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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 248

Chuckling, Chu Xiang took a seat and shook her head.

“Father, I understand that I’m overstepping the bounds of what is proper.

After all, no other woman in this world would walk down a path similar to mine.


She lifted her gaze and stared straight into Chu Yiru’s eyes.

“I had once been doted on within the imperial palace while you were once the Grand Chancellor.

But what does it matter Weren’t we tossed aside instantly with a single word uttered by that incapable emperor I will never let anyone control my fate.

Not only do I intend to start up my own business, but I even strive to be the number one merchant in this world.

I’ll make it so that even the emperor himself won’t dare to take me lightly.

Besides, I’m only faking my relationship with the Prince of Qin.

When he finally ascends the throne, it’d be time for me to retire from my current position.

By that time, there would be multiple paths opened up before me, and I’d be able to go wherever and do whatever I want.

Those are the days I truly strive for.”

Having essentially lived in the same place he was born in throughout his entire life, Chu Yiru naturally failed to understand Chu Xiang’s ambiguous goals.

From his perspective, the greatest thing a woman could possibly achieve was the position as the empress.

But Chu Xiang actually wanted to become the number one merchant instead Even the number one merchant in this period did not really amount to much in the eyes of the nobles.

Thus, Chu Xiang’s final goal was someone that no one has ever managed to achieve.

It was simply a fantasy!

However, he did not outright retort her idea as he instead pondered over the possibility.

If her daughter failed to accomplish her goal and still refused to go back to the imperial palace, how would she get through in one piece At this point, he reckoned that would not be able to stop his daughter’s behavior anymore.

Thus, he could only do his utmost to protect her now.

Chu Wensong pondered on this matter even more thoroughly as he waved his fan and chuckled, “If not for Little Sister, our Chu Family would already be living in seclusion within the forest mountains.

Father, Elder Brother, we’ve never sought after wealth or status but instead only ever wanted our family to live in peace.

Since Little Sister does not want to go back to the imperial palace, why don’t we assist her with her business affairs After all, it’ll be extremely difficult for her to start up her own business outside alone, so let’s help her out.”

Chu Xiang cupped her hands in a manly fashion and said with a smile, “Thank you, Second Brother, but you don’t have to help me.

The assets earned and brought back by Lin Mu will serve as proof of my capability.

The men given to me by His Highness are all useful as they’ve already submitted to me, so you can stay rest assured.

As for the matters on your end, I do have a plan.”

Chu Wensong said, “Speak your mind.”

“The Prince of Qin has played the fool for so many years and recruited so many capable individuals in secret.

Father, according to your past accomplishments, you definitely have what it takes to be his number one advisor.

Moreover, with your deep network of connections within the capital over the past many years, you definitely won’t be looked down on.”

“On the other hand, Eldest Brother is an expert in military strategy and tactics while Second Brother excels in politics and government affairs.

Thus, the two of you just so happen to be the most capable individuals standing next to the Prince of Qin.

As for me, I will become the wallet of the Prince of Qin.

In the future, our Chu Family will become the greatest contributors to his success in seizing the throne.

When the time comes, Father will be able to enjoy life during his later years, I would feign my death and live freely, and Eldest Brother and Second Brother will become important subjects whom the Prince of Qin will heavily rely on in the future, unlikely to be suspected of anything.

This is the best course that the Chu Family can take.”

Chu Yiru exchanged glances with his two sons before saying with squinted eyes, “What do you two think”

The Chu Family had always stood in positions with great authority.

Thus, they naturally had their own wild ambitions.

With Chu Xiang proposing a perfect plan for their family’s future, the two brothers accept her proposal without hesitation.

As a man placed in troubled times, who wouldn’t want to accomplish something great Since even their little sister has such great ambitions, how could they possibly slack off as her brother

The four of them continued chatting in the study room till dusk.

Having bustled about for the past several months, Chu Xiang had already ascertained the circumstances of this period and even seen the activities of the insurgent army.

As such, she certainly does not lose out to these three men regarding their knowledge of this world.

It’s just that the four of them each had their own field that they excelled in.

As someone who’s talented in establishing social relations, Chu Xiang was naturally the best at finding opportunities.

Chu Yiru could come up with rigorous schemes and possesses deep foresight.

Chu Wensong is extremely quick-witted and flexible while Chu Wenyuan was profound in military strategies and tactics.

Having interacted with them for the entire afternoon, she decided to learn some tips and tricks from them starting today onwards.

By doing so, if she ever transmigrates into another ancient period in the future, she would have many other tricks up her sleeves, not limited to that of the business industry.

After all, wanting to stick out by doing business during ancient times is far too difficult.

Thus, it would be better to rely on it as a last resort instead.


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