a barely-intact chair over for him.

Carefully sitting down and opening the window, he could finally feel somewhat relaxed.

Turning his head around, he noticed that Chu Xiang had already dug into the quilt and was on the verge of falling asleep.

He was astonished.

“I have still not gotten my rest, yet you’re going to sleep on your own first”

Without even opening her eyes, Chu Xiang replied indifferently, “Didn’t His Highness not want to sleep even though I offered my bed to you It'd be a waste if no one used it to get some rest.

Besides, I had only just recovered from my illness today and would need more time to rest.

Initially, I wanted to make myself some dove soup to nourish my health.

However, because of the situation with His Highness, I wasn’t able to do so.

Thus, I would naturally need some proper rest to prepare for the day when His Highness rescues me from this place.”

How could this abandoned concubine call people out without hesitation Her words did not stray away from her gratification of receiving his help either, leaving him no choice but to rescue her out of this place if he had any sort of dignity left in him.

Moreover, she did not seem to be afraid of him either.

Lacking any sort of intentions to coax, it was no wonder she was thrown away into the doghouse.

Shaking his head, Lee Bohan did not bother her any longer as he leaned against the side of the window and pondered on his own matters.

Sweating over her master’s attitude, only after Zi Yu made sure that Lee Bohan wasn’t going to pry into the matter did she quietly walk to the side of the bed and sleep on the makeshift bed on the floor.

However, no matter how much she tried, she simply could not go to sleep as she was still slightly shaken by the things that occurred today.

First, her master had nearly stopped breathing.

Even when she pleaded and begged for help, no one came to aid her master.

However, when her master miraculously woke up, got better after resting through the afternoon, and even found some fruits to eat in the backyard, she felt as if the gods had blessed them at that moment.

As dusk shrouded the sky, her master went out alone and left her behind to wait on edge.

When her master finally came back, she had brought a man in black with her back to the house.

Then, they put on a great act to deceive those imperial guards and even discovered that the man in black was actually the Prince of Qin, someone who could possibly rescue them from this doghouse.

Even with imaginations running wild in her mind, Zi Yu did not dare turn around or even make the slightest movement.

With that, she became the only person amongst the three individuals who felt the need to act cautiously.

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang was using the little bit of spiritual energy remaining in her body to continue nourishing herself.

Even then, this wasn’t a process that she could instantly finish, for she still felt quite weak and tired.

Only by pressing on every single day would she be able to gain back the strength of an ordinary person.

Without anything else to do, Chu Xiang recalled Hui Yun, that backstabbing bitch who sneakily crawled into the Emperor’s bed.

Ever since the beginning, Hui Yun had always been more clever than Zi Yu as she would occasionally act on her own accord to arrange various matters.

Noticing that cunning side, the original host had scolded her on several occasions, warning her that she would get replaced by someone else if she were to make another big blunder.

Thus, the original host had put more of her trust in Zi Yu.

Two months ago, Hui Yun suddenly underwent some sort of change and became much more confident in herself.

She no longer competed with the other maids but instead seamlessly dressed herself up.

With that, her appearance had indeed become more and more beautiful as time passed.

On one occasion when the emperor visited the chambers of concubines, she successfully seduced the emperor and even turned the original host into a laughingstock within the imperial palace.

Ever since then, Hui Yun had been the original host’s nightmare.

The emperor must have been quite satisfied by Hui Yun’s service as he had always taken her away to the emperor’s palace whenever she begged him to.

As the two of them spent more time with one another, the emperor eventually gave the order to forbid the original host from leaving her chambers.

A few days later, the original host was given the punishment to copy documents and eat only vegetables.

Eventually, the punishments already spread to the other concubines and palace maids.

One time, Hui Yun had even brought some men over to the original host’s chambers to humiliate her.

When the original host finally snapped and reprimanded her, Hui Yun purposely slapped herself in the face and framed it on the original host.


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