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Xiao Han nodded, “The Xiao Group has allocated most of our resources to invest in this project.

We attach great importance to this project as well as this collaboration.

I’m also very optimistic about the future of our collaboration and development.”

Xiao Han and Chu Xiang then discussed each other’s investment plan as well as the allocation of manpower in this project.

It was natural for Xiao Han to know these things, after all, he is the best of the best in the business.

However, he didn’t expect Chu Xiang to be informed about it as well.

Even if she didn’t understand the project completely, Chu Xiang’s understanding was enough to keep the conversation between them going.

Based on his understanding, Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing love their daughter dearly.

They are healthy and love their work, so they aren’t in a hurry to train their daughter to take over the company.

Instead, he heard that they wanted their daughter to enjoy her youth and freedom, as a result, they planned on having their daughter join the company after she graduates.

Chu Xiang broke up with Ye Chen not long ago and was admitted to the hospital.

After that incident, the Chu Family broke ties with the Ye Family and refused to collaborate with the Ye Family.

Instead, the Chu Family contacted the Xiao Family for a collaboration.

He didn’t hire a private investigator, but since he is about to form a collaboration with them, then he needed to gather some information about them.

Therefore, he knew that Chu Xiang had merely started to intern at the company for a few days, so she didn’t have a lot of time to go through the details of this project.

It’s very difficult to be able to understand this much about the project after only being assigned to it a few days ago.

Before meeting her in person, he thought Chu Xiang was a simple and pure college student who drowned herself in alcohol because of a man.

But now, he looked at Chu Xiang in admiration.

She has an innate talent when it comes to business and she doesn’t seem like someone who would drown herself in alcohol because of love.

A mere glimpse of Chu Xiang’s talent led him to believe that the Dongfang group will not decline in the business world in Chu Xiang’s hands.

He believes that it is a good choice to collaborate with the Dongfang Group.

The two of them talked for about ten minutes when Fang Qing and Special Assistant Liang finally arrived.

Xiao Han took the initiative to greet Fang Qing.

The two parties exchanged a few polite words before starting the formal discussion regarding the collaboration.

Chu Xiang and Xiao Han’s previous discussion has already cleared up the situation on both sides, so it saved Fang Qing a lot of time.

Fang Qing and Xiao Han directly dived into the details of the project.

This is what Chu Xiang currently lacks.

She sat next to Special Assistant Liang as she carefully observed what she did.

She memorized the discussion between Fang Qing and Xiao Han’s words as her fingers flew across the keyboard.

She recorded important information about their conversation on her laptop.

Whenever they ran out of tea, she would brew more tea for them and refill their teacups.

Xiao Han had seen everything.

When he was leaving, he inadvertently glanced at Chu Xiang’s laptop and saw that she had recorded the discussion in detail.

She even added comments on some of the discussion records and even added questions to some of the comments.

This is not something that could be easily learned.

Xiao Han couldn’t help but glance back at Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang was packing up her things when she noticed his stare, so she looked back at him and smiled.

Xiao Han thought to himself; the young lady is very capable and sure likes to smile a lot. For someone to be able to record the content of a meeting as detailed as she did, requires not only a fast typing speed but also a memory that is far beyond the scope of an ordinary person.

Moreover, she needed to process the content of the discussion and come up with questions as she typed.

If the young lady puts more effort into her career, then she will definitely become one of the top businesswomen in the future.


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