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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 228

Leisurely eating the boiled dove wing in her hand, Chu Xiang suddenly heard strange noises sounding from the window frame.

Raising her head and looking out, she noticed a certain figure.

Shocked, Zi Yu gaped her eyes wide open as her heart shot up to her throat.

“Master, what do we do”

Chu Xiang immediately extinguished the flames, but just as she stood up, the window had already been pried open by the person from outside.

Leaning forward through the window while looking at her was a smiling Lee Bohan who had disappeared earlier.

She sighed in relief.

“Did His Highness come here to rescue us”

Dressed in fully embroidered attire befitting that of revered nobility, Lee Bohan leaned against the side of the window and chuckled.

“You must certainly be thinking too highly of me.

You’re being watched closely by Concubine Hui.

Thus, there must be some sort of justifiable reason for your disappearance.

Even if we fake your death, we would have to first make proper arrangements, isn’t that right”

Scanning his eyes through the interior of the house, Lee Bohan laughed upon seeing the boiled dove.

“Oh, you’re actually eating the dove I went to the palace today to dine with the emperor.

Afraid that you might be starving to death, I went along and specially brought some food for you to eat.”

Taking out an oily paper bag from his sleeves, Lee Bohan swayed it before Chu Xiang.

“Seeing how I disappeared in the morning, did you think that I completely disregarded the favor and forgot about you”

“How could I With your identity as the noble, your words are bound to weigh an enormous amount.

Thus, I had placed my trust in you from beginning to end,” Chu Xiang replied as she opened the oily paper bag and saw four meat buns wrapped within.

Could Lee Bohan have used his identity to avoid being searched and purposely brought them in from outside Anyways, the meat buns would definitely taste much better than the boiled dove.

Turning around, Chu Xiang passed two of the meat buns to Zi Yu and sat down on the wooden stool to eat.

Despite feeling a great sense of anxiety, Zi Yu did not dare to speak her mind before Lee Bohan.

Thus, she could only hold her thoughts back as her face turned red.

Lee Bohan shot her a glance and chuckled at Chu Xiang, “Are you not afraid that they’re poisoned”

Of course, she naturally had her suspicions.

However, she had already used her spiritual energy to probe out the meat buns and make sure that they weren’t poisoned.

In contrast to her actions, she said, “Why would His Highness need to go through so much trouble if he truly intended to kill us When all is said and done, this was clearly an act of kindness of His Highness.

Anyways, we can’t let the meat buns go cold and disappoint His Highness’ good intentions.”

Lee Bohan laughed and felt much at ease, seeing that this abandoned concubine could actually speak of some rather good things when she tried.

He brushed off the dust on his sleeves and stood.

“I will need to go back now.

Stay put here for now.

When the opportunity shows itself, I will definitely get you out of here.”

“Thank you very much, Your Highness,” Chu Xiang said curtly.

Lee Bohan couldn’t describe exactly what he was feeling at that moment, but he believed that it was more normal for her to act in such a fashion.

With that, he closed the window and left by climbing over the wall.

He could certainly use the excuse of drinking too much and coming out for a walk to cover up his absence..

However, if he was gone for too long, he would not be able to explain himself.

After looking out of the window, Zi Yu came back and whispered, “Master, we consider the Prince of Qin to have given his promise, right He should be coming to save us soon.

That’s great!”

Chu Xiang nodded.

“From the sound of his words, he should indeed come to rescue us.

However, his method of doing so is still unclear.

We don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for him either.

While we wait for him, let’s try coming up with our own plan, such as creating two fake corpses, burning down the doghouse, and escaping after faking our deaths.”

“Master, why didn’t you tell His Highness your plan just now”

“It’s because an assassination attempt had just occurred recently within the palace.

As such, the security at night must have heightened.

Even if we try to burn the doghouse down, it might be extinguished by nearby guards before the flames even get enough time to begin roaring.

Moreover, starting a fire now would attract even more unnecessary attention, and transporting a corpse through the palace won’t be an easy feat either.” Chu Xiang recalled Lee Bohan’s attitude and frowned slightly.

“The Prince of Qin is someone who’s good at concealing his own thinking.

He might very well have other ideas to get us out of here.”

“To get us out of here” Zi Yu did not dare imagine just what kind of way he would use to get them out.

Despite being worried, she said with great expectations, “As long as we can get out of here, any method would be fine.

Master, I’m going out to the courtyard to see whether or not there are any other things we can eat.

You can rest assured.

I will definitely serve you well.

Just wait for His Highness to come and save you.”

With that, Zi Yu ran outside to search for other things to eat as Chu Xiang did not stop her.

After all, it would be good to find something to do at such times, sparing any unnecessary idle thoughts.

Chu Xiang looked at the window where Lee Bohan appeared from just now.

That man certainly did not follow the norm.

As he was widely known as a good-for-nothing jerk in the rumors, she really could not predict what kind of plan he had come up with.


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