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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 242

Lee Bohan felt rather curious, looking at her.

He then took a look at the book she was reading and asked, “The Records of the People What kind of book is this It’s filled with various trifling matters of the masses whose truthfulness, no one can confirm.

Do you enjoy reading such books”

Leaning against a soft pillow, Chu Xiang said, “If I want to earn lots of money, I naturally have to understand people first.

Since I had lived my childhood days in the residence of the Grand Chancellor before entering the imperial palace as a concubine upon reaching marriageable age, I did not get the chance to understand such things.

As such, I’m reading through such books so that I can get a better understanding of the lives and preferences of the masses.”

Lee Bohan laughed.

“You truly intend to keep dressing up as a man to carry out commercial activities Let me tell you, doing business isn’t as easy as you think it is.

You can’t earn money simply by moving your lips.

It’s a rather tiresome process filled with countless obstacles.

How can a delicate young lady like you possibly endure such hardships If you’re worried about having no one to rely on in the future, I’m willing to give you some stores and fields.

All you have to do is let your subordinates do the work.

You may treat it as your dowry.”

“Weren’t the treasures given to me by those people back then my dowry What I want aren’t these things.

Don’t forget the promise that you accepted.

Besides, no one knows that I’m carrying out commercial activities, so you have no reason to stop me.

If anything serious does happen, you can just make a public announcement that I’ve passed away from an illness.

No one will harbor any suspicions,” Chu Xiang said as she took a sip of the hot tea, the meaning in her words resolute.

He frowned.

“Do you really want to split up from my troops Since I’ve been away from my home residence for such a long time, I must definitely hurry back through the waterway.

Furthermore, my men will have to lead the way, just in case anything happens.

If you dress up as a man and take the land route to my home residence, it’ll definitely be more dangerous than what I did that one night.

I won’t even know whether or not you’ll still be alive.

Besides, since your father will soon be exiled, I will hurry up and rescue him back to my home residence.

Do you not want to see him as soon as possible”

Rubbing the rim of her cup, Chu Xiang shook her head and said, “It doesn’t matter whether I meet him earlier or later.

The most important thing is that my father stays safe.

I’ve written a letter.

Pass it over to my father when the time comes.

After reading the letter, he’ll naturally be willing to assist you.

I hope you’ll treat my father well.”

“Grand Chancellor Chu possesses great talent, so I’ll naturally treat him very well.

Oh, there’s one more thing.

I won’t be able to explain the matter concerning us to my mother.

Without you there, things will get even more difficult…”

Without giving Lee Bohan the chance to finish speaking, Chu Xiang interrupted with a burst of laughter, “Your Highness, you’re surely not unwilling to part ways with me, right Do your words even make sense to you If you can’t even handle such small matters, then how are you going to accomplish your goal Besides, you only agreed to let me carry out commercial activities to see whether or not I’m capable enough.

If I end up failing, I will simply play the role of your concubine obediently.

But if I end up succeeding, on the other hand, you’ll let me continue my grand plans.

Regardless of the outcome, won’t I wind up helping you out in the end”

Helpless, Lee Bohan replied, “I’m never able to talk you out of things.

Just how do you come up with so many logical answers all the time Aside from me, there isn’t anyone else who would indulge in you.

Alright, my royal concubine, I can only act as your advisor now.

Make sure to be careful.

I will be waiting for your good news back at my home residence, wishing for your success.”

Chu Xiang revealed a bright, beautiful smile and raised her cup of tea for a toast.

“Thank you for your wishes, Your Highness.

I substitute this cup of tea as wine and offer you a toast.”

Lee Bohan clinked her cup of tea with his own and stared at her charming smile, feeling as if he had been entranced.

How could this mysterious woman who occasionally acted like a spoiled child, more than capable of handling matters on her own, possibly be a blockhead Thinking how they were going separate ways now, he could not help but feel a sense of emptiness.

This type of woman who could do anything perfectly was far too good.

With a single glance at her, Chu Xiang would understand exactly what he wanted her to do.

Even his mother would not be able to handle her.


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