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The man’s palm was dry and warm and it was a circle larger than Chu Xiang’s hand.

When the two shook hands, Chu Xiang’s hands appeared fairer and softer in contrast.

This is Chu Xiang’s first time shaking hands with someone.

The feeling was new yet odd.

She invited Xiao Han to take a seat across from her and apologetically said, “President Xiao, I’m very sorry.

The route that President Fang is taking is in a traffic jam because of a traffic accident, so she will be arriving later than anticipated.

I have called earlier and confirmed that they will be arriving in approximately fifteen minutes.

I’ll have to trouble you to wait for President Fang.

Xiao Han nodded his head and sat down with his assistant.

“It’s alright.

Miss Chu is being too polite.”

Chu Xiang took his teacup, smiled, and said, “My tea-making craftsmanship isn’t bad.

Why don’t I make a cup of tea for President Xiao first before we briefly talk about your expectations regarding the project”


Thank you for your trouble.” Xiao Han knew that Chu Xiang was Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing’s daughter.

As a result, he can’t truly treat her like she’s an ordinary assistant.

While Chu Xiang was heating up the teacup, he scooped up a teaspoon of tea leaf and poured it into the teacup.

The two brew tea calmly together.

Chu Xiang smiled and said, “Does President Xiao like to brew tea as well I thought that young presidents like President Xiao would prefer black coffee over tea.”

“My father likes tea, so I followed after him and learned a little.

This is the first time I’ve seen a young lady such as yourself, know how to brew tea.” Xiao Han didn’t like to talk, but the three of them were the only ones in the room, so he couldn’t give her the cold shoulder.

As such, he deliberately exchanged a few more polite words with her.

Chu Xiang smiled slightly and handed both President Xiao and his assistant, a cup of freshly brewed tea.

“Please have a taste.”

“Thank you.” Xiao Hao took a sip of the tea and was surprised by the taste.

He looked up and nodded his head at Chu Xiang.

He sincerely praised her, “Miss Chu is truly talented in the arts of brewing tea.

Did you take classes to learn how to brew tea”

“Yes, I did.

In the past, I wasn’t interested in interning at the company, so I learned something I was interested in since I had a lot of free time.” Chu Xiang took a sip of the tea and picked up the stack of documents.

She handed the documents to Xiao Han and said, “President Xiao, these are all the evaluation reports for the project.

As you can see, the investment has reached the agreed-upon number and the surplus quota has been given.

The Dongfang group has deemed this project as one of the two most important projects this year.

The project is personally led by President Fang and the team working on the project are all the best of the best.

Our company has already prepared the manpower and financial resources necessary for this project.”

Xiao Han briefly scanned through the report and was able to single out the important data.

After he finished reading, he asked, “This project is a big project and will require a lot of resources from both companies.

Since Dongfang Company is working on another big project this year, how will the conflict regarding how the resources will be divided among the two projects be resolved”

Chu Xiang flipped to the last page of the documents and said, “This is the starting date of our other project.

The other project will start a few months after this project.

This project is still in the preparations phase, so it will not conflict with our current project.

Also, the other project is led by President Dong and his team, which mainly focuses on collaboration with overseas companies.

President Xiao should already know that even though the Fang Family and the Chu Family have merged companies, they still have the ability to complete two large projects in a year.

After the merge of the two companies, the new company is more efficient than before, surpassing the productivity of two regular companies.

President Xiao can rest assured regarding his.

Also, once our project progresses midway, we will reevaluate the project.

If the development prospect of this project is better than expected, then we will proceed with the second round of financing and increase the investment put into the project.

The Dongfang group is very sincere about this collaboration and I believe the Xiao Group feels the same way.

We only need to go through some details before we can officially start the project.”


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