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“This is the method that she learned from Bai Xuewei.

Didn’t Bai Xuewei pretend to be Chu Xiang’s friend just so she can become Ye Chen’s mistress In the end, you ended up with Ye Chen, but you are only able to live in a small apartment.

If you had tightly held onto Chu Xiang’s golden thigh, then you would be living in a mansion worth ten million yuan! Bai Xuewei, do you regret your decision”

Many people disliked the existence and behavior of a mistress, even more so if the mistress turned out to be classmates with the victim.

College students were more innocent and had a stronger sense of justice than adults in society.

The students usually don’t speak up because they don’t want to get involved.

However, for the past two days, they had seen Bai Xuewei, the female student, and Ye Chen continuously cause Chu Xiang trouble.

The three perpetrators tried to distort the truth to fool everyone, which made the students unhappy.

Do they look like a bunch of sheep Do they look like they can’t distinguish between right and wrong As a result, some of the students couldn’t help but start mocking Bai Xuewei and the female student out of frustration.

After Bai Xuewei snatched Ye Chen, the incident didn’t blow up in school because Chu Xiang didn’t attend her classes for a while after the incident.

Bai Xuewei had been trying her best to reverse everyone’s impression of her.

She tried to provoke Chu Xiang to make everyone sympathize with her.

But she understood that Chu Xiang was not stupid.

She can only proceed with her plan with caution because Chu Xiang will immediately retreat if she senses that something is amiss.

But today, her plan backfired because of the idiotic friends, whom she had only recently gotten close to.

She overheard some of her classmates gossiping about how she was a scheming b*tch.

Bai Xuewei knew that her reputation was sinking, so she grabbed her bag and ran away crying.

It didn’t matter what others thought because they will still feel guilty if their bullying made someone cry.

Bai Xuewei will take advantage of this and find opportunities in the future to reverse everyone’s opinions of her and understand how ‘helpless’ she is.

The expression on the female student’s face changed when she noticed that all her classmates were staring at her.

She became angry and shouted, “What do you want to do Do you want to yell at me after you finished yelling at Bai Xuewei What did I say wrong How can Chu Xiang’s family compare with Ye Chen’s family Didn’t you all know that she was sent to the hospital after she was dumped by Ye Chen When she was discharged from the hospital, she came back to school in an expensive supercar and the jewelry she’s wearing is also more expensive than what she wore before.

Doesn’t that prove that Ye Chen gave her a breakup fee Didn’t people on the school forum also guess that”

“A guess means that the truth of the matter is still uncertain.

You deserve to be disliked and hated for spreading malicious rumors.

Besides, would she act so rude toward Ye Che if she received a breakup fee from him Do you even have a brain Forget it.

You should go and catch up with Bai Xuewei.

If you coax her, she might allow you to remain by her side and you might be able to receive some scraps from her.” The students didn’t have much interest in other people’s affairs, so they packed up their stuff and left.

The three of them used to be in a love triangle, so they’re arguing with one another.

But you’re just a female student who isn’t even involved.


The students who like to gossip walk along with others while whispering, “Does that mean that Bai Xuewei’s mother is one of Chu Family’s servants So the reason Bai Xuewei hangs around Chu Xiang every day is that she’s the daughter of one of Chu Family’s servants Damn! So the servant’s daughter stole the young lady of the house’s boyfriend Isn’t that amazing”

“That’s disgusting! No wonder Chu Xiang felt disgusted when she mentioned that she wanted to give Bai Xuewei the house.

Damn, isn’t it great to be friends with Chu Xiang She’s so generous; casually giving away a house that is worth ten million yuan.

On the other hand, Ye Chen, who is our school’s campus idol, who two-timed with Bai Xuewei, but he didn’t give her anything.

Have you noticed that the clothes that Bai Xuewei is wearing now are no longer in season They don’t seem to be from expensive brands either.

Is it because Chu Xiang is no longer buying her clothes”

“This is so interesting.

It seems that it’s not worth it to try and steal a wealthy man.

Instead, it seems like you’ll be better off being friends with a wealthy young lady.

Did you hear Chu Xiang address the person she was talking to as “President Xiao” and “Special Assistant Liang” She seems to be in a hurry to head to work.

What do you think her family does as a living Does anyone know”

“Someone has already posted a discussion on this topic on the forum.

Oh look, there it is! This person anonymously commented that she knows Chu Xiang.

According to this anonymous commenter, Chu Xiang’s family is extremely rich.

Apparently, her parents are the presidents of the Dongfang Group!!”


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