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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 270


As of now, Chu Xiang had found herself in a rather troubling predicament.

Not only was she facing troubles with her job and health, but she even had to worry about her family and savings.

At this point, it would be fair to say that she had finally hit rock bottom in this life.

Even so, she would nonetheless have to solve each problem one at a time.

She was so confident in her abilities, in fact, that she was not worried whatsoever.

After nourishing her body with spiritual energy throughout the entire night, Chu Xiang felt much more energized upon waking up the next day.

She then listened to the audiobook of “Rising Immortal” while packing up her belongings.

Compared to the previous day, she felt a clear improvement in her stamina as she worked for a whole thirty minutes before feeling tired at all.

Moreover, she only needed to rest for ten minutes before continuing with the packing again.

As time ticked away, it was already nine in the morning, marking the start of her usual work hours.

At that moment, Chu Xiang’s QQ suddenly started beeping non-stop with a seemingly endless series of notifications.

After wiping away her sweat with a towel, she then opened QQ to see that all those messages were sent by her editor.

[Editor Tingyu: Qingxiang Chuyun, are you there Matchless Sovereign posted a long message, once again criticizing you for plagiarizing her work.]

[Editor Tingyu: This time, it appears that quite a few other well-known authors acquainted with her are standing in favor of her claim.

The situation doesn’t seem to be looking good for you.]

[Editor Tingyu: Furthermore, your photos have been leaked into the web.

Although the forum moderators are doing their best to delete them, the photos have already been spread to other forums and even Weibo.

Not only are many people ridiculing you, but most importantly, your address has also been leaked.

Why don’t you lay low for the time being]

In addition to these messages, Tingyu even sent screenshots of the forum posts and the link of the Weibo posts to her.

Upon seeing the photos and posts, Chu Xiang could clearly see that carnage had broken loose online.

At that moment, Matchless Sovereign had regained their tempo as their long post on Weibo was clearly used to tag Chu Xiang with an unfair label.

Although they did not back their claim up with any evidence whatsoever, Matchless Sovereign was adamant about how Chu Xiang had plagiarized their work and even attempted to emphasize her stance as a victim in this situation.

They clearly wanted to make Chu Xiang seem like the villain who had no respect towards her “seniors”, even going as far as to file a lawsuit against them, not wanting to admit her wrongdoings.

Sometimes, it can be extremely difficult to ascertain whether someone had plagiarized from another person or not.

Thus, Matchless Sovereign claimed that Chu Xiang was an extremely cunning plagiarizer who might never receive the judgment she “deserved”, seeing how she even filed a lawsuit against them and their fans.

Continuing the role of the victim, they even phrased their sentences in a helpless, revolting manner.

Furthermore, eight other well-known online authors and several other smaller authors commented below that post — showing their support for Matchless Sovereign and looking down on Chu Xiang for her unruly action.

They even hoped for her to apologize to Matchless Sovereign and end this unnecessary farce.

Seeing Matchless Sovereign’s post on Weibo, all their fans sympathized with them, feeling that Matchless Sovereign had been wrongly sued by that plagiarizing bitch.

Even so, their claims against Chu Xiang were nothing but vilifying words that carried no actual weight.

In fact, there could very well not be any evidence of Chu Xiang plagiarizing their work.

In that case, wouldn’t Chu Xiang be the one getting through in one piece while Matchless Sovereign ends up being judged as the one in the wrong again

To Wyvern: I have confirmed that Matchless Sovereign is a woman.

But how could things turn out that way Upon seeing Matchless Sovereign’s post, hoping for her fans to be rational about this situation and even showing signs of worry for them, her fans’ hearts were instantly touched.

After all, it was rare for Matchless Sovereign to show such compassion for her fans, let alone during such a troubling situation.

At that moment, Chu Xiang’s lawsuit against them seemed like some sort of mockery.

Naturally, they became willing to lead the charge against Chu Xiang for Matchless Sovereign, going as far as to spread information about this situation all across the web, bashing Chu Xiang’s disgusting actions online, and even ridiculing her plump appearance in real life.

When the final drafts of Matchless Sovereign and Chu Xiang’s works were laid next to one another, it does indeed appear quite similar to one another, but only to those who did not look closely at the details.

Thus, any amateurs who were not very well-versed about this topic would easily be convinced that Chu Xiang had plagiarized from Matchless Sovereign.

As for the photos taken of Chu Xiang, the two teenage girls must have been extremely salty for having to delete their previous photos and secretly took more photos of Chu Xiang just as she left the police station.

While Chu Xiang was certainly not a beauty at this moment, without makeup, she cannot really be considered ugly either.

At most, she could be described as a woman with average looks.

Compared to Matchless Sovereign’s tall and slender appearance, however, Chu Xiang could simply not match up to her above-average standards.

Although Matchless Sovereign’s facial appearance was only average at best, her tall and slender appearance allowed her to be considered a beauty in that aspect.

As such, many of her fans eventually came to be quite fond of her real-life appearance as well.

On the contrary, Chu Xiang naturally became a fat, female geek in their eyes.


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