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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 227

In the eyes of the emperor, his beloved getting slapped was equivalent to that of a slap in his own face.

With that, he immediately threw the original host into the doghouse.

During the time when Hui Yun was humiliating the original host, she claimed she had always been striving for favor from her.

However, the original host never appreciated her and would instead reprimand her.

Everything that she was doing to the original host now was her way of exacting her revenge.

Chu Xiang had met all kinds of people throughout her various lifetimes.

During such the reign of emperors, a lowly palace maid who dared to commit such bold acts often seemed to have planned everything in advance.

Seeing how she ended up succeeding in the end, it must definitely not be a simple matter.

The first thing that instantly came to Chu Xiang’s mind was the possibility of Hui Yun being in the same position as her, a foreigner who occupied the empty shells of their original host.

However, thinking back to what Hui Yun told the original host when she humiliated her, she figured that the original Hui Yun was still in control of her body.

Since that was the case, perhaps Hui Yun might have encountered some sort of opportunity in order to have undergone such drastic changes.

Even amidst the memories of the original host, Chu Xiang could not quite pinpoint the answer.

Thus, she just let it be for now.

After all, the original host did not ask for her to exact revenge in the first place.

When she finally got out of this doghouse, she would have nothing to do with Hui Yun anymore.

In the latter half of the night, Chu Xiang succumbed to her fatigue and went to sleep.

Zi Yu was also fast asleep by then.

When the second day arrived, Lee Bohan had already vanished without leaving behind a single trace, as if his presence the previous night was only a dream.

Zi Yu suddenly jolted awake and searched around the courtyard before returning inside the house and saying in a panic, “His Highness really left! Master, what should we do He clearly had some sort of way to escape, yet he chose not to bring us with him.

Could it be that he simply doesn’t care about us”.

Chu Xiang stood.

“We can only wait and see for now, so don’t worry.

Besides, I don’t have any other methods of escape right now.

Thus, we can only wait for his news.

If we find an opportunity., we should go out again to scout out the place and come up with another plan.”


“But Master… do we really just leave things be You had even saved his life…”

In that instant, the flickering hope realized by Zi Yu last night had been extinguished just like that.

Thinking about how Concubine Hui was deliberately making things difficult for her master, she couldn't help but feel somewhat concerned.

Chu Xiang chuckled.

“What else can we possibly do We shouldn’t just sit here all day long and expect someone to help us.

If he does indeed end up helping us, then it would be great news for us.

But if he doesn’t, we can’t grumble about it either.

We’ll just have to focus on coming up with another plan for now.

Besides, it’s not like we’ve completely lost all hope.

He might not necessarily take me saving him seriously.

However, my father holds quite a large influence in the imperial palace.

If he intends to recruit my father as one of his subordinates, he would naturally have to come and save us.

That is truly our sole bargaining chip.”

Staring blankly at Chu Xiang, Zi Yu finally understood that the chance of Lee Bohan saving them depended on how much value he saw in the Grand Chancellor.

With that, she took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Perhaps she was also too desperate to get her master out of here, to have actually placed so much trust in a stranger they met for the first time.

Having worked in the imperial palace for such a long time now, how could she possibly still believe in other humans, especially the ones whom she had just met The palace eunuchs and other maids whom she had assisted in the past had never once shown themselves before her when she needed their help the most.

In fact, they probably wouldn’t even be willing to send her their saliva.

Thus, one should indeed not put too much hope into another person.

After collecting and drinking some dew-water from the courtyard, Chu Xiang and Zi Yu shut the windows tightly and even covered them up with the moldy quilts while they started boiling the doves within the house.

They had no choice but to do so inside as the smoke produced by the flames and the fragrance of the doves could easily attract unnecessary attention from outside.

If they were to be discovered now, they would definitely be in trouble.

Thus, they could only get by with this for now.

However, the doves boiled in rainwater did not taste good at all, for it lacked any sort of flavor.

Moreover, since Chu Xiang did not know how to cook, everything was prepared by Zi Yu alone.

The instant Chu Xiang took a bite of the boiled dove, she realized that she ought to learn how to cook at some point.

After all, who knew just how many times she’d find herself in such a desperate situation.

By learning culinary skills, she would at the very least not starve to death.

In Chu Xiang’s previous two lifetimes, she had transmigrated into modern worlds with all kinds of advanced technology, which she found to be strange yet interesting.

At the same time, she had also learned all kinds of skills in the field of business and entertainment.

However, she never expected that the skills she accumulated back then would be completely useless in this lifetime.

In contrast to her expectations, culinary skills appear to be quite important in this world.

Furthermore, she would also need to learn ancient military tactics and whatnot.

She’d just have to learn all these things from the Grand Chancellor when she met him in the future.


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