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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 243

With Chu Xiang around, Lee Bohan did not receive any fears of trouble in the rear.

After remembering that she was someone whom he had only met recently, however, he realized that he still had not understood her quite well yet.

So, where did this feeling come from He felt that he had probably gotten used to having her by his side.

Heaving out a sigh in his heart, he was finally willing to let her go.

This was truly him indulging her now.

However, seeing her spread her wings to prove her capability, he nevertheless had great expectations for her.

After going a distance away from the capital, Chu Xiang brought a few guards with her and went separate ways from Lee Bohan.

However, she did not bring Zi Yu with her this time as she was not suited for such things.

As such, she simply let her go with Lee Bohan back to his home residence first.

During her journey, Chu Xiang and her guards disguised themselves as a caravan.

Earlier back in the capital, Chu Xiang had secretly prepared a batch of goods for this exact moment.

Placing those goods into two different carriages, they now looked no different than any other ordinary caravan.

On the way to their destination, she often chatted with her guards and asked them various kinds of questions about their lives and journeys.

By doing so, she learned many local conditions and customs from various places, as well as the current situation regarding supply and demand in the market.

With her newly-obtained information, she made several stops at various towns on her journey to Lee Bohan’s home residence, buying all kinds of goods and reselling them at a profit.

With each place they stopped at, they would usually stay for a few days and look for someone to cooperate with.

At first, the guards only displayed their loyalty by protecting Chu Xiang out of responsibility, not really paying much mind to her orders.

However, after seeing her making profit through trades and negotiations, acquiring various kinds of benefits and interests, and making friends with other merchants, their opinion of Chu Xiang changed drastically.

Despite being a delicate young lady, Chu Xiang was actually not afraid of bearing any hardships.

Sometimes, instead of rushing to the next town during their travels, she would choose to camp in the wilderness without any complaints.

Moreover, she could even organize everything in a neat and tidy fashion.

Rather than a woman who handled the affairs in the house, she seemed more like an experienced merchant leaving home to make their way in the world.

Thus, the guards eventually came to accept Chu Xiang wholeheartedly and slowly began taking the initiative to help her with various tasks.

At some point, they really turned into an actual caravan.

Chu Xiang raked in large amounts of money from the acquisitions to the sale of various goods, prescriptions, recipes, and the like.

After all, there would inevitably be someone in dire straits who would sell their valuable possessions for a cheap price.

Such items could definitely be sold to other rich clients in other places.

Not only was she earning good money from this, but she was also accumulating a network of connections.

Furthermore, everything that fell into Chu Xiang’s hands at some point would instantly be memorized by her, all of which would benefit her on her journey.

Passing through various towns and villages, Chu Xiang signed contracts with a dozen or so other merchants and arranged a time for the transportation of their goods.

From ancient times to modern times, there will inevitably be certain similarities and differences in the methods used to do business.

Having done business ever since her first transmigration and rising up all the way to the peak of the business industry, she naturally excelled in this particular field.

Thus, she once again relied on the fundamental idea of investing to do business.

Though she occasionally hit a wall, she had nonetheless gained a wide network of connections.

Seeing her methods of doing business, the guards following Chu Xiang slowly came to admire her.

In fact, they had already accepted her ways willingly.

No one ever grumbled or made any complaints.

At that point, they already saw themselves as one of her subordinates.

Besides, His Highness also said the same thing when he initially handed them over to her.

They definitely did not make a mistake by devoting their loyalty.

Only after five whole months had passed did Chu Xiang and her group finally arrive at the Prince of Qin’s home residence.

Disguising herself with the alias, Lin Mu, she brought a large sum of money back to the Prince of Qin.

Attaching great importance to Chu Xiang, he had even personally come out to receive her.

His dozen or so advisors were rather puzzled by his abrupt decision.

Even if Lin Mu brought along a great number of assets with him, His Highness would surely not need to go and meet him personally.

After all, even the merchants who were richer than Lin Mu did not receive an audience from His Highness himself.

Only the one advisor with inside information remained silent, not daring to leak the secret.

However, he was quite shocked in his heart.

He had always believed that something must have happened to Chu Xiang during her journey outside.

Who knew that she would actually succeed, let alone earn such a large sum of money and acquire a network of connections within the span of five months In the long run, wouldn’t Chu Xiang end up becoming their wallet  Since she possessed such outstanding talent in business, wouldn’t His Highness be just like a tiger who had grown wings That royal concubine certainly cannot be looked down upon!


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