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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 263


“Chu Xiang! I can’t die! I can see the future.

I can truly see the future! I can tell you everything that will happen in the future.

I can help you get a steady position.

I can help your family make worthy contributions! I can do anything you want from me! Just don’t kill me.

I beg of you…” Concubine Hui pleaded desperately in her midst of struggles.

Chu Xiang revealed a skeptical expression.

“Tell me.

Just what can you foresee”

Concubine Hui replied in a panic, “I-I can foresee that you’ll become empress and give birth to two sons and a daughter.

Your elder brother will make a name for himself as the greatest general of this dynasty as he would end up suppressing the rebel army.

Th-Then… he’ll pass away after falling ill… That’s right, there’ll also be a famine as a result of the destruction caused by the war.

Soon, a serious famine will take place in various places.

After that, an epidemic will even erupt across the country.

You can help your family distinguish themselves with such information.

I still know many things that will happen! I really can see the future! Please don’t kill me!”

Chu Xiang’s face quickly darkened as she said in a cold tone, “What a bunch of nonsense! I received an injury to my womb back in the doghouse and can no longer bear any children! In spite of that, you claim that I will give birth to three children Did you think that you did me a favor by sending me to the doghouse You’re simply courting death!”

Just as Chu Xiang jolted up from her seat, Concubine Hui thought that she was about to call the guards over and sentence her to death.

Scared out of her wits, she burst into tears as mucus dripped uglily down her face.

“I admit my wrongdoings! I should never have attempted to steal away your glory! Master, please spare this servant of yours! It was all that stupid system’s fault! It told me that I would be able to get anything I want and even become the emperor’s most beloved concubine as long as I had it with me.

I… I was simply brainwashed by its nonsense! Master, please show mercy on me! I really do know everything about the future.

Even if some events had strayed away from what I anticipated, the famine and epidemic are real.

All the events that I see will indeed happen sooner or later! I know everything that will take place in this lifetime, Master…”

So, it turned out that this palace maid had been reincarnated with a special concubine system that allows her to change her appearance and give her the ability to seduce any men around her.

This was simply a system that allows any woman to win the favor of any man.

Not seeing anything lacking in such a woman, the emperor would naturally be willing to pamper her much more than any of his other concubines.

In fact, was the emperor not just seeing her as some sort of object

Moreover, this particular system even allows its host to “purchase” various harmful items albeit at a much higher price.

Even with such items, one lacking intelligence and cunningness would easily let the cat out of the bag.

Thus, such functions of the system would pose little use to someone like Concubine Hui.

In Concubine Hui’s previous life, the emperor had pampered the original host to death.

Naturally, both Chu Wenyuan and Chu Wensong would gradually make a name for themselves and become the emperor’s few capable men.

Thus, when the original empress’ elder brother passed away in battle, the emperor plotted her death and bestowed the title of the empress to the original host.

As for Lee Bohan, something happened to him along the way, and he ended up failing his rebellion against the imperial army.

At some point, the emperor would also come to dislike Chu Wenyuan for his meritorious deeds and end up putting him to death.

But since Concubine Hui did not live that long of a life either, she was not able to foresee such misfortune.

From Chu Xiang’s perspective, even when the Chu Family strived their utmost to serve the emperor… even when the original host gave birth to three children… they would not be spared from a horrible ending.

Although none of these events had anything to do with Chu Xiang now, it was definitely useful to learn about the disasters that may or may not happen in the coming future.

After noting everything down, Chu Xiang beheaded Concubine Hui with a swift slash of her blade as she ought to be the only one who knew such information.

Over the years, Chu Xiang’s influence and power had developed significantly across the kingdom.

Not only did her caravan bring back a large amount of wealth after expanding into the overseas market, but they had even prepared for her a method of escape by sea.

Furthermore, they had even brought back various items that cannot be found in mainland China, such as sweet potatoes.

Aside from overseas trading, Chu Xiang had even cleared a vast mountain for cultivation, mainly to test out the new kinds of vegetables they received.

With her project ending up as a huge success, she naturally reaped the rewards and just so happened to do so in time for the foreseen famine.

As for Lee Bohan, after executing the previous emperor, he reorganized the entire imperial court in preparation for his ascension to the throne.

Chu Xiang, on the other hand, was preparing for a departure from the capital.

But before doing so, she specifically ordered her men to send a portion of her sweet potatoes to the capital on the day of Lee Bohan’s ascension to the throne as a gift.

Upon hearing the benefits of cultivating sweet potatoes from the farmers, Lee Bohan was overwhelmed by a mix of astonishment and joy as he once again felt grateful to Chu Xiang.


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