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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 229

Chu Xiang’s premonition was spot on, for when night fell on the second day, the emperor’s head chamberlain led about a dozen or so palace maids over to the doghouse.

Having heard their approaching footsteps from a distance away, Chu Xiang immediately laid down on her bed.

Upon seeing their arrival, Zi Yu said desperately, “Sir, my master seemed to have recovered quite a bit from her illness as it’s no longer contagious.

Is it possible to bring the imperial physician over to examine her condition”

With a wave of his hand, the head chamberlain ordered two female nurses whom he led here to go in and check up on Chu Xiang’s condition.

At that time, Chu Xiang purposely stirred up the spiritual energy within her body and pretended to appear weak, so much so that even the female nurses could not diagnose her exact condition.

Looking at each other before shifting their gazes to Chu Xiang, the two female nurses said, “Sir, Mistress Chu’s illness appears to have been caused great anxiety, a condition that will take a long time to heal completely.

However, if she takes good care of her body and practices self-cultivation, she might perhaps have quite a good chance of making a full recovery.”

Regardless of how the diagnosis of Chu Xiang’s condition ended up, the female nurses would still come up with an excuse to evade the matter afterward.

The head chamberlain acknowledged their words with a sound of approval, scanning through the room within the doghouse before further instructing them, “Bring Mistress Chu over to take a bath and give her a change of clothes.”

“Yes, sir.” The dozen or so palace maids immediately stepped forward to assist Chu Xiang.

Zi Yu walked in front of the bed to obstruct them.

“What are you trying to do Where are you taking my master”

Chu Xiang coughed twice and covered her mouth with a handkerchief as she looked at them, making a guess.

The head chamberlain said indifferently, “Hurry up and move it.

Both His Majesty and the Prince of Qin are still waiting.”

Unable to stand the moldy smell within the room any longer, he waved his hand in front of his nose before turning around and leaving the house.

She now knew for certain that this had something to do with the Prince of Qin’s plan of rescuing her from this place.

Just as one of the palace maids went to give a report of the situation, the head chamberlain absently acquiesced to bringing Zi Yu along.

With that, the palace maids escorted Chu Xiang over to the nearest palace chamber, where a hot bath had already been prepared for her beforehand.

They quickly and carefully assisted Chu Xiang in taking a petal path before helping her dress up properly.

At that moment, Chu Xiang asked the palace maids, “Where am I going with such clothes”

Pretending as if they heard nothing, the palace maids kept silent and focused on dressing her up.

Seeing their reaction, Chu Xiang did not escalate the situation any further.

After all, she’d find out upon meeting the person responsible for this arrangement.

Taking Chu Xiang’s ill body into consideration, the head chamberlain ordered the men to bring over a bamboo chair to assist her.

With all the preparations completed, everyone walked hurriedly over to the banquet taking place within the grand hall.

Upon their entrance, it could be seen that the emperor, the empress, Concubine Hui, the Prince of Qin, and several other ministers were already present, enjoying the performance of the female dancers.

The head chamberlain walked next to the emperor, bowing down slightly.

“Your Majesty, your subordinate has led Mistress Chu over.

Since her illness had only just gotten better, she’s still lacking her usual vigor.”

Looking behind him and not seeing anyone, Concubine Hui grasped onto the Emperor’s shoulder with a chuckle., “Your Majesty, has Sister Chu arrived Quickly tell her to come over.

I haven’t seen her in such a long time.

It feels rather strange.”

Cup of wine in hand, the emperor laughed.

“Uncle, how unfortunate it is for Mistress Chu to have fallen ill.

Since these few female dancers aren’t bad either, why don’t you take them back to your place”

Leaning comfortably against his soft chair, Lee Bohan shot a glance towards the female dancers and said absent-mindedly, “Am I lacking any female dancers Is my nephew not willing to give up the first beauty he set his sights on Oh well, there’s no harm in doing so.

That woman next to you… what’s her name again Concubine Hui.

Yes, Concubine Hui isn’t bad either.”

The emperor looked back at him with squinted eyes before suddenly bursting into a fit of laughter.

“Alright, that personality of yours is precisely why I’m so fond of you, unlike those pretentious fools who only know how to fawn up to me.

Guards, bring Mistress Chu in front of my uncle for him to take a good look.”

Only then did Concubine Hui’s stiff expression finally relax a bit as she put up her smiling expression once again.

After all, she heard rumors going around about how the Prince of Qin was extraordinarily powerful and utterly ruthless.

Who knows whether or not the ill Chu Xiang would be beaten to death by him


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