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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 253


In the midst of the dark night, a horn suddenly sounded through the air, prompting both Chu Xiang and Lee Bohan to stand up and quickly equip their armor.

Just as Chu Xiang finished dressing herself up, the curtains to their tent opened up instantly.

“Your Highness, the enemy forces—”

The general’s word came to a sudden pause as he stared at Chu Xiang’s coal dark hair, contrasted by her snow-white skin in utter disbelief.

Moreover, the two other deputy generals following him from behind and the other dozen or so soldiers from the nearby tent too witnessed this shocking scene!

“Leave.” Lee Bohan handed his helmet to Chu Xiang solemnly before taking the initiative to walk out and lower the curtain to hinder everyone’s sight.

Then, Chu Xiang hastily tied up her hair and equipped the helmet before heading out herself.

Since her presence here had already been exposed, the situation would only get worse if she were to change her appearance to that of Lin Mu now.

Thus, she attempted to make the best out of their current situation.

Besides, since Lee Bohan pampered his witch concubine so much, surely no one would be too surprised by this turn of events.

Having already mounted his horse, Lee Bohan looked down at her and said,  “I’ve arranged some of my men to bring you back to the rear, so follow them back first.”

Knowing that she would only be helpless in this situation, Chu Xing nodded her head before turning around and leaving.

Seeing her actions, the four men arranged by Lee Bohan as her bodyguards quickly followed up.

Meanwhile, the general next to Lee Bohan said in discontent, “Your Highness, it  isn’t appropriate to bring Her Highness to the battlefield…”

At that instant, Lee Bohan raised his hands and said in a cold tone, “I have my own proprieties.

Let’s head out.”

Just as Lee Bohan rushed ahead on his horse, the other soldiers hurriedly followed up.

However, they could not help but feel as if Chu Xiang will bring nothing but trouble.

Although they respected His Highness in most aspects, they believed that he would eventually end up having female trouble in the future.

Chu Xiang, on the other hand, headed back to the safe region smoothly and waited for the news from the frontlines.

Over all these years, she had actually, cultivated and nourished her body with spiritual energy, so much so that her body was considered to be stronger than that of some of the soldiers in the army.

Although she did not know much about the training regiment of the soldiers, she had certainly learned countless styles of combat back during her first life as a witch cultivator.

Thus, she could definitely hold her ground even on this battlefield.

However, the few identities she currently held were that of Concubine Qin and Lin Mu, the great merchant, not that of a capable female general.

As such, her presence on the battlefield, let alone on the frontlines, wasn’t absolutely necessary.

After a certain period of time, Chu Xiang could no longer hold herself back and called for someone to report to her the current situation on the frontlines.

Having learned some learned military tactics and strategies from Chu Wenyuan, she might as well utilize this opportunity to familiarize herself with them by applying all that knowledge to the current situation on the battlefield.

Seeing her status as Concubine Qin, the people outside had no choice but to report to her any information regarding the situation on the battlefield.

Even though Chu Xiang listened to the reports carefully, the ones reporting everything to her nevertheless showed hints of disapproval regarding her presence on the battlefield.

In fact, they seemed furious as they believed that her showing up here would only cause trouble to Lee Bohan’s great undertaking.

Moreover, they truly thought that Lee Bohan had only attacked the imperial court as a way of helping Chu Xiang vent out her rage.

Naturally, Chu Xiang could make out the clear dissatisfaction of everyone present with her.

However, she did not care one bit, for she had after all purposely created this persona to her character.

This only meant that she was giving out one hell of a performance to actually have fooled so many people.

This way, she would easily be able to find a good excuse to leave the palace later on.

After all, wouldn’t everyone celebrate upon the witch concubine’s disappearance Thus, she had been meaning to make everyone resent her all along.

Meanwhile, the battle lasted until the next day and ended with Lee Bohan’s victory.

Furthermore, he had even managed to take many of the enemy soldiers as captives.

Upon his glorious return, Lee Bohan immediately rushed to Chu Xiang’s side.

Only after making sure she was safe and sound did he heave a heavy sigh of relief.

Chu Xiang — somewhat taken by surprise by his reaction — asked, “Did you get hurt”

“Nope, only my arm is feeling a bit sore since I received a strike from an iron hammer,” Lee Bohan spoke gently to Chu Xiang as he braced his right arm.

Having been warned by Lee Bohan to not act rudely around Chu Xiang, the other generals following from behind immediately left with their men as they could not bear with this scene.

Upon seeing that, Chu Xiang chuckled, “You won't be able to wash away your reputation of being soft and gentle anymore.

Anyways, come sit here while I patch up your wounds.”

Lee Bohan stared at her with a tender expression and said lightly, “So be it.

I may now be the Prince of Qin who’s infatuated with his concubine, but I can also become the emperor who’s obsessed with the empress in the future.”


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