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Lee Bohan felt a sudden jolt in his heart.

Just how many bizarre requests could this woman make She wanted to dress up as a man to carry out commercial activities He immediately asked, “You expect to trick others into believing that you’re a man with that face of yours”

Laying her chin down on her palm, Chu Xiang chuckled.

“Your Highness won’t have to worry about that.

I have a way of making my appearance similar to that of a man.

Your Highness, since you didn’t suffer any losses with this matter, why don’t you give me the chance to show you what I can do If I do succeed in doing so, saving my family won’t be enough for you to return the favor anymore.”

“Give me some time to consider.” Lee Bohan was reluctant to accept Chu Xiang’s request, but what if she did end up succeeding That’s right, it would not hurt to test things out.

Besides, Chu Xiang was not his actual royal concubine either.

Since they were only taking what they needed from each other, why would he need to restrict Chu Xiang from doing what she wanted to do

The time they spent together at the hunting ground allowed Lee Bohan to experience Chu Xiang’s abilities for himself.

Not only could she come up with a solution in the blink of an eye amidst a dangerous situation, but she also understood when to seize the opportunity to deal with her enemies without leaving any suspicious trails behind.

In the prior incident with Concubine Hui, the woman who sabotaged her entire family, Chu Xiang was able to successfully get rid of the spy planted by the emperor and even irritate Concubine Hui to death without giving her the chance to get revenge.

Chu Xiang’s request to dress up as a man to carry out commercial activities made her even more mysterious.

Just how exactly did Grand Chancellor Chu raise his daughter for her to end up this way Getting an oddly new feeling from her, Lee Bohan decided to take a gamble and agree to her request during their trip back to the capital.

Moreover, he had even arranged for two other people to assist her and gave her permission to handle the commercial affairs.

This time, Lee Bohan returned to the capital with an advisor who usually followed him disguised as a guard.

Seeing how lenient Lee Bohan was towards Chu Xiang, he finally could not resist any longer and attempted to persuade him.

“Your Highness, the emperor no longer has any suspicions about you.

That woman from the Chu Family is a  dispensable individual.

There’s no need for you to spend so much time and effort on her.”

Hearing his words, Lee Bohan thought back to Chu Xiang and burst out laughing.

“She isn’t just an ordinary woman.

In fact, she possesses extraordinary abilities.”

“H-How so Your Highness, that woman from the Chu Family was an abandoned concubine who was thrown into the doghouse and even caused Grand Chancellor Chu and the rest of her family to be locked up in prison.

Using her to gain the allegiance of Grand Chancellor Chu is one thing, but isn’t it a bit too much for you to let her deal with matters back at the house and even carry out commercial activities Could it be that Your Highness actually has feelings for her”

“How could I possibly have feelings for her I only feel that she’s different from the others.

Alright, that’s enough.

This matter won’t affect our plans greatly anyways, so why not let her have a stab at it I’m rather good at judging one’s character, if I do say so myself.”

Only after speaking up till this point did Lee Bohan realize that he was speaking up for Chu Xiang.

He was not willing to hear anyone badmouth her anymore.

Even so, it was only natural for someone who had only seen Chu Xiang’s cute yet timid appearance to think this way about her.

Lee Bohan patted the imperial advisor on his shoulder reassuringly.

“Don’t worry.

I naturally have my own degree of certainty for acting this way.

When the time comes, you’ll definitely have a whole new level of respect for her.”

What else could the imperial advisor say after hearing Lee Bohan’s words Although he was worried about Lee Bohan’s excessive doting, he could only trust his words for now and help Chu Xiang stay hidden.

When the time came, the imperial advisor realized that he only needed to keep the fact that Chu Xiang had left the prince’s residence hidden.

After Chu Xiang disguised herself as a man, it seemed as if her entire appearance had changed, leaving not even a single hint of her previous extraordinarily beautiful appearance behind.

He did not know what Chu Xiang did, but she now looked just like an ordinary person.

If one did not pay extremely close attention, they would not be even the slightest bit skeptical about her appearance.

Meanwhile, as soon as Chu Xiang left the residence, she strolled around the streets seamlessly and noted down every important detail regarding which item sold well and the reason for it selling well.

With such information, she tried to figure out how she should operate her business in order for it to thrive.

She had even memorized the appearance of the most popular clothing and jewelry within the capital.

After doing so, Chu Xiang headed over to the number one restaurant in the capital for a meal since she had already decided to learn how to cook during her time living in the doghouse.

But who knew that the number one restaurant in the capital would end up serving such bad food At that moment, she suddenly regretted not coming up with a way to learn from the imperial chef.

The food of the mortal world simply could not compare to that of the cultivation world.

Thus, if she wanted to learn how to cook in this world, she should naturally learn it directly from an imperial chef.

This was an unfortunate miscalculation on her part.


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