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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 269


Looking through the photos on their phones, they appeared to have taken a ridiculous amount of photos of Chu Xiang.

Furthermore, they even went as far as to take photos of the neighborhood and its vicinity.

Investigating their activities on Weibo, they seemed to also have been talking to other users about looking for Qingxiang Chuyun in person with the intention of making her pay and apologize for what she did to Matchless Sovereign, which explains the reason behind their deliberate misconduct.

With that, the police warned the two teenage girls sternly and demanded them to delete all the photos related to Chu Xiang at once — further asking them to apologize to her right then and there.

Without any other choices, they could only do everything requested of them by the police.

But after leaving the police station, they immediately told Chu Xiang to “wait and see” in a vicious manner.

Ever since her first transmigration, Chu Xiang had taken time to learn more about the laws in fear of accidentally breaking one herself.

But who knew that it would come in handy for her this time around

Making her way to a law firm, Chu Xiang hired a lawyer to assist her with bringing a lawsuit against Matchless Sovereign and the two teenage girls from earlier.

 Without any delay, she posted the lawyer’s letter onto her online Weibo account and even included today’s commotion in the post.

Lately, Chu Xiang has been receiving a lot of attention on social media.

Not only were the fans of Matchless Sovereign keeping a close eye on her actions, but even certain authors and readers who enjoy drama on the internet were paying attention to her situation.

The instant she uploaded her post on her Weibo, it immediately became a hot topic of discussion on the Jinjiang forums.

Seeing her actions, the fans of Matchless Sovereign — utterly dumbfounded — began criticizing her for her “thief cries thief” behavior.

Not only did she plagiarize one of Matchless Sovereign’s works, but she even had the face to file a lawsuit in protest of that claim.

At that moment, people claiming to be mere “passers-by” stated how the lawyer’s letter did not mean much.

Only if the court filed a case for investigation should this matter be taken seriously.

But even if the situation did end up going that far, there most likely would not be a clear winner or loser in this case.

However, when the real passers-by saw the post about the two teenage girls finding Chu Xiang in person and causing a commotion in public, they started wondering what those two girls were even trying to accomplish.

Even if Chu Xiang really did resort to plagiarism, it would not be enough justification for them to harass her in person.

Moreover, Jinjiang had not even made the final judgment on the case.

Thus, it would not be fair to conclude that Chu Xiang had plagiarized.

Rather, it was the fans of Matchless Sovereign who had gone too far this time.

Although the plagiarism case regarding “Rising Immortal” had already been a thing for the past several days, this was the first time anyone had truly stood up for Chu Xiang.

However, the majority of the users were not actually talking about “Rising Immortal.” On the other hand, they were more against the idea of the fans of Matchless Sovereign attempting to dox Chu Xiang.

In fact, they even supported Chu Xiang’s actions of filing a lawsuit to defend herself.

Regardless of the severity of any case, it is never acceptable for anyone to dox another person online, let alone going as far as to harass them in real life.

Seeing the actions of the two teenage girls, all the passers-by thus began seeing the fans of Matchless Sovereign in a bad light.

In fact, Matchless Sovereign not taking any stances in this situation was in itself disgusting behavior.

Although their fans were clearly bullying Chu Xiang for the past several days in the comment section of “Rising Immortal”, they nevertheless did not do anything.

Thus, it could be reasonable to suspect that Matchless Sovereign had deliberately been using their fans to bully Chu Xiang.

Any rational person would deem Matchless Sovereign’s behavior as inappropriate as they never even attempted to keep the situation under control, seeing just how far their fans would go for them.

Even so, this nevertheless did not mean that it was okay for Chu Xiang to plagiarize either.

She would also have to suffer the humiliation of resorting to plagiarism.

However, these two cases were entirely separate and thus had to be dealt with separately.

In this case, only a few authors were actually supporting Chu Xiang.

After looking at the drafts and storyboard for her work, they speculated that Matchless Sovereign was had deliberately walked in front of a slow-moving car — purposely setting this situation up to make it seem as if they were the victim when they were in fact the mastermind — for they did not see any sort of plagiarism in Chu Xiang’s work.

Since Jinjiang’s discussion forum would remain anonymous, anyone there was capable of making whatever statements they wanted.

After all, no one would be able to see the person typing behind the screen.

Hence, a variety of different views and standpoints erupted on the matter of “Rising Immortal”, creating a massive debate on the platform.

By the time Chu Xiang had come out from the law firm, dusk had already enveloped the sky.

Not able to go to the gym anymore, she had no choice but to return home for now.

Upon arriving home, she suddenly received news from her editor.

[Editor Tingyu: What happened Did you actually get doxxed Are you alright]

[Qingxiang Chuyun: I’m fine.

Fortunately, my neighborhood had security guards, and I even reported the case to the police.

It’s just that the fans of Matchless Sovereign had gone too far, so I felt the need to take action to prevent such things from happening again.

But anyway, you don’t have to worry too much.

I already asked my lawyer.

They defamed me on the Internet by spreading false information around and even infringed upon my privacy.

They will definitely get punished for their actions.

Of course, they would only at most have to apologize to me on their Weibo accounts.

Even so, I feel that that’s already enough.]

[Editor Tingyu: You really did file a lawsuit, huh I’m not very knowledgeable in that field, but I hope everything works out for you.]

The original host and her editor were not actually very close to one another, for they rarely ever talk to each other outside of business.

After all, her editor had many other authors whom they were working with and was thus unable to remember every single one of them.

However, this particular case had blown up quite a bit over the past few days.

Not only did Chu Xiang have to go to the hospital, but she even filed a lawsuit against Matchless Sovereign and their fans.

As such, her editor would naturally remember her name.

Perhaps it can even be considered a good thing.


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