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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 235

Upon hearing that the emperor wanted to go hunting, all his subordinates immediately set aside their current tasks and hurriedly started making preparations for the trip, even bringing all the concubines and the other ministers along with him.

Over the next few days, Chu Xiang had almost fully “recovered” from her illness.

Using that as an excuse, Lee Bohan went around the households of the nobles and ministers to look for medicine.

Everyone in the capital had now realized just how infatuated the Prince of Qin was with his Concubine Qin, seeing how he was using his utmost effort to search for the highest-grade medicine in the city all for her sake.

With access to such good medicine and being pampered to such an extent, how could she possibly not make a full recovery

Meanwhile, the emperor believed that he knew everything about Chu Xiang’s character — a woman who only cared about her own appearance.

On the other hand, he was extremely satisfied with Lee Bohan’s obsession for beauty, so much so that he was now being laxer around him.

It seemed as if he had become quite fond of his uncle.

As such, Chu Xiang’s status rose according to the emperor’s increasing favor for Lee Bohan.

Even the inner court attendant would now wear a smiling expression in the presence of Chu Xiang, no longer daring to show any sort of contempt before her.

In order to make his love for Chu Xiang even more apparent, Lee Bohan would constantly hold her hand, only letting go before the emperor’s presence.

He then cupped his hands and greeted, “Your Majesty, the winter in the north is indeed magnificent.

It’s just that the weather is a bit too cold for one’s liking.

Rather… unpleasant, I’d say.”

Sizing him up with a few glances, the emperor joked, “Uncle’s posture appears to be quite sturdy, for I can’t seem to tell that you’re feeling that way.”

Lee Bohan reached out his arm and pulled Chu Xiang into his embrace.

“How could I be afraid of the cold I’m only worried about my concubine.

Having just recovered from her illness, I wouldn’t want her to catch a cold now.

I heard that Your Majesty brought along a coat made using the fur of the red foxes.

Why don’t you give it to her as a reward After all, I’ll definitely come out victorious in this hunt.”

The emperor pondered for a moment as he stared at Chu Xiang.

He had long known that Chu Xiang had beautiful looks, but her current delicate appearance made her seem even more charming.

It was no wonder Lee Bohan had fallen head over heels for her.

The emperor laughed.

“Uncle had already opened his mouth, so how could I possibly refuse Hand the red-fox coat over to Concubine Qin now!”

“Your Majesty~” Concubine Hui shook his arm as she bit down on her lip.

“I had long since fancied that coat and had even been waiting for you to give it to me as a gift.”

Lee Bohan became purposely obstinate.

“The emperor has plenty of other good things, so why not just give you something else You certainly can’t change the decision of His Majesty.”

The emperor laughed heartily, “That’s right, quickly pass the coat over to Concubine Qin.

I can see that Uncle truly loves her.

Since that’s the case, I look forward to seeing how Uncle performs in the hunting ground today.”

Two of the palace maids carefully walked over with the velvet fur coat in hand.

However, Lee Bohan signaled for them to go back, for he wanted to personally help Chu Xiang wear the coat.

“It’s nice and warm, right”

Chu Xiang nodded and revealed an especially attractive smile.

Her jet-black hair draping past her shoulders, contrasting against her snow-white skin within the velvet coat, added even more points to her charm.

Seeing that, Lee Bohan and many other individuals in the area stared blankly at her.

For the first time, they realized just how beautiful of a woman she truly was.

Only the emperor himself would be capable of throwing such an extraordinarily beautiful woman to the doghouse.

Envy darkened Concubine Hui’s eyes.

She truly did not expect someone who was clearly on the verge of being tortured to death to actually be doted on so much now.

She had initially suggested giving Chu Xiang a higher status in order to humiliate the Prince of Qin so that he would vent all his anger on her and perhaps kill her.

After all, how could any ordinary person possibly accept a woman with such status as their concubine Who knew that the Prince of Qin would end up falling for her, pampering her to such an extent

Lee Bohan passed his hat over to Chu Xiang, subconsciously not allowing any other men in the area to keep staring at her beautiful looks.

He then whispered, “Stay here obediently.

I’ll come back to find you after finishing the hunt.”

Nodding her head adorably, Chu Xiang held onto his hand and walked over to one of the available seats.

Seeing just how obedient she was acting, Lee Bohan felt rather strange and sneered at her in his mind for putting up a better act than him.

With that, he turned around and headed over to the emperor’s side at once.


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