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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 268


After recovering in the hospital for two days and getting a checkup from the doctor, Chu Xiang was finally discharged.

During those two days, Fang Ping would come for a visit once a day, only to nag at Chu Xiang upon seeing her each time.

Hearing how Chu Xiang wanted to return to her apartment after going through the discharge procedures, she could not help but scold, “What exactly is going on with you Did we give you a hard time back at home Do you think we intend to harm you Why do you keep insisting on living outside Are you tired of us constantly nagging at you Don’t you still see us as your parents”

Knitting her brows slightly, Chu Xiang dragged her small suitcase along to the side of the road and thumbed a lift.

“I’m already twenty-five years old and can handle living alone.

Besides, I’m already accustomed to living a different lifestyle from you two.

Hence, it would be more convenient for everyone if we lived separately.

Mom, you don’t have to keep worrying about me.

I will definitely pay closer attention to my health from now on.”

Fang Ping replied in a frustrated tone, “No matter what, you don’t intend on coming back home right Outsiders would think that something happened between us, and even our relatives are treating us as laughingstocks!”

Unable to put up with her mother any longer, Chu Xiang got into the cab and closed the door behind her at once.

From the other end of the window, she uttered, “Why don’t you go back home I’ll be heading back to my place now.”

“Chu Xiang! Chu Xiang!” Fang Ping shouted furiously just as she saw Chu Xiang getting into the cab, so much so that her face flushed red in anger.

Even so, Chu Xiang told the cab driver to start driving at once, not paying any attention to her mother.

Having made a fair deal with the soul of the original host, Chu Xiang naturally did not owe her anything, much less her parents.

Especially since the original host did not mention anything about staying filial to her parents, she did not have the patience to keep listening to Fang Ping’s nagging all the time.

Besides, she was not very concerned about her parents anyways.

With that, Chu Xiang headed back to her apartment and made an inventory on all the possessions of the original host.

Having just graduated from university two years ago, most of the original host’s salary went towards her rent and daily necessities.

Moreover, since she did not enjoy going outside, she ended up choosing the path of an online author, which lowered her income even more.

Thus, she only had around 30,000 yuan saved up in her bank at this moment.

Just as the deadline for her rent would arrive in half a month, she just so happened to get involved in this unfortunate situation with Matchless Sovereign.

Taking all these things into account, she reckoned that it would be best for her to move places.

Opening her wardrobe, Chu Xiang began packing her clothes and throwing away anything she deemed unnecessary at the same time.

After all, it would make things more convenient if she dealt with this arduous step of moving first.

But who knew that she would actually start gasping for air ten minutes into this process.

As her heart started palpitating, she suddenly felt nauseous and had no choice but to lay down on her bed for some rest.

The state of her current body was truly terrible, to say the least.

Although she wasn’t sure if her body was dealing with any sort of unknown conditions, she could nevertheless tell that it was especially bad as even a single small movement would make her feel unwell at this moment.

Only after circulating her spiritual energy throughout her body did she finally feel comfortable and relieved.

With a single wave of her hand, she summoned her Mirror of Yin and Yang.

As the mirror hovered above her, she took a proper look at her own reflection.

Not only did she possess a plump appearance, but her skin was also not in a very good state either.

Wearing a pair of glasses, she could clearly see that her body lacked any sort of charm and beauty.

She did not seem to have gotten her hair done either as it simply drooped over her shoulders normally.

Having failed to take good care of herself in general, her entire appearance looked extremely bland, lacking any sort of eye-catching features.

Despite having looked at this appearance for the past two days, she still could not get used to it.

After all, she had always possessed dazzling appearances in her past lifetimes.

In fact, this was the first instance she had ever turned out so ordinary, so much so that she would blend into the crowd like any other normal person.

Examining her facial features closely, Chu Xiang breathed a sigh of relief as they certainly had potential.

After slimming down, she reckoned she would not look half-bad.

But since the original host stood 165 cm tall and weighed around 70 kg, the process of losing weight would not be that easy either.

Drawing back the Mirror of Yin and Yang, she laid down on her bed and suddenly thought back to her previous encounter in the hospital related to working out at the gym.

Jolting up from her bed, she dug through her luggage and pulled out the business card she received before.

She then looked up the closest subway route to the gym and changed into some convenient clothing before heading out with the intention of checking out the environment of the gym.

Just as she walked out of her neighborhood, she suddenly heard someone call out “Qingxiang Chuyun”.

Subconsciously looking towards the direction of the voice, she then noticed two teenage girls rushing towards her while taking photos of her.

“That’s her! Qingxiang Chuyun!” the two teenage girls shouted as they continued taking photos of Chu Xiang.

“You plagiarizing bitch! It’s no wonder you could do such terrible things.

It turns out that you’re actually a filthy pig…”

Even after turning around and walking back into her neighborhood, the two teenage girls continued following and cursing at her without holding back.

Chu Xiang immediately knocked on the door of the security guard and asked him to get them under control.

Although this was but a mere small district, they did not even take a moment to think about how they were disturbing the other residents living within the area.

Not only were they shouting without any consideration for the residents, but they were even constantly taking photos without permission — truly inappropriate misconduct.

As such, Chu Xiang did not hesitate in reporting their ridiculous behavior to the police.

At that moment, the two teenage girls finally felt somewhat scared.

Even so, they were reluctant to admit their mistakes.

In fact, they even claimed to not be doing anything wrong.

Not paying much attention to them, Chu Xiang waited for the police to arrive and explained the gist of the situation to them.

After that, she headed to the police station with the two teenage girls to record a statement.


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