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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 241

Chu Xiang and Lee Bohan’s act as a married couple gradually became more convincing with each passing day as they were able to make a public display of affection anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, Chu Xiang was also getting increasingly confident and unbridled as Concubine Qin.

Anyone who wanted to give Lee Bohan another woman would instantly be chased off by Chu Xiang as if she was clutching onto her final straw with dear life, not allowing anyone to get hold of him.

On the other hand, Lee Bohan would always stand next to Chu Xiang with a doting attitude, saying that everything was fine as long as Chu Xiang was happy.

Moreover, he even asked them to switch the women with treasures instead, stating that Chu Xiang would definitely be overjoyed upon receiving such gifts.

With Lee Bohan making things crystal clear, everyone took the hint and brought their precious earthly treasures over.

Thus, Chu Xiang naturally accumulated a generous amount of private funds.

In just half a month, news regarding Concubine Qin’s jealous yet tough character spread like wildfire throughout the entire capital.

Having gone from an abandoned concubine tossed away to a royal concubine enjoying the exclusive favor of the Prince of Qin, everyone was naturally puzzled and could not help but speculate whether or not she was actually a devil in disguise.

Filled with a mix of emotions, they could not tell whether they ought to shun or envy her.

Since Concubine Qin’s jealous character got around the city fast, it helped Lee Bohan by obstructing anyone from trying to give him another woman.

In exchange for helping him with that matter, Chu Xiang was given permission to dress up as a man and wander around the capital to get a better grasp of the current situation regarding trade and commerce.

Even receiving the assistance of Lee Bohan’s trusted aide occasionally, no one dared to scam her.

Seeing that Chu Xiang was not causing any trouble whatsoever, but rather helping out quite a bit here and there, Lee Bohan’s imperial advisor gradually became even more accepting of her.

However, he still stood firmly on the idea that His Highness should marry a young lady of a noble family as his actual wife, not at all giving Chu Xiang his recognition.

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang did not pay much mind to the opinions of Lee Bohan’s subordinates as they did not really have anything going on between them in the first place.

In fact, she even planned on creating a completely new economic chain within this dynasty and breaking away from Lee Bohan sometime in the future.

Although the merchants did not stand in a very high position during ancient times, Chu Xiang really did not have any other choice.

Taking a look at the skills she had accumulated over her past few lifetimes, engaging in trade and business were undoubtedly her most reliable options.

As long as she discovered a way to attain full control of the entire commercial network, she would eventually be able to build up a capable private force.

In addition to receiving advice from Grand Chancellor Chu, she could definitely establish a solid foundation and not let anyone control her ever again.

Fully aware of the standing of women during this period, Chu Xiang certainly did not think that she would be able to accomplish her goals that easily.

Her current situation was simply a path that she absolutely had to walk down.

Only by doing so could she one day live a free and easy life.

For the time being, all she had to do was keep up the act with Lee Bohan in order to attain her freedom.

Perhaps she may already be living a much better life than most other women during this time.

On the day of Lunar New Year’s Eve, a banquet took place at night within the palace.

Having been shunned by the emperor over the past several days, Concubine Hui originally intended to vent out all her anger on Chu Xiang.

However, Lee Bohan had already prepared to make his return to his home residence soon, not wanting any further issues to arise as he constantly protected Chu Xiang from beginning to end.

Without saying much, Chu Xiang would also follow him back home, not even giving Concubine Hui the chance to lash out.

Moreover, both Zi Yu and Fu Tai took strict precautions to prevent anyone within the palace from “accidentally” dirtying Chu Xiang’s clothes.

Though Concubine Hui possessed a system of her own, she nevertheless remained powerless under such circumstances.

She could only watch from the side, itching to do something, while Lee Bohan continued doting on Chu Xiang.

When the banquet finally came to an end, Lee Bohan immediately brought Chu Xiang and the others back.

With the Prince of Qin asking to resign from his post and return to his home residence, the emperor naturally gave him a pass.

After probing Lee Bohan out for such a long time now, the emperor had already been convinced that the Prince of Qin was but a brainless man.

Surely, nothing would happen.

Furthermore, he was rather fond of having such a worry-free uncle.

Thus, he naturally treated the people close to his uncle quite well too.

Chu Xiang and Lee Bohan leisurely left the capital in their cozy, luxurious carriage.

Carrying a cup of tea in one hand while holding up a book to read in the other, she seemed as if she was going on a simple spring outing.


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