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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 257

Thus, she immediately said, “Brother, let me go with you.”

“Nonsense! You stay here at the camp.

I will personally head over to save His Highness.” Chu Wenyuan had only ever seen Chu Xiang as his little sister and could not tolerate the possibility of her getting hurt while taking such risks.

At that moment, Chu Xiang stopped him and said in an earnest tone, “Brother, I’m one of the reasons why His Highness had not been feeling well over the past few days.

As such, I must go to save him.

With so many people accompanying him, he couldn’t have come across any great danger.

Believe me, I can help.”

With the urgency of the current situation and never having won an argument against Chu Xiang before, Chu Wenyuan could only give his approval as he warned repeatedly, “Make sure to stay close to me.

You mustn’t go off on your own.”


Since Chu Xiang was just transporting the army provisions over to the barracks, she was currently dressed up as Lin Mu.

With the current reputation of Lin Mu, everyone gladly welcomed him into the barracks as it meant that they would have good food to eat and proper equipment to wear.

Not lacking in any military supplies, they naturally treated Lin Mu very well.

Even so, everyone could not help but feel rather puzzled, seeing Lin Mu follow Chu Wenyuan out of the camp to rescue Lee Bohan.

Although Lin Mu was undoubtedly a genius in his own respect, what could a mere merchant provide in terms of military prowess Even if Lin Mu had a deep relationship with Lee Bohan, surely he had no reason to risk throwing his life away, right

Now that Chu Wenyuan had been appointed the position of a general, even when faced with the disapproval of the deputy-general of his decision, he said in a solemn voice, “You better not underestimate him, for he isn’t just any ordinary merchant.”

Although the deputy-general could not understand, he did not say anything else as they needed to prioritize the rescue mission.

At this point, he could only hope that their wallet would not end up dying.

With that, Chu Xiang gathered up her men of more than a hundred before rushing behind Chu Wenyuan towards the ravine.

On their way there, Chu Wenyuan briefed her on the terrain of the ravine, as well as the plan of the rescue mission, making sure that she clearly understands everything beforehand.

Back at the ravine, Lee Bohan’s group already had their backs against the wall and would soon lose their defensive stance.

Since the enemy forces finally discovered the tracks of Lee Bohan, they swore to do everything in their ability to capture him back.

Thus, they rushed at him like a pack of fierce lions.

Only after Chu Wenyuan arrived with backup did a part of the stress get alleviated from Lee Bohan’s shoulders.

Even so, the enemy forces — albeit pincered from both ends — prevented the Chu Wenyuan’s troops from joining up with Lee Bohan’s group.

Despite having to face their inevitable death, they still did not give up.

Even if they could no longer capture Lee Bohan, they strove to, at the very least, kill him on the spot since they had been given such a golden opportunity!

Carrying a longbow on her back, Chu Xiang joined the battle with a long sword in her hands.

On the other hand, she ordered her subordinates to prioritize the safety of Lee Bohan.

One had to know that her group of personal guards were not just any ordinary troops.

Rather, they were mountain bandits and other individuals whom she personally took in and trained.

Furthermore, they understood just which routes to take in order to arrive at their destination in the shortest time.

As such, her personal guards were truly that of the elite.

Those elite troops dashed forward on both sides without any of the enemy troops knowing.

By the time the enemies discovered their presence, they had almost already arrived at the ravine.

The troops dispatched by Chu Wenyuan did not fall behind either as they slowly but surely approached the ravine from the other side.

As long as they could join up with Lee Bohan’s group, they would be able to obstruct the enemy forces and guarantee his safety.

Knowing this fact, Lee Bohan too began rushing in their direction.

At that moment, the enemy commander discovered an opening as he simultaneously slashed down on two soldiers and rushed towards Lee Bohan.

With his broadsword raised up high in the air, he aimed down towards Lee Bohan’s shoulder.

“Your Highness!” Chu Wenyuan turned pale fright as he hurried over to help.

At that instant, Chu Xiang drew out her longbow and took aim.

In a flash, the broadsword cutting down at Lee Bohan suddenly flicked to the side as the enemy commander lost his balance and fell from his horse!

With a single wave of his sword, Lee Bohan quickly dealt with the enemy.

He then swept his gaze towards Chu Xiang who already had another arrow charged up.

At that moment, he suddenly realized that he actually knew nothing about this woman called Chu Xiang.

He never knew that Chu Xiang could shoot arrows with such precision and accuracy, let alone from such a far distance.

He was afraid that even the best archer in their army could not achieve such a feat.

In the midst of his thinking, Chu Xiang’s elite troops suddenly surrounded Lee Bohan as they quickly escaped from the ravine while prioritizing his safety.

Once again, Lee Bohan was dumbstruck.

Her caravan actually had such quality guards What exactly has she been doing outside


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