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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 232

Ignoring his statement regarding the doghouse, Chu Xiang lowered her gaze.

“When will Your Highness return to his quarters And how do you plan on saving my father”

Not fond of Chu Xiang’s domineering attitude overall, Lee Bohan leaned against the carriage and said, “Is this how you should be treating your benefactor Do you really see yourself as Concubine Qin  Then, will you be coming over to my room tonight”

She could tell with a single glance that Lee Bohan was still rather inexperienced when it came to the affairs between men and women.

She was certain that he had never laid his hands on a woman before.

After sipping a mouthful of tea, Chu Xiang pulled him in and kissed him on the mouth!

Lee Bohan coughed violently, even more so than Chu Xiang previously did on wine.

Pushing Chu Xiang away, he said irritatedly, “You… C-Cough… Chu…”

“Isn’t it proper etiquette to reciprocate in kind How does Your Highness feel” Chu Xiang took out a handkerchief and gently wiped his mouth, snickering, “Just as Your Highness stated, I’m already your concubine now.

As your so-called “thousand jin of gold”, I do indeed dare to enter your room.

However, I’m afraid that you can’t be easily provoked into giving away your virginity.”

C-Cough, cough…” His coughing fit worsened, “Are you really a woman How come you’re so bold My nephew has always said that you were as stiff as a piece of wood, lacking any sort of personality, but I’m afraid he’s yet to witness this side of yours.”

Chu Xiang rested her chin on her palm and giggled.

“He certainly hasn’t seen many sides to me.

After all, who would want to amuse such a boring yet violent person like him As for Your Highness, you don’t seem to be a person who thinks too deeply.

Have you pretended to be a carefree uncle for so long that even your temper has done the same To think you’re flirting with a woman.”

After composing himself with great difficulty, Lee Bohan looked her in the eye.

“Since you’re now my concubine, what harm is there in flirting with you One more thing, you ought to not speak nonsense.

I have plenty of women in my backyard, certainly not immature ones.”

“Oh, really”

Just when Lee Bohan thought that she was about to make a shocking statement, Chu Xiang averted her eyes and returned to the main subject.

“I’m guessing you’ll be able to leave the capital whenever you want now after reassuring the emperor.

Since it would be near impossible to rescue my father from within the capital, it would be much simpler to wait for the day of his exile, when he’s being escorted out of the capital, to take action then.

Then, it would be possible to replace my father with a substitute.”

Lee Bohan nodded.

“I have indeed considered such a plan.”

Chu Xiang filled his cup of tea., “If Your Highness can ensure the safety of my entire clan, then I will personally be willing to return the favor with something of the same value.

I hope Your Highness will keep his promise and save my family as soon as possible.”

Moving closer towards her, Lee Bohan lifted her chin and looked straight into her eyes.

He then spoke with an inquiring tone, “Why do I get the feeling that you changed the instant you stepped out of the palace How are you going to return the favor Isn’t your father the only person capable of assisting me Could it be that you still have something up your sleeves”

Shifting his hand aside, she mirrored him.

“Your Highness, I told you to stop flirting with me.

The heavily guarded imperial palace was the only thing shackling me to the ground.

Now that I’ve gotten out, I’m no longer restricted.

Mere worldly possessions aren’t the most important thing within my Chu Family, but rather, its people.

If Your Highness truly intends to recruit capable subjects, then you’ll have to act more attentively.

You must understand that even if your subjects do indeed possess great capabilities, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll give their all.

They’d only do so if they deem their lord capable.”

Lee Bohan grabbed hold of her hand and laughed.

“How interesting! The Chu Family appears to be quite mysterious.

Concubine Chu, with the two of us getting married today, there will naturally be spies planted by the emperor within my courtyard.

What do you think we should do”

Chu Xiang said in a calm tone, “If Your Highness only has a single bed, I don’t mind sleeping in the same bed with you.

Besides, we’ve already shared the same quilt once before.”

Discouraged, Lee Bohan released her hands and leaned back against the carriage with his eyes closed.

He couldn’t seem to figure her out no matter how much he tried.

She was fearless and clearly unperturbed by flirting.

Just how in the world did she end up in the doghouse

At that moment, he considered the possibility of her purposely getting herself into the doghouse.

After seeing just how incapable the current emperor was, had she intended to bring her family out of the capital Though he felt it wasn’t very likely, it was nevertheless the only thing that actually made sense to him.

Who knew Perhaps Chu Xiang might already have come up with some sort of plan from the very beginning but decided to change it after meeting him.


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