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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 254

Chu Xiang removed his armor and carefully patched up his wounds.

Upon hearing his words, she glanced at him and replied, “The Prince of Qin may only have a single concubine, but the emperor certainly won’t have just the empress herself.

Do you understand why I’d rather be thrown into the doghouse than continue being the head concubine”

Despite faintly understanding the meaning behind her words, Lee Bohan still asked, “Why”

Chu Xiang laughed, “It’s because I can’t bear having someone else having a share of my man.

As the emperor, you’ll naturally need to have many children.

But no matter, you’ll just have to cut all connections with me.

Neither do I enjoy life in the imperial household, nor can I bear having to share my husband with other women.

As such, you’ll have to look for someone else to be the empress.”

Lee Bohan quickly grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her into his tight embrace.

“You’re going to leave me Where will you go”

Without any intentions to struggle out, Chu Xiang looked at him and said, “Where can we not go in such a vast world You’ll naturally have great ambitions as someone aspiring to rule on the throne.

I, on the other hand, seek to live the rest of my life free and unrestrained.

You should already have understood me well over the past years.

I’m not someone who’s willing to simply remain in the back garden and live obediently as someone’s wife.

If you’re going to hold me back, I will no longer be myself.”

Still rather hesitant, Lee Bohan responded, “I thought we’d already established ourselves as real husband and wife over these past five years.

I thought we’d be ruling this kingdom together.”

Chu Xiang shook her head.

“Would His Highness fall in love with just anyone If you do like a certain girl, you must have fallen for something distinct about her.

If you were to trap her in the house for the rest of her life, you’d eventually get bored of her.

That is unavoidable.

Why don’t you place all your efforts on the affairs of the imperial court instead and become a great emperor that would be remembered throughout all ages In that case, no matter where I may be at any time, I would never regret having my whole family assist you during your rule as the emperor.”

After staring at her for quite a while, Lee Bohan gradually lowered his head and approached her.

Just as their lips touched one another, he could see that Chu Xiang’s eyes were brimming clearly with light.

They did not contain a single hint of embarrassment, fondness, or dislike.

Just… nothing.

At that moment, he suddenly felt thwarted and released her from his embrace.

“I will never give up on you.

I will take care of all your worries.” Lee Bohan equipped his armor in a calm and collected manner before dragging her away by her hand.

“We’ll leave everything here over to Chu Wenyuan.

Let’s head back to the palace.”

During his previous battles, Lee Bohan had purely strived to establish his might, to show everyone that he was just a measly, powerless man.

Only then did he manage to wash away his previous feeling of inferiority.

Having established himself as a capable leader, he would no longer need to show his presence on the battlefield anymore.

Instead, he would just need to give out commands from the Palace of Qin.

Before he even made his return to the palace, news regarding Concubine Qin’s appearance on the battlefield had already spread all the way back.

Upon receiving such news, Concubine Yu nearly fainted from anger.

No wonder something felt amiss to her when she learned that Chu Xiang fell ill as soon as Lee Bohan was about to leave to the battlefield.

It turned out that the witch concubine had actually followed him all the way to the frontlines.

This absolutely cannot be tolerated!

As such, Concubine Yu gathered up a mob of people and prepared to criticize Chu Xiang violently upon her return.

Finding this situation to be rather annoying, Lee Bohan said in a displeased tone, “What are you trying to do again, Mother I was the one who brought her to the battlefield with me.

It has nothing to do with her.”

Concubine Yu replied furiously, “How could she not have anything to do with this She must definitely have brainwashed you.

Otherwise, why are you still speaking up for her even now Do you even know what the others are saying about you They’re saying how you’re a henpecked husband and that you’d eventually be dragged down by her! Just how long are you going to be infatuated with her When will you come back to your senses!”

“I’m wide awake, Mother.

Why don’t you go back and get some rest You don’t need to worry about this matter anymore.” Lee Bohan said as he swept his gaze towards the others, fed up.

“The rest of you may withdraw.

If any of you dares to stir up trouble with Concubine Qin, just be prepared to face the consequences!”

Although the mob of individuals was gathered up by Concubine Yu, they still did not dare to disobey Lee Bohan’s absolute authority.

Thus, they took quick glances at Concubine Yu before withdrawing hesitatingly.

At that moment, Concubine Yu threw and shattered her glass cup on the ground and condemned, “Just how long are you going to protect that good-for-nothing witch for! Alright, then let me ask you, she’s married to you for five years now.

However, not only has she not given birth to any children, but she’s even preventing you from taking in any other concubines How will you deal with this matter”

Both Lee Bohan and Chu Xiang had never once slept on the same bed together during the past five years as husband and wife, so how could she possibly conceive a child However, the two of them fully understood that this fact could not be leaked out to the public.

Moreover, Chu Xiang has no intentions of having any children whatsoever with him, so much so that she would no longer be willing to be his concubine.

Taking a glance at Chu Xiang, he noticed that she was simply looking down, taking a sip from her teacup.

Having been with her for the past five years, he could tell that she was already on the verge of losing her patience.

If this nonsense continued any further, she would definitely explode on the spot.


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