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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 265


Upon waking in her next transmigration, Chu Xiang found herself lying on the operating table of a hospital while receiving electric shocks from a defibrillator.

Furthermore, after getting an injection and receiving help breathing with an oxygen tank, she slowly began dozing off from dizziness.

Only after making sure she was not in any danger, however, did she give in to her drowsiness.

In the midst of her slumber, Chu Xiang merged her memories with the ones of the original host.

She discovered that the original host was a twenty-five-year-old woman who worked as an author online.

Fearing society as a whole, she rented an apartment for herself and did whatever she could to avoid any sort of interaction with other people.

Essentially, she lived her life similar to that of a NEET.

On this particular day, when she unfortunately suffered a heart attack, her parents just so happened to pay her a visit.

Even though they rushed her to the hospital, it was a pity she still ended up passing away.

The cause of her suffering a heart attack was naturally related to her disgustingly unhealthy lifestyle.

Only ever eating whenever she felt like doing so, never exercising, and always pulling all-nighters.

Repeating this cycle for the past two years, the original host’s physical health gradually dwindled.

Even so, she never paid much attention to her health nor did she ever go for a check-up.

Moreover, having been accused of plagiarizing from a well-known author and being verbally abused by the fans of that author online over the past few days, her mental health too started withering at a rapid pace.

Unable to handle the sudden unfamiliar stimulations in her mind, her body also quickly gave in.

Once again regaining consciousness, Chu Xiang could feel that her body had recovered quite a bit from before.

Looking around the hospital ward, she determined it to be a room for two patients.

On the neighboring laid a certain old lady with white hair.

Having noticed Chu Xiang waking up, she too propped herself up from her bed.

“Child, you’ve awoken Your mother went back home to get some things while your father had only just gone out for a quick smoke break.

Let me take a look at you.

Don’t worry, I’ll call a nurse over to examine your condition,” the old lady said as she clicked on the call button.

Chu Xiang pursed her parched lips and uttered in a weak voice, “Thank you.”

The old lady waved her hand and chuckled, “No need to thank me.

I heard from your mother that you suffered a heart attack alone in your house My, my… that must have been quite a scare for you! Even so, seeing how you’re only so young, why didn’t you take better care of your health The doctor told your parents that you’ve been pulling far too many all-nighters, so much so that your heart could no longer take it.”

Still feeling slight discomfort from her body, Chu Xiang found it difficult to take in the words of the old lady.

Fortunately, the nurse just so happened to arrive in the ward on time.

After closing the curtains around her hospital bed, she began giving Chu Xiang an examination.

“Your condition is already stable.

Are any of your family members here”

“Yes, they’ll be coming back soon.”

“Have your family look after you at least for tonight.

Do call me if anything happens.

The IV should last for roughly two more hours, so I’ll come back to check up on you then.

For dinner, you ought to have a light meal that your body can easily digest.”

“Alright, thank you.” Having only just fully merged her soul with this body, her body was still rather weak.

Thus, after finishing the conversation, she immediately closed her eyes to get some rest, not realizing that more people had come into the room.

The old lady said with concern, “Child, would you like some water Here, have my grandson pour some water for you.

Quick, Hu Zi, go help her.

Since she’s only just woken up, she must be quite thirsty.”

“Grandma! Can you not call me Hu Zi” Hu Zi whispered.

“She seems to want to get some rest.

Perhaps she still doesn’t feel well, so stop bothering her and eat your food.”

“Her parents have gone out, so I’m here to keep an eye on her.

Besides, she only just woke up and must be very thirsty.

What’s wrong with helping her out” the old lady stared at Hu Zi with knitted brows.

Helpless, Hu Zi could only follow his grandma’s instructions and pour a warm cup of water for Chu Xiang.

He then walked over to her bed and asked in a soft voice, “Hello, would you like some water”

Opening her eyes, Chu Xiang noticed the cup of water in the young man’s hands.

Figuring that the old lady only had good intentions, she propped herself up and accepted the cup of water.

“Thank you very much.

I apologize for troubling you.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” Hu Zi revealed a polite smile before going back to his grandma’s side to prepare food for her.

The old lady laughed, “Don’t you feel much better after hydrating yourself This young man over here is my grandson.

He opened a gym and works as a trainer there.

Doesn’t he look quite fit As a wise man once said, ‘Exercise is vital for our health.’ Once your body makes a full recovery, you shouldn’t go back to living like how you did before.

After all, good health is a prerequisite for any type of work.

Your health is something you ought to take good care of.”


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