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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 234

Chu Xiang was pretty much doing the same thing to him.

While she appeared to be joking constantly on the surface, she was, in fact, testing his bottom line and ascertaining his character.

As for the promises they made with each other… such things should just be treated as bygones.

During the period of dynasties, people of such status would never take such promises seriously.

Lee Bohan could very well kill her off at any time.

Besides, everyone knew that she had already fallen ill before they even left the imperial palace.

He could also very well abandon Grand Chancellor Chu’s entire family, depending on how much he valued him and whether or not he would come across trouble during the rescue mission.

Of course, Chu Xiang could also run away.

If Lee Bohan did not turn out to be a wise person, making Grand Chancellor Chu unwilling to assist him, she would simply have to come up with a plan for her entire family to escape.

As such, the two of them were currently in a situation of probing each others’ intentions.

For now, they were rather satisfied with one another, allowing their current act as a married couple to continue smoothly.

Late at night, they put on an act and called for water.

Only after seeing her master with her own eyes again did Zi Yu finally feel reassured.

Completely exhausted after everything she went through over the past two months, Chu Xiang finally got some much-deserved, proper sleep.

Having gone from sleeping in a moldy quilt to an incredibly comfortable, soft couch, she slept soundly.

Meanwhile, Lee Bohan, unable to sleep with his eyes agape, was entirely dumbfounded by the situation.

He was unsure whether he should be happy and mad about Chu Xiang’s completely relaxed appearance.

Did he not have a presence as a man in this room It appeared that she could not help but see him as a mere boy, which was humiliating! He had actually been teased by a woman to the point of feeling helpless.

If he had known that this would happen, he would have had his mother make arrangements for him to get together with those other girls.

However, he instantly shook off such ideas upon thinking of the possibility that some of them might harbor evil intentions towards him.

So be it if those girls would only scheme against one another during the day.

But if he would also have to worry about them during his sleep, he might as well not get involved with them in the first place.

Staring at Chu Xiang’s figure on the couch, Lee Bohan accidentally fell asleep while thinking about such things.

The Dragon Phoenix Candle placed in the room by Fu Tai quietly burned away on the table as the married couple slept on different sides of the room without disturbing each other, making the atmosphere unexpectedly harmonious.

With the addition of an extraordinary woman in the prince’s residence, the wedding night went past smoothly without anything sudden taking place.

Meanwhile, the spies dispatched by various parties were all paying close attention to their movements within the residence.

So far, the only information they received was that the Prince of Qin was completely infatuated with his royal concubine.

They could not help but despise the prince.

Having grown in a remote area, they have never gotten the chance to lay their eyes on true beauty, so much that they could very well settle with an abandoned concubine thrown into the doghouse.

After all, beggars couldn’t be choosers.

Fortunately, they weren’t truly following such a person as their master.

Otherwise, they would simply lose face on behalf of him.

To think he didn’t care one bit even about being humiliated by the emperor.

Those who wanted to achieve greatness would have to be ready to give and take.

Not only was Lee Bohan able to endure the humiliation, but he had even gone over to the imperial palace to thank the emperor the next morning.

Seeing his vigorous and lively expression, the emperor could not help but joke, “I didn’t think Uncle would have such tastes.

It appears that you’ve chosen the right woman as your concubine.

Speaking of which, why didn’t you bring her over to the imperial palace today”

Lee Bohan sipped from his tea.

“Mistress Chu’s body is rather delicate, so how could she possibly match my stamina As such, she’s getting some rest right now.”

At that moment, the emperor understood that the two of them were of the same breed, naturally proud of their manliness.

However, a thought suddenly occurred to him.

Over the past two months, he had played with Concubine Hui day after day, but why did she seem much more lively than he did Even when he showed special favor towards Mistress Chu back then, she would usually wish him good health every other day.

Didn’t that mean that he couldn’t compare to Lee Bohan when it came to such aspects

Seeing the emperor’s somewhat glum expression, Lee Bohan sneered, “I saw that it was snowing outside in the morning and recalled how I had yet to tour around the capital ever since I moved here.

But since Mistress Chu just so happens to be from the capital, I will be asking her to give me a tour around the place instead of coming here to visit over the next few days.”

“What does Uncle plan on doing How about some winter hunting Since Uncle went back to his home residence at a young age, I’m sure that you’ve already forgotten how winter looked in the north, huh Why don’t we go have some fun in the hunting grounds”

“That sounds good.

Why don’t you invite more people I like it when there are more people around.

When the time comes, I’ll have the emperor witness my innate talents.

When it comes to hunting, I won’t even need to use a bow and arrow.

My bare fists are enough to take down a deer!”


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